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      There isn’t a forum up for this. But does any one here like to write? Reading is awesome, but writing, bringing a world of your dreams, in to reality. Is so much better… imo :)

      I’ll be using my little blog thing to post some random stories and such of things I write.. Though I’m new and still very amateurish :)


      I would love to see what every one here writes as well!

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      Heck yes! Writing is a passion of mine.

      We have a STRONG need for creative people to bring their own intellectual properties to the masses right now. Everything we know and love is being corrupted. It can’t stand!

      My answer is #SUNSWORN- live on Indiegogo right now! A new space fantasy saga to fill the void left by SJW Star Wars, Trek and so many others. The first three chapters are available for download to try before you buy. Be a part of the next generation’s SciFi entertainment!


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        When I’m done writing a couple of books, I’m considering indiegogo. I’ve thought of making some illustrations to use to maybe use indiegogo to hire some illustrators for graphic novel adaptations.

        Heck yes! Writing is a passion of mine.

        We have a STRONG need for creative people to bring their own intellectual properties to the masses right now. Everything we know and love is being corrupted. It can’t stand!

        My answer is #SUNSWORN- live on Indiegogo right now! A new space fantasy saga to fill the void left by SJW Star Wars, Trek and so many others. The first three chapters are available for download to try before you buy. Be a part of the next generation’s SciFi entertainment!


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      Started writing in the past few months. Its been fun. I’d def read your stuff.

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      I write, I hope to be a published author someday but I have a long way to go, but one step at a time, anything that was worth it never came easy

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      I’ve been an aspiring writer for over 20 years, but kept to my real world paths (former chef, now).

      Started with fanfiction (Lunar franchise) at 16 in the 90’s. Wrote my first original IP in 2002, but after an early wave of rejections shelved it and moved on to refine my skills.  Moved on to Tenchi fanfiction for a few years after that when that series was at its popular height thanks to Toonami. From 2003 – 2017 worked on an online series that started with fanfiction roots, but ended up being more original than anything because I was using old D&D character adventures along with other people’s characters.

      Currently finishing up a full rewrite of book 1 of my 2002 original IP, and I’m going to pimp it out after my pre-readers get through with it. After that, I’m going to move into rewriting all the stuff I did from 2003-2017 taking out all the videogame and anime IPs I don’t own and filling it all with original stuff. I plan on turning everything I’ve ever done into a shared universe recreating new stories and worlds to fill the holes the IPs I don’t own are going to leave.

      Gonna be a lot of fun. Hopefully one day, I get to share it with all you fine people.

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      That’s awesome to hear Roas! Maybe you should do what Red_Gaze has done and go the Indiegogo route and get crowdfunding!

      Dave_Nerdlife I feel the same way! Just trying to make my story telling better if I can. You should post some of your stories up here or when ever they have the creation stuff set up.. or add it as a blog post Like I’m planning to do XD

      TimoBurnham, That’s Awesome! Just remember… no matter what you write.. or who writes it.. the first draft is always crap! XD.. Just write the story you have in your mind, you will be going back over it to make it better… and fix all the little mistakes you’ll find… many many times  :)

      Red_Gaze, I so agree with you! We need more creators! So many of our loved series getting killed off, and it looks like a lot of the new stuff out there is doing it just to make movies for that Hollywood cash. Now is the perfect time to bring out new IP and stories to the world! And grats on getting funded in indiegogo!

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        It’s an option I have not disqualified. But to do that I would follow the Comicsgate path to success, and that requires building a base with a youtube channel first. Entertain and get to know people, then sell them something they feel willing to buy.

        But I’m not there, yet. I feel I need to exhaust the traditional path one last time, especially since the methods of today are drastically different from 20 years ago. Back then you had to go to the library and get a book to find names of agents. I even got scammed by one of them. Today, much easier with internet, heh.

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        Oh I figured that out fast. I’ve finished 4 novel length stories (on the shorter side) so far, all of which are first drafts cuz im lazy and first drafts are more fun than editing.

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        Heh, I like the Glaive from Krull.

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      I’ve written as a hobby for a number of years. I started with fan fiction set in the Warhammer 40K universe, then moved on to Star Wars, Star Trek and Aliens before deciding that I was going to update the old TV show Space: 1999, calling my version Space: 2299. I’ve also written some totally original fiction, one story set during World War 2 involving a force from the RAF Regiment that has been ordered to secure an airfield in the occupied Netherlands only to find that it wasn’t being used for what the Allies thought it was and also a series of stories set in a science fiction universe of my own creation.

