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    Victor James

    @Silv3rTatsu I can definitely understand that. As creatives, I think we like to get our ducks in a row when it comes to research. If we’re going to do this, then it should be our best foot forward. I think I sat on my story so long, worried it wasn’t good enough. That pressure is there even when we write what we know, which is seems like what you are doing.

    Wow, what you have in mind does sound like a huge undertaking! It be interesting to one day see this new planet, the physics behind a dragons existence, and how it all fits in with our mythology and past.


    @Silv3rTatsu, a new law of physics is the sort of thing I find daunting, because of the potential of downstream consequences! :) Even in tweaking basic variables like gravity, planetary rotation, orbital speed, etc., I’d wonder if I was missing something obvious.

    On the other hand, if one physical law had effects beyond making dragons possible, that could be cool to explore, as well.


    I’m basically combining one law of physics (Not a complete understanding) with other behaviors from magnetism, that way, the behavior of matter we observe in this world are still roughly the same. Just how it does that is different.

    I’m trying to keep it vague.. if I try to describe it in detail, everything just runs out like you’ve opened a floodgate. lmao. I’m also a little paranoid of sharing too much information, I’m a little protective of this project.


    I hear you! :) I have a friend who felt that way when he first started writing, but then he realized it’s not so much the idea that matters, it’s the implementation, and the implementation is -hard-. He then felt a lot freer to relay his ideas. :)

    The Harry Potter series is based on a simple idea, when you get down to it, and lots have tried to replicate the “magic school”, but I haven’t seen any come close to Rowling’s implementation.

    Speaking of my friend, here’s his author website:


    Victor James

    Hey everyone, just posted part 2 of Chapter 1 on substack. I did it this way because honestly, I’m not fond of digital reading. It just never clicked with me, so when I do read online, I do not like super long posts. That is just my preference and I bet there are others who prefer the opposite. I am just giving this a try for now.

    Thanks for reading!


    I read the next installment:

    – On grammar, the only issue was the extensive description of Talon’s appearance: I skipped most of that.
    – I liked how Fiasco wound up dumping most of the problem on Talon. :)
    – I thought it odd that Fiasco would yell his own name when leaving the scene: at first, I thought it was Talon screaming it in frustration at being left holding the bag. :)
    – I like the idea of Mega sports. :)
    – Fiasco-resistant building material seems logistically odd, in the sense that getting Fiasco to either stop acting in a Mega capacity or leave the area would be more efficient than trying to disaster-proof an entire community. That tells me the community has a very good reason for -not- wanting Fiasco to stop what he’s doing, despite the mayhem. (Based on what I’ve read so far, if they wanted him to stop, they could easily threaten him with Mega enforcement, lawyers, liability, etc.)

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    Victor James

    @Roccandil Thanks for the feedback!

    Hmm, I guess I did go overboard on that description, Thanks! I think that part might have gotten larger once I saw that great image my artist sent back. And yeah, Talon came in and stole the glory, so he had to accept all of it lol. Cool, the mega league did sound cool to me too but my initial editor had no clue what I was talking about, so I had to rewrite that part several times. Glad it makes sense now.

    And on that last observation, I plead the fifth! lol. That was one of the questions I had when I began writing though. If superheroes were real, how do they operate in cities and towns with no liability? Fiasco proofing is definitely what a capitalist would come up with.

    Oh and he shouts his name because he really has a love/hate with the people. In my mind, it is sort of a FU to the people who are scared of him and vilify him. That’s also why he doesn’t mind covering them in dust and grime as well. It’s petty, but on purpose lol.

    Thanks for reading, I really do appreciate it. Just the fact that you’re not saying its utterly incomprehensible is making me feel better lol.

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    If Megas can operate without liability, that’s interesting. It indicates that the Mega community sees itself as above non-Megas, can enforce that, and has made it the new normal, such that ordinary people are forced to use workarounds like Fiasco-proofing buildings.

