Favorite Video Game Soundtracks

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      This is good in a trash kinda way.
      It’s like some Japanese person’s take on Pop Rap. haha
      But it feels the B-Movie charm of Onechanbara.


      Xenoblade Chronicles games


      Pokemon soundtrack has always been my favorite. Heart Gold and Soul Silver, along with Gen 5 had such impactful tracks that I still listen to when I drive.


      Far too many great soundtracks in the Sonic series for one post, so here’s a few which stick out to me, atm.

      (Sonic 2 HD is a great fan game. It’s not done yet, but the current demo available is a treat for old and new fans alike).


      The Destiny soundtracks. Whatever flaws in the games, the music is pretty epic.


      I’ve never really played the Dynasty Warriors series, but I have played a few spin-off’s based on other IP’s. Omega-Force are quite clearly as much fans of the source material as we are, given the amount of fan service in their games.

      Also… big credit to this last one. After the last several chapters, this feels like a perfect Guts & Casca theme…


      Oh snap, how could I forget Oxhorn back in the World of Warcraft heydays.

      Most awesome music ever.


      Feeling pretty nostalgic for the Saturn era of Sonic games:

      (I loved Sonic R unironically. I don’t care what anyone says).


      While I never played JSR: Future, the original game on Dreamcast was pretty darn funky. Soundtrack sounds just as great.


      The Sonic R soundtrack is a damn hidden gem.


        Lunar: Silver Star Story & Eternal Blue | Parasite Eve | Metal Gear Solid


        Devil May Cry 5, Metal Gear Rising Revengence and Nier Automata


        Frankly Sonic games deserve a playlist all on their own.


      Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 54 total)
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