      Lengthwise most of the Star Wars stories are around 12,000 words long and there are some 40K ones a bit shorter than that. Other than that there are a number of roughly 30,000 word long stories for Star Trek, 40K and Space:2299 while the longer stories for various themes are in the 60,000-120,000 word range.

      There are more than 200 of them on my website now.

      Oh and I also do covers and some basic art to go with them.


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      I recommend Brandon Sanderson’s youtube channel. He makes a lot of good videos about  writing novels. I don’t agree always with him about certain topics but his storytelling classes are very interesting.

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        Agree, he gets a bit woke at moments but I think he genuinely cares about telling good stories above everything else.

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      I love to write! Have a comic book concept, short stories, poems, and finally making major progress on an epic full-length novel. Not including my new YT channel coughplugcough. Even have a satire/parody concept for a screenplay.

      Firmly believe that the most talented writers and creators are not employed by mainstream media.

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        Firmly believe that the most talented writers and creators are not employed by mainstream media.

        Absolutely. The mainstream industry rewards only the “correct” politics and seems to punish any kind of challenge to the mainstream narrative. Good stories never come in a place of a narrative that’s not allowed to be challenged even a millimeter.

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      When I lost interest in anything new, I started to write my own series. I started discussing it with my fiance, who, like me is a huge nerd, and was discussing how it was cool how comic book series like with Marvel, and Star Trek Series’ all coexist in this shared universe, and I thought it would be cool to create a set of series that coexist in a shared universe, and find a way to bind them together in various series’.

      When I was younger I wrote this story about a genetically enhanced femme fatale, another story about a tangible virtual reality, a story about robots who lived on their own planet, and had short circuited to forget their origins, and thus didn’t believe that humans created them, and started this concept about an alien who saves earth when they fall in love with earth culture and convince their superiors to convert earth into an interstellar tourist attraction, which, ends up with it’s own mess of problems later on. The biggest challenge in weaving these stories together is setting a time frame for each story or story series.

      The project I’m working on right now, is a series based on the origins of the tangible virtual reality, also known as the ‘dream field’ and its inventor. If you’re familiar with Professor Geek, he did an awesome video, once, on the Trinity archetype, which inspired me to go ahead and make the primary focus remain on three characters, with the main protagonist being the “son” or incarnate, his mentor being the “father” and a female character being the “spirit”. It’s a series with an extra wide scope, and is far more ambitious than anything I’ve ever attempted at writing, because the task isn’t just writing a set of novels, but setting up a whole world, that reminds the reader that it’s foreign and alien, while being relatable to humans. The way I do this is by building various cultures with music, art, religions, and other ideologies in ways that are similar to human ideologies, but only develop in different ways. It’s written in episodic format, which has also been a huge challenge, because of that balance of writing a complete story in each chapter, but for the next chapter to progress the plot ahead a bit more than the previous chapter.

      My main protagonist in this story is the embodiment of the Jungian idea of the Magician. His major flaw that he struggles with is an ever growing god complex, because of the inventive abilities he possesses, having very few realities that he can make possible. This gives him a sort of “the universe is my playground” kind of feel, and has that tendency of wanting to amass or protect the level of power that he possesses so that he can mess with people however he pleases. The mentor character is man who is ancient, and is obsessed with restoring his homeland to its pre revolution status, where he was a very influential leader. The female character is an abdicated princess, who is the daughter of a hyper dimensional being from a nonlinear time frame (an idea inspired by DS9) and thus can remember the future, as well as possesses Mantis like telepathic abilities. In this galaxy there are many hybrid hyper dimensionals including the main villain, who can also manipulate time and space at low levels, although it makes him tired much faster. I really wanted to push how trippy I could make these stories, and when I revise, I’ll probably try to push it further. I really want to give readers the experience of exploring a vast new world where anything seems to be possible and the line between imagination and reality becomes nonexistent, and yet is still not some utopia wherein everyone gets what they want and only generates new struggles for people to deal with. I intend to create just enough confusing to intrigue, but not enough to alienate.

      The plot, the characters, the worlds, etc. in this series is, by far, the most difficult thing I ever wrote, and I always liked writing.

      I’m also writing the robot story, and I’m finding I recycle characters a lot, only make them slightly different to adapt to different circumstances. I keep writing the hyper-confident and creative primary male character, the more rigid and highly methodical mentor character and the very attractive and moral center female character. It might be aspects of my own psyche, and maybe the primary male characters are aspects of my animus projections. Who knows?

