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    This is the first topic I started, and I’d really like to know your opinions on the DC Extended Universe (or DCEU), like what your favorite movies are, what your least favorites are, and where the series could go in the future.

    Personally, my favorite movie is Man of Steel. It’s a very controversial choice, sure, but I think it does a good job introducing us to a Superman who isn’t the ideal hero from the start. I also think General Zod is the best villain in these movies, and Michael Shannon is fantastic in the role. My other favorite movies are Wonder Woman (despite the weak third act), Shazam, and Aquaman (even with AH, god I hope the petition succeeds).

    On the flipside, I think the worst movies are Wonder Woman 1984, Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and Batman v Superman, and I dislike them for different reasons. BvS and Suicide Squad are utter messes in terms of writing, characters, and story. Birds of Prey and WW84 are dumpster fires of woke BS and truly incompetent villains. Meanwhile, Justice League is the result of two very different visions of the movie meshed together by Warner Bros. last minute, complete with awful lighting & CG mustache removal.

    Overall, despite the many flaws with the management of these films, I hope this series finds success, especially with Marvel going down the woke path. With the critical failure of WW84, AT&T may force DC to move away from the identity politics and focus on making content for the fans.

    Anyway, I hope you add something to the conversation, and I hope Zack Snyder’s Justice League turns out to be a win for DC, and for us.


    As I long time DC Comics fans, the biggest problem with the DCEU is the premise behind it.


    Look at most of the comics.

    Look at most of the animated shows.


    It was light, it was colorful, it was fun.


    But with the MCU being light, colorful, and fun, DC had to do something else or be called a copy-cat.

    So, with the success of the Dark Knight trilogy, they decided to go dark.

    This was a BIG mistake.


    Superman is the Big Blue Boy Scout.

    The Flash is a grown man who works in a crime lab.


    Instead we got a kid flash.

    And while I loved Henry Cavill’s take on Superman, his films were too dark for the character.


    The DCEU needs a vision, and stay with it.

    This twisting on a dime, makes it disjointed.


    This rush to make a Justice League film before the dcu was fully established was a BIG mistake.

    Sure, I understand they wanted the JL film to bring in other characters that could have a successful series on their own (loved Aquaman and Wonder Woman), but the execution was horrible.


    I want a great DCEU.  Sadly, I have yet to see it.


    I like Man of Steel, think BvS is interesting, if a bit strange and thought Josstice League was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Suicide Squad was similarly unfocused, but not quite as bad.

    Haven’t seen WW84 or Birds of Prey.

    The rest of them are okay time wasters, but didn’t blow my mind.


      Favorite DCEU movies: Aquaman and Shazam, these movies were fun with just the right amount of grit and darkness, and the pace was really good. Also really enjoyed Wonder Woman

      Least favorite: Suicide Squad, Man Of Steel, Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad ’cause i was expecting a lot more based on the trailer, so it was quite a let down for me, though i do like the story line, just think they could’ve done it a lot better, as for MOS and BvS, together with SS, all 3 movies were way to slow for me, i don’t mind the darker tone, even for Superman, but none of these movies managed to hold my attention

      Wonder Woman 1984 and Birds Of Prey, i actually enjoyed these ones and don’t think they were as woke as the marketing for them implied, BOP was a fun mess, and i though WW84 was kinda cute

      Justice League, well, i won’t deny it was a disaster, but it was actually a fun watch for me. Can’t wait to see the Snyder Cut


      DC Comics is hands down of my favourite franchises and even so today with it’s questionable choices at times. So the DCEU is a mixed bag for me even though i tend to like it more then most others i know personally. There is no denying WB has no idea what they are doing and the constant shift of top people all with very different views has made it a clusterfuck, but even then i still like the DCEU and look forward to every movie( (some a lot more then others). And yes i have been a very vocal #releasethesnydercut guy so my views might be a bit biased in some aspects, i am very excited so the Snyder Cut of Justice League and would love to see an Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad, WB interfering with those movies so much really ruined those movies so much so that they became studio committee movies instead of the Directors vision and a coherent story across the board. The DCEU is something i can and have spent hours talking and arguing about.

      As of now my current ranking for DCEU films is:


      Wonder Woman

      Man of Steel

      WW 84 (It has sooooooo many issues and makes no sense but i still found enjoyment in it)



      Birds of Prey ( It’s not really a Birds of Prey movie though)

      JOSStice League

      Studio Squad


      I’m mixed with them. I liked the direction they were going with Snyder’s movies. He wanted to do a 5 movie arc, and unfortunately, we never got to see it unfold. ZSJL will be the closest to ending his vision, but event that was cut from his original plan. I like the first WW, but not a fan of SS, Birds of Prey and WW84. Aquaman was alright, and Shazam felt like it was made for 6 year olds. So I’m mixed. Some are good, some are bad, and some feel like they don’t even belong(Shazam). So again, I’m mixed. I would rather have gotten Snyder’s run, and then they could’ve gone their own way with the other movies. But you can tell WB was too much of a rush to make their version of the MCU, when really, that was never Snyder’s intent. He had a story-arc, and then had to start doing offshoots connected to his universe, when that was never the original plan.


