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      I watched a few minutes of the NBA game while flipping channels. In the 4th quarter, one of the announcers said the players are sacrificing being there to play a game and make millions.

      I find this appalling.  It was the Toronto and Milwaukee game in the fourth quarter. I want to say between the 10 to 7-minute mark. I didn’t tape the game so I can’t give you an exact time.

      We have people losing EVERYTHING and this asshole says playing a game is a sacrifice when they have generational wealth?

      Fuck them all.

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      This isn’t my NBA anymore.


      I’m just glad I got to watch some of the best playing against the best in the 80s and 90s when the game still had heart. They can never take those memories away from me.

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      Another reason for boycotting the nba:

      Toronto Raptors / Boston Celtics to discuss the possibility of boycotting Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series.


      Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse said Wednesday that the team met with members of the Boston Celtics to discuss the possibility of boycotting Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series.

      Nurse told reporters that the idea of boycotting is “on the table”…

      I thought there was something in the league’s bylaws about teams “colluding” to get a certain outcome in the game.

      Both teams, the head coaches, the players AND PA should be severly FINED to this unsportsmanship conduct.

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        I hope they do boycott.  It will be just one more nail in the coffin of the NBA.

        Go ahead.  Let them boycott while Americans see their cities burning.  It is not going to end the way they think it is.  It will be the exact opposite.

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        Thanks for that information by the way.  I hadn’t heard about that.

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      All the struggle that the NBA went to just to create the bubble playoffs and now they want to do that shit just for attention and activism. For me both teams should be disqualified if they boycott one single game. Bucks VS Heat is the conference final, problem solved.

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      The reason professional sports are so detached from reality is that if you are in any way connected with pro sports – whether you’re a viewer or a commentator or a player – you’re privileged enough to be worrying about something other than your children starving. The fact that you have the time to spend worrying about sports means that you have so few problems in your life that you’re trying to fill the vast empty spaces in your head with other problems to keep your mind from being bored. That’s one of the reasons I hate the world of sports and I don’t give a shit what any of them say or do.

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      Huge swaths of the country are still out of work due to lockdowns and these pampered multimillionaires can’t just go out and play a fucking game.  They kneel for the anthem, they got their fucking BLM painted onto the playing courts, they got to have their SJW phrases on their jerseys…  Of course that was never going to be good enough.

      They are destroying the NBA as a business. The NBA which has probably made more black people into millionaires than any other company or organization in the world.

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      It has begun!

      NBA players begin boycotts


      The NBA has postponed all three of Wednesday’s games following the decision by the Milwaukee Bucks to boycott Game 5 of their first-round series against the Orlando Magic…

      The Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder announced shortly after the Bucks’ decision that they would also be boycotting their game Wednesday, and the Lakers and Trail Blazers quickly followed suit ahead of their own Game 5 as players step away from the court in protest.

      If the players want to actually make a difference, they have to;

      Get out of the bubble.

      Go march with your fellow thugs.

      Use you OWN money to create the social programs you have been whining for.

      Have the NBA cancel all future games since:

      many players expressed feeling emotionally traumatized and that they were not in the right frame of mind to play basketball

      The NBA/PA needs to sent the players to get the help they need… in a psycho ward.

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      Lol ffs… Just cancel the damn whole season/playoffs, fuck it. Bunch of entitled little bitches. They All stay quiet when innocent children are murdered… But when criminals are killed (some unfortunately, sure), they love to defend criminals, they’ll never learn with what happened with OJ, in fact some of them still think OJ didn’t do it. Fuck this, they’re calling for more violence. Millionaire players telling normal people that they’re victims.

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      The NBA players met about what to do next, and cry-baby lebron james left because we wanted an end to the playoffs altogether.


      Now if the players want REAL CHANGE, there is a simple solution.













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      Predictably, the NBA players have decided to end their 1 game boycott lol.  I guess they ended racism? These dudes are such tools

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      It seems the players (except those from LA) voted to return to play.

      And even before that, no one is shocked (but the players) why their TV ratings is down Down DOWN!

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      If I were the commisioner of basketball here’s what I would do:

      1. If these entitled bitches are so adamant about not playing then I’d cancel the remainder of the playoffs.  No champion this year, screw you and start the season fresh in the winter.
      2. Send a message to all players who boycotted that if they do that again, they’re gone.  Contracts pulled, no money and you can’t play in the league again.
      3. FUCKING REMOVE BLM FROM THE COURTS.  We need to separate sports from politics.  People don’t tune into a game of basketball to hear assholes spewing political jargon, they came to see grown ass men play a game of goddamn basketball.
      4. If players have a problem with that, that’s what the draft’s for.  Get entirely new, younger teams of players that want to actually play the game.