      And, yes, I do love archetypes and to research archetypical storytelling as much as I can. I think it’s a tragedy how a lot of post modern works throw archetypical storytelling by the wayside, and how new films and stories treat gender is atrocious. Ironically, I think feminists devalue women, by turning them into something interchangeable with men.

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        One of my pet peeves in stories is when the females are interchangeable and indistinguishable from the males.

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          I so agree with you both. Women are women they have their own strength and weaknesses, just as men do. It’s nothing that should be ashamed about. It’s what makes us… us :)

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            I write in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Therefore, quite often I will create female characters that are, for lack of a better term, quite uber: mega strength, powerful magic, highly skilled in combat, etc. I love all my female characters, because they are all unique and special. They are alive to me in how they behave in their own minds, and how they interact with other characters in a story. Depending on an arc or a moment, many woman will be center stage, because guess what SJWs….it’s their part of the story as a CHARACTER, not just because they are a woman.

            So you know what I don’t do? Put them on a pedestal, make them mary sues, or have them replace the men. They are still women with all the normal character strengths and weaknesses you would expect. I love women. Women are beautiful, but they are not interchangeable with men. Even my strongest female character, who I hope to one day introduce everyone to, who was born with full knowledge of her destiny and the power to achieve it is a universe far from perfect even though she’s treked all over it. As her personal arc moves through all my series, she reaches heights of power that are incredible, but do you also know what she goes through? Jealousy. Heart break. Desire. Depression. True Love. Heart shattering loss. She is a wife, a mother. The world threatens her children, and she threatens the world back.

            Make ’em strong. Make ’em earn it if it’s a heroine that fights the big battles. Don’t mary sue them or Abby Smash them.

            Women can be powerful when portrayed as women. They do not have to be men, take the place of men, or belittle men to be strong.

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          It’s gotten so bad that the female characters in movies, games, etc. are essentially essentially men with big boobs and hips. The woke crowd see femininity as weakness when just the opposite is true. Men and women have unique traits that are equally powerful in their own way. I am personally exhausted seeing every female character portrayed as being overly powerful with bulging muscles. Lately character are drawn to shed what makes women women.

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      I’ve done some writing, yes. Here’s one story I’ve written.


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        Edit: wrong person

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      This is awesome!

      I’ve been watching Geeks and Gamers since 2017 due to the backlash from TLJ and joined the website to support Jeremy and his team.

      I scrolled down the forums to find this one and I can’t believe all the awesome people on it!

      I wrote at school until I left at 16 (I live in the UK and that’s when we leave) I was told that I will never be published as publishers don’t take on new work, it’s highly competitive, blah, blah, blah! So I dropped writing and pursued a life of martial arts until eight years ago when I started to work part time and wrote my first novel.

      Since then I have written six more and a tonne of short stories. My ideas have exploded to the point that I do not get writers block.

      I created a world that keeps expanding with every story, which is free from humans and therefore SJW/PC politics. I don’t have any published yet but want to do so on Kindle.

      After a lot of deliberating I feel that self publishing is the way. It’s more work, but I think the fact that we can keep creative control of our characters and worlds is the ultimate benefit that outweighs all the benefits that come with so called ‘traditional’ publishing.

      From what I’ve seen Jeremy and his team reveal on their videos it seems that if you are part of a woke company then you are forced to write the narrative they want you, even if it is against what you think and I couldn’t subject my characters and the world I created to that.

      What does everyone else think?

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        Not necessarily they force people to write woke.. more like they find people that like to write that way, then higher them. Which is fine. Allow people to make what ever they want, the problem is.. they don’t higher people to write and make what the majority of their customers want, which will cost them money.


        The publishing route will have to be up to you. Which you feel would be best.

        You could try submitting it to traditional publishers to see how it would fare with them.

        Or self publish, or use some crowd funding. Might want to build up a fan base first with some social media. Here is a good place to start :) Make some blog posts on your writing and about the story. And other books you like. Make some youtube videos about it. And so on :) Feature other writers on your youtube stuff as well.


        Just spewing out ideas I’ve seen other do. Good luck on your publishing journey!

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      BEYOND TOMORROWyeah i write a little bit.

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      BEYOND TOMORROWyeah i write a little bit.

