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    This is a question that every single comic book superhero fan is posed at one point or another. We discuss it with our friends and fiercely debate it with acquaintances and peers. So now I’ll pose it to you guys and gals: which do you prefer, DC or MARVEL, and why?

    My answer:

    While I will forever be an Amazing Spider-Man fan, my heart lies with DC characters and the universe in which they reside. My introduction to comic books was a DC book (Flash #0 Beginning of Tomorrow), and I have spent countless hours in this universe getting to know these characters on a deep level. I find the characters in DC to be multifaceted and varied, though they have some throw-away ones as well, and relatable beyond externalities. That isn’t to say that I can’t apply this to any MARVEL characters as well, I certainly could, but I don’t have nearly the attachment to as many of them.



      I read my share of marvel comics growing up and I very much enjoy the Marvel universe. X-Men, Spiderman, Moon Knight, and so many others. But ultimately DC just has the best heroes and the best villains. Superman has and always will be king for me.


      DC for me, My dad gave me a few of his old comics when i was young and i latched onto the DC ones and with BTAS is was inevitable. I still buy new DC Comics to this day


        As much of a Marvel and DC fan as I am, I’m going with DC since Marvel went woke.


        Yep agreed


        My favourite comic of all time will always be X-Men by Chris Claremont and I just generally prefer a lot of marvel characters over DC characters. Love Batman , but find the superman character incredibly boring. However marvel has been ruining their comics for a while now, just like star wars has been ruining their movies. So overall marvel, but right now probably DC


        I have to say Marvel, Batman is the only DC comic I like the rest I find not very good, just my opinion


        I like the world of Marvel better, but I like the characters of DC more.


        The current Batman comic by James Tynion IV is one of the best runs of the last several years so far.


        Curious, is that because the Marvel world is set more in the real world?


        Neither because I have not directed a film for either company. Would love to someday though and subvert your expectations!


        DC all the way, luv Superman, Batman and so many more


        I love Batman but I have always said that if I was a superhero I would be Superman, not because of the powers, but because I connect to him as a person, we are both just 2 Boy Scouts raised on a farm and just trying to do the right thing. That’s why I love sups when he is done right.


        Marvel. Definitely Marvel, despite the recent wokeness. Spidey is my dude.


        While I enjoyed X-Men and Wolverine titles I am forever a DC guy. Even if I do not buy any more after the Metal stomped out the hope of Rebirth and Batwedding that did not happen, I still appreciate more the character archetypes that DC got into general public consciousness. Heroes of Marvel survive against all odds in a hostile world. And let that world shape them. DCs shape the world around them. I know that Comics Books Authority is largely responsible, but DC made it their own and created heroes that do not kill. And when they do, it is a major thing, that has repercussions for them. Wolverine kills double digits of oponents in every issue and his adversaries still come back. So while I appreciate Logan and X-Men for what they are, as a universe I much prefer DC.

        Whatever part of superhero stories appeals to you, you can find great characters in DC:
        You want someone with great powers that is not corrupted by them? Superman, Martian Manhunter
        You want someone worth being an example? Wonder Woman, Oracle
        You want someone who took tragedy and done something positive of it? Batman, Mr. Terrific
        You want someone who seeks well-being of all no matter who they are or what it would cost them personaly? Aquaman, Green Arrow
        You want someone who never gives up? Green Lanterns
        You want someone who brings people together? Nightwing
        You want someone whose greatest gift are not superpowers but their mind? The Flash
        I could go on…

        I am sure you are all ready to name many Marvel characters for these and more archetypes, and I can too. But I feel much more comfortable in DC universe where heroes try to be better, even if it does not help, they try. I prefer that over Marvel where solution is terminal, not even permanent.

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