      But whatever, it is what it is, and ZSJL will be the end of his run(fr the most part). These new movies tied to the DCEU are still a mixed bag for me, but I’ll still check them out. And even though I know Matt Reeve’s The Batman has nothing to do with the DCEU, I’m extremely excited for that, and think that’s where most of my excitement for live action DC movies will be in. Oh, and I also loved Joker. But after the total disappointment with WW84 and Birds of Prey, I’m back to being highly skeptical of the actual DCEU. So bring on The Batman and more movies like Joker.


      its a train wreck, the problem isnt that they tried to be dark, the problem is that they dont know how to structure a universe, i think they rushed too much in the beginning, trying to catch up to marvel, they made dumb decisions like the casting choices for the flash and lex luthor, and pushing 4 movies worth of plot lines into batman V superman, then suicide squad being a flop and with a terrible version of joker.

      recently they were on a roll with aqua man, shazam, joker(even tho its not in the universe), but then birds of prey, and WW84 happened, i didnt even watch birds of prey cuz im just not a Harley quin fan, i honestly wish deadshot got a spin off instead. but they both broke the momentum of the DCEU.

      at this point idk where this is going, they have too many movies that either got scraped or pushed way back, the flash who is my favorite dc hero, he has a movie thats been pushed back forever and is still in production hell, i dont even think they started filming yet, i just dont know wtf is going on with half the movies they have down the pipe

      but its not a lost cause i have been feeling optimistic lately with the snyder cut coming out soon, and also suicide squad 2 has my attention, and my favorite batman ben afleck is coming back so there is hope but this could all just turn out to be more L’s for dc

      my favorite movie is aqua man, but i also like suicide squad, its an enjoyable movie to me, will smith carries it, wonder woman is awesome, BvS i think is overall bad but i just watch it for batfleck, justice league is crapy but enjoyable, shazam i dont love as much as everyone else but its on the better side of the dceu movies, man of steel was long and boring like most of snyders movies.



      Simply garbage. They saw MCU dominating the world and tried to copy the concept to not fall behind. But what MCU carefully built in 10 years and 20 movies, DCEU tried to quickly pull off a backstory to the characters and then do a big Avengers like movie wich was absolute ass.

      Also I’m not even a big fan of DC. Flash is a cool character, Batman is too but looked fucking fat in the DCEU, Wonder Woman is ehh alright and Superman is lame as fuck imo, and not even based gamer Henry Cavill could make him interesting imo.


        Yes, the DCEUs biggest problem is that it tried to hard to compete directly with the MCU instead of building up the univers at their own pace

        On castings, i actually like the castings for Flash and Lex Luthor, Joker in SS isn’t that terrible imo, and, sorry, i’m not a big fan of Batfleck 😅, but i still enjoy his movies, for me the only casting fail the DCEU has under it’s belt is Amber Heard as Mera, and i thought this way before all the scandals


        Yeah, WW84 and Birds of Prey are pretty tough to recommend. I only watched them just to say I did.

        Edit: I’m trying to reply to Marc, but it’s not going directly under his comment. Don’t know what’s going on.

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        Imo justice league was much better than suicide squad… suicide squad was like a joke… a parody, it’s unwatchable. Justice League is watchable, but people wanted something to compete with the avengers and they got disappointed.

        ww84 and birds of prey are stupid movies, couldnt finish it, completely unwatchable.

        batman vs superman and aquaman were good.

        shazam was meh, had a great beginning then they messed it up.


        For me, the only DCEU movies I can say I  liked was Aquaman which was actually really good, almost up there with my favorite MCU movies, and Shazam simply because it was a really fun and light little movie. Wonder Woman was OK, the rest was just either boring or hilariously shit


          Justice League had a good pace and some funny/enjoyable moments, but the story was a f***ing mess

          Suicide Squad’s the opposite, the story was interesting and had a lot of potential, but it was told like shit and the pace was snail speed


            @KBGMan01, there’s been a problem with direct replies since the update for thread pages, for now if you have to direct reply someone just @ them, i’m sure this’ll be fixed in time


              I LOVE the DCEU. Absolutely love it.

              I’ve really liked every movie except Man Of Steel and Birds of Prey, and a lot of BvS. I couldn’t even finish BoP.

              It’s been a hot mess from the beginning, there was too much rush to compete with MCU and I personally think they should not have started with such dark stories, especially since those stories are controversial even amongst avid comic readers, but I think it’ll work itself out and come out strong. I’m looking forward to everything that’s coming out! We’ve got a lot to look forward to!

              I really can’t wait for The Suicide Squad, I’m one of the few people who actually liked the first one, lol, and James Gunn is going to NAIL it. I’m so excited!

              The only one I’m starting to worry about is Black Adam, it’s turning into a major virtue signal, which is really disappointing. But hopefully it’ll still be good.

              I believe Shazam 2, Black Adam, The Flash and maybe Aquaman 2 start production stuff in April (barring any more shutdowns), so we’ll be getting all kinds of DC goodness for awhile. It’s gonna be great!


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