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        So… When can we read it? XD

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          i’ve tried to contact Jeremy several times about me offering up a “twice weekly chapter reveal in which Geeks and Gamers peeps can get content for free. Ideally id release two chapters until its all done and once a book is finished, its available on amazon and print on demand or something. i keep trying to contact him but he’s got a lot on his plate and I also don’t want to come across like someone trying to jump his train. i want him to WANT to showcase it as a geeks and gamers exclusive. Its star wars/harry potter/ anime/ star trek/ halo/ the matrix and the odyssey all kinda rolled into one with NONE of the politics or “wokeness”. there’s strong male and female characters and the cast is half female anyway without coming across like its an agenda. i wrote it for my niece and she LOVES the characters, especially the one I made in her image. i could always email you some if you like and i’d love your support in bringing the “BEYOND TOMORROW”  saga to the masses. A

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          Would you like the first volume?

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      I bang out a few pages when I can, should have this morning, tbh.  One day, one day I’ll get this book finished.  One day.

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        you can do it! stay strong and keep knocking out pages

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          Aye, that I can, and will.  One day damn it, one day.

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      I love to write. I first started writing back in 2007 in my freshman year of college. I’ve mainly stuck to fan-fiction, but I’ve had two poems published in an online magazine. I’ve got an idea for a novel (potentially a trilogy) that I’ve been kicking around for a number of years now. And although work is keeping me quite busy as of late, I’m using at least some of my free time to get back on the project and hopefully start up another draft of it at some point. I’m also looking at working on a short story that I’ll either post online or send out to that same magazine to publish if they want.

      I’m hoping to use my blog here to write about random things, be it movies, video games, anime, Godzilla, writing, or whatever. I’d like to get into some kind of habit of pushing out some kind of writing piece on a regular basis if possible.

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      Yes, not published, several projects started then scrapped. I have reached a point were at the age of 40, I don’t really have the time to create an intricate world or perhaps I’m just too lazy/don’t want to put the effort into doing it anymore. Hence, moving forward I have decided to do fantasy in a modern setting instead. I have just started writing again after a long hiatus. I have OCD as well as C-PTSD so sometimes this makes writing a tad more difficult as I deal with my mental health issues. The current project is actually dealing with mental health and inner demons manifesting externally.

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      Hey everyone I’ve been wanting to get into writing for the longest time because storytelling is just so fascinating to me. I want to say the issues are three things in particular. The primary issue with starting is just starting. I’ve always been able to keep up a decent pace at creating once I’ve gotten started. It’s just that, as I said, getting started is the “boulder in the road.”

      The secondary issue is the fact that my mastery of the English language as far as writing/typing is pretty poor, to be blunt. However, I have an extensive vocabulary. I mean, I usually know how to convey my meaning but when I talk and/or text I’ll use filler words such as “like”, “um”, & “uh” a lot as I’m sure most people do. But I like to think that it’s just because they’re so common in everyday interactions but when it comes to actually getting to business I’d like to believe I can refrain from doing so since I know that filler words don’t add anything, hence why they’re filler words. But to reiterate I’ve never been able to get a grasp on all the little nuanced rules of the written English word, which is why I say my mastery is poor.

      Finally, the tertiary issue is originality. I know I shouldn’t worry about it too much because originality is difficult because a writer’s influence will invariably come into play. For instance, George Lucas taking inspiration for Obi-Wan Kenobi from the character Makabe Rokurōta in Akira Kurosawa’s “The Hidden Fortress.” Obi-Wan is one of the greatest characters ever created but the LAST thing I want, as I’m sure other writers as well, is to be thought of as incapable of creating something original solely because our characters, worlds, weapons, vehicles, etc. have the noticeable tinge of being influenced by something else. If avoidable, however unlikely it may be, I’d prefer not to have someone be able to look at my work(if I ever do get a story out there for the world to see) & see obvious “oh this is just like…” or “I can see character x’s traits/appearance in character y.”

      Also, for any of y’all out there that may be interested there’s a YouTube channel called Hello Future Me that has brought to conscious my love of storytelling & has a series of videos & a book called “On Writing & World Building.”

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        I will admit for a long time, I too was hung up on the idea of “originality” and being concerned with “stealing ideas” or “plagiarism” as it gets ground into your head quite a bit while in academia and writing essays ect. Yet, an epiphany sort of took place while watching the show Magicians, which I know is based off of a book series. Anyway, if you have never seen the show/books, it basically uses two ideas for its setting. The first is a “school for magic users” in this case college age students e.g. Harry Potter. Then there is the second element that adds in “another world that Humans can travel too via a portal” and that “four humans” were the “kings and queens” of this world. So here we have basically the Narnia books being used as the basis for this other land. Now, there is differences that the author starts to introduce to each of these of course.