    I almost feel like that would have been codified in some kind of Mega Accords between superhumans and normal humans, where Megas let normal humans keep running all their countries, as long as Megas are exempt from pesky things like liability for damages. :)

    Victor James

    @Roccandil, yeah, I am trying to take this one story at a time, but you know how its impossible for us creators to not think a little bit ahead, and my world is definitely on the darker and brutal side. In my head, there are a multitude of Mega’s especially if you count the lower epsilons class, so there is a bit of class structure in the world. Not to mention the Mal’s who I get into later in the book.  I have a way, WAY further off story that deals with Mega, Mal’s and humans that I plan on doing that gets into that dynamic. I just hope I can get there someday because there is a lot of groundwork I need to lay.

    Victor James

    Hey all, just posted Part 1 of Chapter 2: Julianna to substack.

    “What would you do for her?

    That is the question bounding through our Mega Kevin Jones who has agreed to host a get-together, and invite the girl of his dreams Julianna Jove (Jo-Va). The plan goes awry when she arrives with his handsome, capable, best friend Warren. At his own home, Kevin is forced to watch as his best friend reels in the one girl who has reached out to him for friendship.

    What will he do? ”


    Read part three. :) Hit this spelling error right off the bat, and then didn’t notice any more of those:

    “when he heard the first wrap on his door”

    The only other hiccup for me was the extensive description of Julianna. Since you have a picture already, it seemed redundant. :) On the other hand, I tend to like seeing conversation describe a person, and that part was fun. :)

    I -was- surprised at how outright rude nearly everyone was to Kevin. Is that his negative power at work?

    Victor James

    @Roccandil, Man, I have to had read that chapter a half a dozen times and never noticed that spelling error! Haha! Thank you! Fixed it.

    And yes, I did described Julianna a lot because I never wrote this with the intent to post this story online. The picture is there because, if I’m going to post it, then it might as well be my own, and not a stock picture. So imagine it as a novel lol. This is me defending myself. :)

    I am sincerely glad you liked the description in the conversation. This was literally the hardest chapter with the editor I hired, and it was just chapter 2! lol. It was way, WAY longer than it is now and she gave me some really tough love which I appreciated. This chapter took massive rewrites, and as a creator, I know you know how we feel EVERYTHING is supposed to be there lol.

    And you are very perceptive, this is why I’m glad you’re reading. I need to hire you as a beta reader next time! I really think you should look into doing that because you’re in my head. I think in a previous draft I mentioned that his power affected those around him, but then took it out. In the end, I went with Kevin is kind of a pushover. Maybe even a beta. He is very introverted, and a loner, so he hasn’t really endeared himself to his guests. But he really hasn’t tried. I say this as I don’t believe a person has to stay that way. Kind of like Adrian in the Rocky series, who was almost a 180 by the time of the last movie.

    Thanks again for reading it! I love the feedback. I think my friends are just shocked I can write a coherent sentence lol. Even though this entire story is finished, I’m probably only going to post the end of this chapter then move on.


    Well, I’ll be sorry to see the story stop, but good luck with whatever you do with it! :)

    And thanks for the kind words. I do enjoy reading stories that are still growing. :)

    Victor James

    @Roccandil Thanks again for following it! I am honestly out of original pictures lol. Those get expensive! Plus, I don’t want to give too much away? But it’s only been two chapters, so maybe I’ll put out the third? I’m working on a short story right now, coming from a Mal’s perspective so I will be posting that, but it’s taking longer than I expected.

    I honestly would like to publish Fiasco of Adventures somehow. I know I can self publish, but it seems Amazon is my only game in town, which I really don’t like. I would do a physical book, and still might, but I sure don’t have a following that would buy it right away lol. But I’m definitely not going to let the work I put in this go to waste. I’ve been getting some good feedback. :)


    Hmm. If you don’t want to use Amazon to publish an ebook (and I can understand that), you could always try using Gab marketplace. They don’t have an ebook service that I know of, but I think they’ll let you advertise an ebook, at least.

    Do you think Amazon would cancel your book?

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