      I know some of that sounds harsh but if the NBA wants to get back on track then scorched earth is the only solution.


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      Yay, the players are upset the people want to watch them PLAYING BASKETBALL, and not hear the SHIT COMING OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS!


      That is, the few fans that are still watching it.

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      Now this toxic BS has forced the NHL to shut down for two days.




      Lives of CRIMINALS are more important then the lives of the innocents and those whom have lost their businesses to the rioters and looters!

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        The convenient fact that all these SJWs want to forget….the victims are still criminals who were either breaking the law or had warrants for crimes committed.


        These are not good people. They should not be abused, but they are still criminals and if they resist arrest then of course there is a chance shit is going to go sideways.


        Well…pedos can be abused…fuck those guys.

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          I am not one of the pedo crazy people in society.  I work in the legal system.  There is no pedo conspiracy.  People watch BS YouTube videos and think there is.  In fact, there are extremely few attacks against children 12 and under.  People have to stop with the pedo nonsense because it is just like the witch trials.  I literally had several meetings about this the past month or so.  The reality is 1/3 of sex offenders in America now not have victims.  Then when you get to the day to day cases — almost every case is he said she said.  I think the MSM just manipulates people.  You see the one or two horrible crimes and they cycle that 24/7 for weeks.  You think that is reality.  It isn’t.  It is like this idea that cops are shooting black people all the time.  That is not reality.  The reality is cops shoot more white people per capita and then really the numbers are very very small.  Most cops do not even draw their gun in their lifetime.  That is reality.  Not the BS the news tells you.

          I caution people also to not be holier than thou.  Give me your phone and a warrant to your house and I will walk you out of your house a felon.  I will make any charge I put against you stick too.  You better have 3 years of your life, over $200,000 in cash, and a lot of luck to not plead out.  That is the reality of the legal system.  It is not the made-up illusions that people have of justice.

          We just saw a ShamPeachment of Trump.  Every single person involved in the ShamPeachment was either a DA, prosecutor, lawyer, judge, or a member of law enforcement and were are all lying. Hell, one woman was literally a police chief!   Everyone saw it.  They were blatantly lying.  They were liars.

          That just didn’t start that day.  They have been that way their entire lives.  Think of how many normal everyday people they lied about to get where they are.

          I do not like BLM at all.  I understand completely what it is.  But make no mistake about this — we have a law enforcement problem in America.  As always, Americans are so easily led astray though.  It isnt your average street cop that is the problem.  It is in the courts.  The courts are completely corrupt.  I have been fighting it for a good part of my life.  It is funny —– people wonder where the battle between good and evil is.  They think it is like the movies.  It isnt.  It is in everyday mundane things.   Things that bore people and things most people do not see.

          Yes, we have major problems in the US.  The problem is the land of the free has 1/3 of the entire world’s prisoners and we profit the most off of them.  There are about 70 million people with a criminal record in America.  It never leaves you and I suspect those 70 million people are very ticked off.  Especially when everyone in power breaks the law over and over and over and over again daily.


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      As I posted in a new topic, CRIMINAL LIVES MATTER – YOURS DOES NOT.


      The protest/boycott was because

      Police responded to the scene that day after a woman reported that “her boyfriend was present and was not supposed to be on the premises,” according to the Wisconsin DOJ. Cops then tried to take the suspect into custody, but he resisted arrest… police deployed their tasers twice in a failed attempt to subdue the 29-year-old…

      Blake had previously been arrested on domestic abuse charges involving an ex-girlfriend, court records show. He was arrested last month on charges of disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and third-degree sexual assault in connection with the case.

      This is the person the SJW’s are protecting, not the woman.

      And Lebron did not want to continue the job he has made millions from because the life of someone’s ex-girlfriend (whom looks like had a restraining order on her abusive ex-boyfriend)  is nothing compared to the criminal who was stopped.

      FUCK YOU LeBron!  And your PA Fuck-heads!

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      Found this gem on Facebook


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      LeFlop is nothing more than a thug who thinks he is a living legend in his own mind

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