        Yet, the basic setting/idea of each is so obvious it’s not even funny, and this got published. So I stopped worrying so much about originality. Also it’s impossible to have read every book under the sun or watch every show, to know how “original” your work really is in the grand schemed of things. Some one someplace around the globe maybe writing the same idea you have, or it may have been written but you are not aware of it at the time. I can honestly admit that this concept even got me discouraged when I read an idea I had for something and encountered it another’s work I all of sudden felt I had to scrap the idea because I didn’t want to be accused of stealing another’s work. I watched back in the 90s and 2000s Terry Goodkind deal with these accusations from Jordan fans, that he stole from Jordan, despite both being published by the same publisher. All I will say is don’t worry about this too much and do your best to be creative and create good character’s, plot, and central theme for your work to based around.

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          Agree. the reality is that even most fresh and unconventional ideas are inspired by other things. That’s the nature of how our psychology works. We are synthesizers. So don’t originality to much. Focus on what make you excited to write.

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      I primarily write screenplays myself, and I’m currently editing a short film I made.

      I love writing original stories, and I have a few stories I’m currently writing I hope to turn into web-series’ or movies someday.

      Without going into too much detail, the genre of one Web-Series I’m writing is Martial Arts/Supernatural Horror.

      I’m also currently building my own Sci-Fi universe around another story I’m writing.

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      More and more voices are speaking up in this thread. This is great.

      Think it would be a great idea in the future for us to continue these conversations and grow this sub community to similar collection of voices like that of Comicsgate. Many of us have already expressed the same ideals as Comicsgate: create good, non agenda driven entertainment and serve the customers. Don’t insult the customer and don’t gate keep just because personal ideologies differ, because ideology and agenda have no place in escapism.

      Those who actively are part of Comicsgate support and help each other out in the indy world, and I know from time to time people ask if there is an equivalent  for novels/books. I do not believe there is, and I think as we all start coming together more it would be beneficial if we all banded together in a similar fashion to help promote and push products.

      And yes, as I stated earlier I’m giving the mainstream agent route one more chance, but I’ve given myself a time limit of the Fall, With three chapters left to go on my current rewrite, that window will be opening for me very soon, give or take a couple of weeks as m pre-readers do the jobs I’ve asked of them. But I have a feeling going the indy route will be my ultimate path to get attention for my IPs, which means by the Fall I will likely start my own youtube channel and start building a base. Then by the start of next year possibly start up with an indie go go campaign if I feel I have enough support.

      my point is, I think it would be beneficial if we all considered using the Comicsgate format to help each other out to not only help each other, but create a consumer base to promote and sell our products.

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        Posts like this are a perfect example of the forums needing at least a “Like” feature. But yeah, even if I never get around to writing my stories I’m totally down to support others.

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          Ya a like button would be nice.

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      I have written a non-fiction book about government corruption and I also do graphic design work for some of the hottest models on the planet.  I am not sure if I can post an example here though.  Maybe I can create a temporary gallery out on the net somewhere.

      I have a professional background in Strategic Planning and Law, but while in grad school I studied acting at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta.  I also studied photography and modeled a bit.

      If people need advice, I am always around.  I can also recommend a host of free online products for those on a budget.  Believe me, you can create for cheap to get started.

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      I wrote a short story for the now defunct Ray Gun Revival online magazine once, made a whole 5 bucks. Went back and re read it the other day and cringed a lot, it was very much an amature affair.  Haven’t written much of late, but a friend of mine is a science fiction author and thinks I have talent, so I am encouraged a bit. I’m afraid of posting stuff because I’ve already had a story idea stolen, it never went anywhere, but it happened, so I’m in “twice shy” mode as far as posting.

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        To look back on what I did at 16-22 is cringe worthy in terms of style. Even from 2003-2012 it’s not so much cringe, but again a little difficult at times because my style was continually changing. It took over 20 years and multiple works for me to reach my current level where I totally have my own voice and my writing does not look juvenile to my eyes.


        Here’s the thing about feeling good about your work and developing confidence. Lots of us are talking about running with our own IPs right now, but there is nothing wrong with fanfic writing. I have always been a proponent of fanfics, because they are fantastic practice for discovering your own style, voice, and tone. Choose something you really love and have alot of knowledge about. See if a story idea pops into your head. Then just go for it. I would not be here now if I hadn’t spent so many years writing Tenchi fanfiction as practice. Fanfiction is great because you don’t have to do so much heavy lifting for world building, allowing you to focus on all the other aspects of writing a story. Then you have the option later if taking what might have been a good idea and adapting it for your own IPs. That is something I plan on doing to help grow the Universe my IPs inhabit. There are plenty of character spots that need filling, so I have to create IP character farms, and several of my old fanfic ideas will do nicely once altered and adapted.


