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    I’ll just say the Disney Trilogy – that pretty much covers it. They’re all terrible and destroy the Legacy characters.


    That awful SJW droid from Soylo. I love the part when she gets blasted to bits—I could watch that on repeat all day.


    Jar Jar Binks because he is so damn annoying! Rose, Holdo, Hux, Jynn, Cassian, & that annoying gender fluid Droid from Solo. They all suck!


    I agree about the damn droid that I didn’t give a shit about. #fuckkathleenkennedy


    I’m gonna leave this here, and then I’ll back away slowly…



    The prequel trilogy chars… Jar Jar hands down worst char in it

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    A collection of characters could be the worst Star Wars Characters… most of the sequel chars can be listed here they’re all just terrible. Special mentions to be placed at the top… Rey, Rose & Admiral Gender Studies. But really they’re all just so bad so I’m just going to say all of them.



    Kylo Ren



    Rey, Rose, Holdo, droid from Solo, Finn and Poe cuz their story went nowhere… You know what? I’ll just put clone Palpetine from Rise of Skywalker here also, just cuz I can…

    Wanted to put Jar Jar here but most of my kid years I loved him, teen years hated him… Now I just don’t care… But it would still be fun watching him getting sliced hahah




    I’d say Holdo, but I’m not sure that counts as the Disney films are not real Star Wars.


    Finn annoyed me more than Holdo, cause he was in all 3 movies. Bad actor and bad character, was a human version of Jar Jar but worse cause jar Jar was just innocent creature and an outcast one at that, something of a dullard while Finn was supposed to be a brain washed Stormtrooper that quickly becomes a pacifist but had no qualms with killing his former comrades. He was bad comic relief too.


    Rey  despite not being that well developed, really didnt bother me that much since she was supposed to be some kinda streetfighter/MMA type on Jakku by the impression she left initially, which was not something Luke was in ANH, but he was an ace pilot(inherited from his father along with Force reflexes). A lot of fighting style later with the sword could’ve come from bonding with Anakin’s saber and Kenobi seemed for whatever reason personally reaching out to her(which was never further developed or elaborated upon), perhaps a form of psychometry was involved. I kinda figured her as some kinda X22 type Clone, and sure enough she ends  the daughter of a clone Palpatine. I think they explained it that she inherited some of Palpatine’s memories(and abilities) in the TROS novelization. Anyway, Force sensitives always had enhanced natural abilities and reflexes, & often great mechanical and piloting skills because of them. Plus I liked the Force Unleashed games, so a lot of the powers and what not did not bother me. However her adopting the Skywalker surname, while not surprising with the title of the film, was pretty dumb.


    Kylo only lost the fight on Starkiller Base cause he was badly wounded. Kylo does defeat the more “developed” Rey in TROS but refuses to finish her off. But Kylo being beaten by her in TFA wasnt much of an issue. However the way he threw her into that tree, should’ve broke her back,lol. And Finn should’ve been killed with that slash and severing of the spine. I know Force sensitives, especially actually trained ones like Jedi Padawans/Knights and Sith Lords are hardier made, but now its just like Force sensitives have healing factors  or game-like health rejuvenation/restoration  mechanics.

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    Definitely Holdo. Rey is very overpowered and Rose is very meh… But Vice Admiral Gender Studies is the absolute worse.


      Baby Yoda


      The amazing blunder Rey

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