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    Admiral fluid gender studies.


    Someone posted a picture of her on another thread with purple glasses photoshopped onto her. It made her look so much like Dame Edna Everage that the next time I see the costumer I know who has a costume of that character I’m going to ask her to say “Hello possums.”





    1. Admiral Gender Studies – Couldn’t be more condescending and was incompetent
    2. Lando’s weird sex toy droid from Solo – I don’t know what they were trying to accomplish with this thing

    3. Young Lando – Solo owes him a ship he never collects on, has sex with his droid and is overall useless

    4. The young Rebel leader from Solo – The so-called rebels were murderers and thieves

    5. Jake Skywalker – who the hell is this dude?

    6. Phasma – You could delete every scene she is in and it wouldn’t change either film at all.

    7. Rose – She is really a first order spy.  Killing fleeing rebels when Finn catches her.  Stops Finn from destroying the weapon.

    8. Admiral Pride – These clowns make him “pride” and the ship the “ Supremacy”.  I think the writers see themselves in Pride.

    9. Ray – She has no character arc.  She is unchanged from start to finish.

    10. JJ Abram’s stupid star destroyer fleet – can’t take off without a beacon.  Defeated by space horses.  I’m sure said horses died with the ship.

    11. Fucking space horses

    12. Maz Kinata – Another completely useless character AKA Butthole eyes

    13. BB8 and Dio – Built to sell toys that never sold

    14. Jake Palpatine – Kill me and I will possess you, dies doesn’t possess her. Builds a useless fleet

    15. Jar Jar – Annoying but secretly a Sith Lord

    16. Young Anakin – poorly acted, hates sand

    17. Ewoks – fuck them

    18. Greedo – Can track people down but can’t shoot for shit

    19. Finn – could have been interesting, but wasted him to not outshine wonder ray.  Actor is a douche

    20. Hux – Another that could have been good but they chopped his balls off and made him a joke

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    You brought up ones I forgot about like the horrid robot from Solo.  I would also add young Lando from Solo he was dumb and fooled around with his robot…weird.


    Holdo; aka Admiral Gender Studies. She makes Jar Jar Binks seem cool and edgy.


    What was his character arc?


    There is only one answer: Disney’s Luke Skywalker.


    It’s a toss up between Leia and Rose


    Troll alert




    ”If his opinion doesn’t match my opinion, he must be a troll”

    -every SJW ever


    1. Admiral Gender Studies

    2. Rose

    3. Disney’s version of star wars Mary Poppins (Leia)

    4. That cuck ball-8 5dd6319d75e0fd05b88ae68fab9230c9


    Years ago I would’ve agreed on you about Jar Jar. After learning about the Darth Jar Jar theory though, I firmly believe he’s the single most underrated character in the prequels, if not the entire SW universe. If the theory is true, which I believe it is, Lucas should have run with it.

Viewing 14 posts - 61 through 74 (of 74 total)
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