        Getting you idea stolen is horrible, and I cannot fully comprehend how that must feel. I am sorry that happened, and while I can think of circumstances in my fanfic career that possibly elicited similar feelings, those stories are not for this post. My best advice is to never deny the creative voice in your head. If it is strong enough, and the idea is powerful enough that it must but put to paper, then you will be able to do it.


        But it is good to remember that unless your IP is being protected in some manner of legal publishing, or you have submitted it to the Library of Congress (the original version of what I’m working on right now was) it is best to keep it under wraps and only show it to those you trust until it is ready for prime time.

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          Call me old school or a subscriber to the GRRM school of thought but, I would never promote using Fan Fic as a good means of practicing your creative spirit or a way of practicing your writing. I know this doesn’t stop people from doing it nor thinking it’s okay to write it. Yet, you can easily practice creating a small world at first and telling a short story in that world, than to use another’s world. This get’s your own creative juices flowing, strengthening your ability in world building, and in the process of creating short stories, you may find a world you want to explore more. The Witcher is a fine of example of this since the first book is all short stories.

          It reminds me of a writing assignment I had at college that the teacher wanted us to write a passage from one author using the “voice/style” of one writer and then doing the same for to the passage of the other author. I refused to do this, a writer style and voice is their own, it’s part of their soul basically, and in my mind is stealing. Furthermore, it hampers the ability of you finding confidence in your own voice since all of sudden you don’t sound like X, Y, or Z author.

          This is how I feel when it comes to Fan Fic, it’s a lazy way of writing and in my mind a minor form of stealing, which you even mention when stating about having an idea stolen. What is Fan Fic, if not stealing and using another author’s world and idea, for your own purposes? I brought up in another post about the concept of originality and how this can be difficult at times to find and how also matters can still published even if you can identify were the creator or author basically drew inspiration from or even copied to a certain extent another work. I didn’t say in that post that I necessarily agreed with blatant of copying of Narnia that the author and “creator” of Magicians did.

          Originality to a certain extent should still be priority in the creative process, but one not to get so hung up on that it prevents you from writing, creating, or worrying about if you are stealing another idea since works still get published despite it seemingly happening. That was my epiphany, as well as the fact that, at times people are going to accuse you of doing this regardless, my example of Terry Goodkind and Robert Jordan, so worrying about it only prevents the creative and writing process.

          For me at least, doing fan fic is a conscious decision to use another’s idea against their permission for your own purposes. It is not a subconscious matter of being inspired by another’s work as sometimes can happen or using historical figures or mythologies for your work.

          • #166938

            Well, I respectfully disagree with your sentiment.


            When I wrote my first full novel length fanfic at 16, it was because I was inspired and loved the Lunar videogame franchise. But outside from the setting and a couple legacy characters from the games, my story was entirely original in terms of characters, events, and places. I wasn’t lazy. I was 16 and looking to build upon ideas popping into my head, combining things I pulled from my D&D gaming experiences with what I saw in front of me. Did I base one of the heroines on a girl I had the hots for? Yeah, because I was into her and she inspired me to use her as a character model. And it was that fanfic that won me a scholarship to college. So obviously those in a higher learning setting did not feel it was something to be looked down upon. I didn’t finish the sequel til I was done with that degree, but I did finish it because I had another original story to tell in that world. Right after that I wrote my own first original IP novel, but after a round of agent rejections, I knew it wasn’t ready for prime time so I shelved it.


            Next I moved into the Tenchi fanfic world, which started with a dream I had. I woke up that morning inspired to tell my version of what a 3rd OAV would look like (this being years and years before they actually did it for real…god it was garbage) and within a week I was banging away at my keyboard. After that first story, I spawned an entire new cast of original characters that lived alongside the originals for as long as I was playing in that world, 5 short stories and a sequel novel.


            Never once was my voice hampered or stunted because I used pre-designed worlds as practice settings. All this time, since I was 12, I’d been reading sci-fi fantasy novels. I used Goodkind, Jordan, and Eddings as my templates for how I wanted to express myself through writing, because to me they were the best. Goodkind’s passion for his characters, his style of action. Jordan’s detail to the world. Eddings lovable and memorable characters. All of that influenced me both in good and bad ways. I both succeeded and stumbled trying to apply what I learned from their styles until I finally pieced together my voice. A lot of that took place bringing to life elements from old D&D campaigns and fusing them with borrowed elements from what I saw as a grander universe of IPs, that and I was forced to in some cases because I had to work with characters and story point of the people I was working with through out that series.


