Most Overrated Christopher Nolan Films

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    While i agree Lethal which movie should we be treating like the second coming?


    I think Inception is a goddamn masterpiece


    i said it was good, it’s still overrated though


    Evil Dead 2


    Never seen it. But if you recommend it I’ll check it out. Only though if you say tornado dong somewhere on your next video




    Couldn’t agree more


    Batman Begins.  First half, how Bruce Wayne became Batman was awesome but second half of the movie was mostly meh admittedly.  Also Katie Holmes was cringe.  Good that she was re-cast.


      I agree, Inception.


      Obviously Dark Knight.

      If Heath Ledger didn’t die there would be much more of a discussion about how his portrayal of Joker didn’t match the character very well.


      The talking about corn part is the best part. How else am I supposed to know the uses of corn.


      I’d have to go with Dunkirk. Fell for the media hype and wanted to see what the movie was about. Was pretty meh tbh.


      I personally think Batman Begins I think it’s an ok movie, but some of the stuff in is hit or miss for me.


      I would say ALL OF THEM!!


      But if I had to pick one that is more overrated than the others it would be Interstellar.

    Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 51 total)
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