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    Victor James

      “Kevin Jones is a down on his luck Mega-hero named Fiasco in the emerging town of New Haven, Oregon. After years of numerous failures, Kevin inexplicably captures the woman of his dreams. For a time he puts away the mask, and his partnership with the Mega Talon, to be with her, content in the simplicity of hope. Yet, circumstances forces Kevin to don the alter ego of Fiasco once again when he has to to prove that he is worthy of the woman who chose him above all others with predictably disastrous results.”

      Hello Geeks and Gamers! Above is a synopsis of a story I am writing. Instead of complaining about woke stories, I decided to write my own that is free from politics, and returns to escapism. We must create our own stories, worlds, and characters to replace those that have been ruined by those who have run storied franchises into the ground.

      I have published just a small snippet to substack so far to get used to the interface, but there will be more to follow. So, if you are on the john, and need something quick to read, take a look!

      Support #newculture


      @Victor James More power to you, good sir!

      Always happy to see others grabbing an oar and working towards creating the alternative we must in order to push back against the woke.

      If you are interested, check out my Channel where I am hoping to foster a space like comicsgate for novelists where we can put out our IPs free from the gate keeping of legacy publishing. Should you find you like what I’m preaching, please feel free to reach out to me ( and we can talk further.


      Victor James

        @Roas Awesome, I’ll check out your channel. And yes, a CG for novelists would be awesome now that I think about it. It would be good to get a novelist who is as next level as a EVS, but the only ones I can think of right now are Will Jordan (critical drinker) and a Jon Del Arroz, but he is getting cancelled right and left. I am on a Minds groups for authors, Authors of minds but it sort of died when the founder suddenly left the platform. Still, we still post some decent information there.

        It would be worth exploring combating the woke with a GC for novelist.



        @Victor James While it would probably be a small coup to get someone established, I’m not about to even consider asking Drinker for the simple reason that he’s a million+ channel and I’m not. Not to mention, he’s already got his established path for book publication and doesn’t necessarily need what I hope to create. To eventually earn his support would be awesome, but I’m personally not comfortable trying to get a 1 million sub channel’s attention like that just for eyes. I’d rather have it happen organically if at all.

        I’ve been gate kept out of legacy publishing, and the path of crowd funding, as I see it, is the only one left to me.

        I laid out what I hope to accomplish pretty well in this thread here during a conversation just like this one.

        Victor James

          @Roas Oh yeah, I wouldn’t think to ask Drinker lol. I was just thinking out loud. I’ll check out that thread you sent. Thanks!


          Read the chapter. The writing itself was good: I didn’t get stuck on any grammar, and could just see the story.

          The chapter ending on an MC failure, though, left me feeling “let’s see if the story picks up in the next chapter, otherwise, I’m not interested in this MC”.

          (I personally prefer competent MCs; anything else, and I get frustrated and unsympathetic. :P )

          Victor James

            Hey @Roccandil thanks for the feedback! Glad the grammar was on point. I have terrible attention to detail lol. Well this was just half of chapter 1 just to introduce the character, and honestly, to get to know the substack interface. I’ll post the second half soon, and hopefully you’ll like the MC better.

            Thanks again for the feedback and taking the time to read it!




            The platform you’re using, how confident are you they won’t eventually cancel you?

            Victor James

              @Roccandil Well with big tech nothing is absolute, for sure, but Substack hosts some very controversial writers and they defend it. More than once, I’ve seen them stand up to cancellations, but the left are relentless. Eventually there could be something that gets them to cave to cancel culture even though they haven’t so far.

              This is there take on free speech:

              And another about being free from extreme censorship:

              So far they have held the line, and I sure don’t plan on not speaking my mind if my stories ever get anywhere.

              Victor James

                @Roas  Sorry it took so long, been super busy, but I finally read that thread. I wish I would have been there when it was still going on. I liked what you and Poppi were talking about in that thread. I still believe something like Minds would be a good place we could consolidate, like minded writers and creators. It’s basically like a low level facebook. Even those creators who want to grow video platforms like yourself can post them there. Just a thought, since I love using minds.