            3 months ago I restarted a full rewrite of one of my IPs, book 1 of 5 of a fantasy series I started back in 2002-2003. I am now 3 chapters away from finishing it, and it was not simply changing a few things here and there. I have rewritten it from page one using my current voice, which is the culmination of hard work and effort I have put in both in terms of working on original IPs, full on fanfics, and the works that had borrowed elements but were in a sense quite original. I never stole anyone else’s voice or their ideas to pass off as my own. I used it all my years of work as fuel to hone my art to the level I believe I am at now. I would not be where I am without following the path I did.


            You can say one should be old school like GRRM (who I personally think is a witless hack) and just make your own worlds, but many of us who started down this path to writing grew up in the age of the internet where we had  the ability to be exposed to all forms of stories and express our love for them. Fanficing can be an ugly thing. Hell, Fanfiction.net was a god damned sewer back in the day. But it can also be fun and educational and in some cases quite beautiful when the writer takes the material seriously and does it justice.


            Is it lazy for any author writing in the Forgotten Realms to create new characters in that setting, because titans like Ed Greenwood already laid so much of it all out for them before hand? I don’t think so. When it is boiled down, anyone who is granted an opportunity to write in a D&D setting, or Star Wars for that matter, are being paid to be a professional fanfic writer. It’s no different for anyone choosing to express themselves through unsanctioned online fanficing. They just get an official seal of approval from whomever currently owns the IP (fuck you Disney).


            I believe anyone and everyone should use all tools available to hone their craft. Fanfics are a tool that can also be fun.

            • #166975

              Ya, use what works for you. That’s always been my take on things. Most of my original story ideas come from seeing a popular IP done poorly and wanting to do my own take on that thing.

    • #166850

      I enjoy writing, love creating original stuff and fan fiction, in fact I have an Instagram account with over 300 posts dedicated to composing original storylines from mostly movies. Check it out here https://www.instagram.com/storylayoutdotcom/

    • #166870

      I have strongly believe that the Fandom Menace should be creating novels or graphic novels and maybe even comics, and then crowdfunding them and promoting them via YouTube, Twitter & this site to this fanbase, so we can be an answer to what we find wrong about Disney Star Wars specifically and other failed movie franchises in general.

      Much like comic book fans have been able to use the Comicsgate community to create and fund comic books, I believe the Fandom Menace can do and should do the same. TUG, Cecil, RGE and others have ZERO experience in the comic book industry, but due to the CG community they all have been able to crowdfund 6 figure campaigns.

      I will be posting something in this forum later on, to give a visual and a detailed explanatory example of how I think all writers, illustrators, animators, videomakers/YouTubers within the Fandom Menace can contribute to an individual and combine effort to turn the tides on the mainstream by encouraging them to change via providing a better alternative for fans.

      • #166880

        It’s good to see more interest in following the Comicsgate path to success. As I said yesterday, I believe a self sufficient vibrant community formed by all of us beginning to congregate here may be the way to success if the traditional route is being gate kept by SJWs. To quote Malin, we all grab an oar.


        I’m going to find out very soon, but I have a sinking feeling SJW agents are gate keeping in the literary world as much as the rest of the entertainment industry. I got that hint a few months ago when I watched some agent videos, and one of them went “The first thing I look for is diversity in characters when I read a manuscript.”


        The decent camera I’ve been eyeballing dropped from $79 to $38 last night, so I jumped on it in preparation to start a channel later this year. Now I will watch and wait for the mic I’m watching to drop as well. Then come the Fall I’ll be ready to go in the likely event I need to start my channel and start building a base.


        • #166926

          “diversity in characters” huh? Just goes to show that story and plot don’t matter to agents anymore. This does not bode well for me as I can only write about my white male experience.

          • #167238

            It is happening, my author friend calls it Message Fiction and not Science Fiction

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            • #167254

              Then I am glad I bought my new webcam last night.


              Here’s to us all coming together to fight against the woke agenda.

