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    I actually keep a running list of my 10 favorite anime series. It’s always subject to change, but here’s the current rankings:

    1. Mushi-Shi
    2. Cowboy Bebop
    3. Violet Evergarden
    4. Mob Psycho 100
    5. Vinland Saga
    6. Steins;Gate
    7. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    8. Code Geass
    9. Cells at Work
    10. Thunderbolt Fantasy

    Old skool Manga


    Fist of the Northstar, Overfiend, Ninja Scroll (probably my fave) and to a lesser extent The Guyver. Gonna annoy people with this but Akira, although eminently re-watchable and brilliant to look at ….. is overrated (imo)


    Easily Gintama

    It’s the only anime i know of where even the filler episodes are good


    My family has started watching this and have been really enjoying it. It has been progressively getting better as it goes on, but we are just starting season two.


    I would suggest something along the lines of Deathnote or Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Maybe even Cowboy Bebop or FullMetal Alchemist. Those are good starting anime that aren’t some long drawn out show with several seasons. FYI Full Metal Alchemist (FMA) and FMA Brotherhood are just two different adaptations of the same Manga, both are great, there just wasn’t an ending to the Manga yet when the series first got adapted so they made one for the show only. Brotherhood is my favorite, but the beginning of FMA is better fleshed out.


    God I cant wait for the next season of Overlord.


    My favorite anime would be Trigun that being the series that make me a fan back in 2001.


      bro handshake


        Have you read the manga of Trigun? if not, I highly suggest it. It’s even crazier than the anime.

        On topic of Trigun Anime, have you watched the movie that came out few years ago called Badlands Rumble? I enjoyed it A LOT and suggest it if you have not seen it.


        Cowboy Bebop

        Samurai Champloo

        Ghost in the Shell (SAC, 2 seasons)

        Yamato (all series)


        Giant Robo

        Nadia Secret of Blue Water

        Sol Bianca




        (so many others I want to list here haha:)

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          I really enjoy Anime but I would say I’d be considered a “normie”.
          There’s only so much free time and gaming is my passion.
          That being said, Kill La Kill is not only my favorite Anime but one of my favorite shows, period.




          I have Trigun Maximum Vol. 1, but sadly don’t have the rest I need to get them. Yep seen and own Badlands Rumble I really liked it as well.


          At first it was Inuyasha, but now it’s been surpassed by Beastars.


          While I love several, nothing tops Cowboy Bebop for me.


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