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    What about the original Sonic videogame music? 🦔🎮🎵


    Man… asking me what my favourite MegaDrive Sonic soundtrack is like asking a six year old what their favourite ice cream flavor is. I love it all.

    Sonic music is a core part of the franchise identity, which is why it’s almost always really good. If had to pick one for now I’d say Ice Cap zone from Sonic 3: A classic piece which hasn’t gotten as much attention as others:

    Act 1
    Act 2

    Bonus: Acapella version.


    First videogame i ever played, at 3 years old, ’cause who needs to actually know how to play and complete the game when you have cheat codes? Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 has one of the coolest soundtracks ever, and that opinion hasn’t changed in almost 2 decades 🎮🎵


    The Best of Crush 40:

    It Doesn’t Matter

    Open Your Heart

    Live & Learn

    Never Turn Back

    Man, I miss these guys.

    Mr. Roy

    Ori and the Blind Forest


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    Another game where I loved the full soundtracks are the Metroid Prime trilogy: Easily some of the best games I have ever played and are among the few games I have 100% completion on.

    Having the main theme of each game play at the end credits was satisfying, as your long, solitary journey of endurance came to a conclusion. Kenji Yamamoto’s score is a xenophilic delight.


    My fave Sonic Rush track 🦔

    I’d play as Blaze a lot ’cause she started with the level that had this soundtrack 🐱



    Classic Halo tracks, Halo 3 was GOAT.

    Also Halo 4’s OST deserves a special mention. I know people missed Marty O’Donnell, but I enjoyed Neil Davidge’s and Kazuma Jinnouchi’s new takes on the series.

    Master Chief got the truly heroic theme music he deserved.


    One of my favorite videogames of all time 🐰 I distincly remember saying to myself while playing “i aspire to reach the level of stupidity of Rabbids”, ’cause that’s a perfectly normal life goal for a pre-teen to have 😂


    Well, this is an… interesting… choice of music for a Sonic game.

    I guess you could say Blaze was feeling hot under the collar.


    I regret nothing.


    I didn’t get what you meant by “interesting” and “hot”… then i got to the end of the track :O


    Yeah, I definitely don’t remember that from the game.

    Talk about getting crap past the radar.


    Station Square
    Mystic Ruins
    Egg Carrier

    As a kid I loved the Adventure fields in SA1. It wasn’t complicated world building or anything, but this felt like a world Sonic and co. lived in. Exploring everything the game world had to offer and discovering a few secrets made for some great downtime between the action stages (fun fact: SA1 was originally envisioned as an RPG during development, which explains why they weren’t simply tiny hub worlds). I’d love it if Sonic Team went back and made a world like SA1’s but bigger and better, with more to do.


    Shenmue’s soundtrack is aural heaven.

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