                This is what I was hoping to find here on the G+G forum. Glad to see others have some cool projects as well!
                I’m working on a worldbuilding project for a story I’d like to someday write.. I can’t really describe it in detail without it becoming a wall of text. To prevent that, I’ll try to summarize some core ideas of it. Basically, it’s a creation story about Dragons. A fictional tale that attempts to explain the origins of these creatures, as they appear in the art and stories of many of Earth’s ancient cultures; despite many of Earth’s cultures never having contact with one another.

                It’s primarily a blend of Science Fiction and Fantasy, with a little Cosmic Horror sprinkled in. If there’s anyone with experience in worldbuilding, who has general tips about the subject, I’d appreciate your help. I’m a little stuck on how a creator makes sure their work is original enough to not have copyright issues, so some input on that specifically would help too.

                As I see mega corps corrupt and defile our favorite stories it really strikes me that I should get the ball rolling.
                If this topic isn’t the place to post this kind of inquiry, let me know, and I’ll delete this. Thanks for reading!

                Victor James

                  @Silv3rTatsu That’s actually a very interesting idea. Dragons have been and are, a big part of culture. So, what is the reason behind it? That’s a interesting thread to pull on. I’m sure some boring, scientist has some boring explanation, like they do for vampires, but as a writer, you can take that origin anywhere you want!

                  And I agree, now is the perfect time for us to strike with our own stories. I say this a lot to my friends, and on minds, that it seems the kings willingly want to give up their crowns. They are attacking fans, putting out identity politic and outright racist stories that don’t sell. And they seem to not care at all about low sales, and dwindling popularity. This is the perfect time for us to throw our hats in the ring. If they want to give up the crown, then we just need to take it.

                  Write your story!


                  @Silv3rTatsu, regarding originality, I’ve found that reading a lot helps. Kindle Unlimited was a very efficient way for me to get a sense of the current fantasy tropes (especially LitRPG), since I could read/skim multiple stories a day effectively for free (9.99 a month for unlimited ebooks, while a few ebooks can cost that standalone).

                  You just have to be prepared for all the woke. :/

                  As to dragons, they were frequently used in the fantasy I read, especially in eastern cultivation-style stories, but the framework was high fantasy (dragons usually being a sapient elder race). It sounds like you’re shooting for more a of a low fantasy framework, however, and I can’t say I remember anyone focusing on the origin of the ancient dragon legends on our earth.

                  One trope I did encounter in several books attempted to explain the preponderance of Tolkienesque fantasy as the gods preparing the people of Earth for the reality of either the rest of the universe or some other universe, which sometimes intruded on Earth in the form of a mana apocalypse. :)

                  One way or another, however, the idea is that elves, dwarves, dragons, orcs, etc. all seeped into our collective consciousness because they’re real, somewhere.


                  “One way or another, however, the idea is that elves, dwarves, dragons, orcs, etc. all seeped into our collective consciousness because they’re real, somewhere.”

                  That is essentially the jist of the answer I’m writing to the question. I guess the originality lies in how a creator answers said question. I’ve been watching all kinds of Science videos on youtube covering topics from Magnetism, Gravity, Stars and other Space Objects. The way I’m leaning on this puts it far more into Science Fiction than Fantasy as I’d like to have plausible or speculative answers as to how Dragons came to be. As well as answering how their prodigious natural attributes exist ie: Ridiculous sizes and how they could possibly fly, and the supernatural abilities they possess.

                  Unfortunately, I find that for my ideas to work, the laws of physics in this setting need to change.. so I’m hoping some degree of multiverse theory isn’t stretching plausibility too much!

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                  Dragons are basically my artistic muse. One could argue I’m a little obsessed with them. Most of the many books I have at hand are about Dragons in their main plot and I even collect them, Artwork, Statues, Toys, ect.

                  I think it will take me quite a while to actually start writing though. To keep it brief here, I’m making a new law of physics, another planet AND a whole species, with subspecies or races, that have a powerful civilization. It’s going to take me a long time even before I start writing the story, and I can tell at this point in time that I shall have to improve my creative writing skills. It’s a bit overwhelming to think about sometimes.

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