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    Inspired DigiCat’s “anime music” thread, I thought I’d start a similar one where people could share any music they enjoyed from their favorite video games. I have too much to put into a single post, so for now here are my recent picks from ESO’s Clockwork City’s DLC:

    The Brass Fortress
    The Sky Wheels Slowly Spin
    Glimmers on the Brazen Horizon

    The Clockwork City was a perfect reflection of Sotha Sil’s solitary nature and desire to retreat from a chaotic and confusing world and trying to understand it. I can relate.

    And on the subject of Elder Scrolls, may as well include this:


      Hills of the Radiant Winds is one of the best pieces of music in any game ever. I would constantly return to the game area in which it played and just listen to it.  Eventually, I payed way to much to get the soundtrack.


        Another track I spent way to much to buy the soundtrack for it.


          (Last post in this thread for now. Dont wanna spam it up)
          I’m also a big fan of GMVs (fan made music videos) and this is one I really enjoy.


          jetset radio had a amazing soundtrack, and they match the vibe and feel of the game so well.


          another legendary game in my book. fantastic music. saints row 4 is one of my favorite games ever.


            My favourite game theme is Turrican II on the Amiga.  I used to put the game on just to listen to this theme over and over :-)



            Vs. Metal Sonic
            Ruby Delusions
            Hi-Spec Robo Go!

            Sonic Mania really nailed it with remixes of the original MegaDrive games, but they knocked it out of the park with the new stuff. It makes you wish for a sequel that’s composed of nothing but new stuff. Tee Lopes tracks are God-tier.


            Skyrim & Oblivion


              The opening theme for all the Neptunia games are really good.


              I swear I can’t come up with a favorite, because there’s just so damn many that I love. The majority of the video game music I love comes from the old school eras of the NES days to the SNES/Genesis era.


              Beautiful remakes of old favorites mixed in with new tracks. Brad Derrick deserves credit for recapturing that sense of wonder and awe the original Morrowind had.

              Also, forgot to include this gem from Sonic Mania:


                I know it’s seen as a Hipster SJW game but I think Life Is Strange has one of the best licensed soundtracks.



                  I know it is not a soundtrack but I like the GTA IV theme music.



                Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 54 total)
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