      • #167328

        dude, i totally agree. ive got an entire completed series just waiting on deck. (its that big stack of paper pictured above) its good for all ages, its not woke, its got great female characters without coming across like its forced or has an agenda of “Strong female character for the sake of strong female character.” I agree with so much of what the fandom menace stands for because my complaints are exactly the same.i’d love to share with the group if they’re interested and I fully support the fandom menace sponsoring/promoting original works

      • #167416

        i support this 100% and look forward to not only contributing but SUPPORTING this effort. btw, email is amberfragile@yahoo.com if you want to talk more.-A

    • #166922

      I’ve been writing since 5th grade. I am now 46. I do it mostly because the stories in my head pester me to be written. Although being published would be fantastic that’s not why I write. I am a slave to my muse. I have written two young adult novels, lots of short stories and novellas. Most of my writing ends up being novellas that beg to be turned into novels. I used to write straight up horror because my first and biggest influence is Stephen King. However, after reading “The Eyes of the Dragon” King inspired me to start writing fantasy as well. I am working on a gothic novella at the moment. I don’t spend the time working on my writing like I should. Being an adult really stinks. I used to write so much up until I graduated college. I won First Place in college for a poem and just recently was awarded First Place Fiction for a short story I wrote. I guess I can label myself “an award winning author.” :)

      I self-published a comedy entitled “The King’s Pajamas.” You can read/purchase it here. I have no reviews :( https://amzn.to/30XvM83

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      • This reply was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by blankceeece.
    • #167518

      Love to write!  Have been doing it for some time now.  I work on different projects from time to time covering a wide range of areas.

      It all started with D&D.  Writing my own campaigns by hand, worlds, towns, characters, plots, items, and a whole universe within a fantasy sci/fi setting.

      I love to write RPG style video game plots and stories.  I worked on old ASCII 16 bit RPG makers and editors.  Wrote on Never winter night mods and coded them myself using the tools provided in editor.  Warcraft mods, Starcraft mods.  You name it, I love to write about it.


      I have even been known to write some more far out stuff with conspiracy theory themed articles that have seen millions of views on places like ATS.

      I am a titled author on that site, but have never had anything professionally published yet.  Always been more of a hobby for me.

      I think with the right people I could collaborate with great results.  Reading goes hand in hand with that passion.

      I also write cooking recipes and considered doing a cooking show that was tongue in cheek, but still offered great knowledge.  Always looking to marriage the skills I have to tie into writing, and doing it to make a few people laugh or chuckle.

      So writing comedy and writing jokes is something I try to do when I am in the zone.  But sometimes when you try to hard to be funny it doesn’t come off right. Or the person that is telling the joke.  Timing is key with that.

    • #168503

      I write mainly Sci Fi and Horror with the odd ramble into the Fantasy genre. I’ve written and self published a handful of novels and some anthologies of short stories.
      This link is to a playlist I made up of some of my material being read by a guy who goes by the pseudonym Mister Brushface. He’s awesome and all should do him a subscribe. Check it out!
      Mister Brushface Productions Playlist 

    • #168511

      I’ve been thinking about using the Blogs to write stories too.  I hope more people use the Blogs to post new works such as stories, art, links to music and original animated shorts, etc.  I have a feeling Geeks and Gamers.com and sites like it could be the start of a cultural revolution in our entertainment.  It’s time to oppose the Woke agenda of Hollywood and gaming corporations.

      • #168538

        I’ve never tried to (write) fantasy, read the crap out of it, but for the life of me, I just can’t seem to be able to describe a damn sword fight.

        • #168622

          Then don’t :) give it an adjective or a simple real life sword name. “The Holy Short Sword”, “The Demon sword”, “The Dark Demon sword larger then the wielder. Engraved with intricate markings that glowed a deep red as if it was asking for more blood to feed it.”


          Just start off simple. doesn’t have to be perfect for your first draft. When you go over it, you can slowly add more descriptions or maybe even remove them.


          The trick is to just start. If you get stuck on a description just do something simple and move on. No need to be overly focused on it. It’s the story that matters :)


          Edit.. and for some reason I didn’t notice the “Fight” at the end of your post >_<…

          But the same thing applies. Just start off simple. As you go over it, add more detail. Movements, Thrusts, Parry, Slashes, and Dodges. Add some magical things if it’s a fantasy like “Plunged the sword in the ground cracking open the earth in front of them. Unsteading their opponent giving them an opening.” or something.

          Just skip it if it’s bogging you down or put in a quick place holder, then move on. :) You will fix it up when you go over it again.

          That fight scene in Starwars (the prequal ones), the script had just “Fight, fight, fight” for some of their fight scenes, instead of doing a proper one. It was the choreographer that made them look awesome.

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        • #168666

          I’ve never tried to (write) fantasy, read the crap out of it, but for the life of me, I just can’t seem to be able to describe a damn sword fight.


          Here’s the thing about choreographing a fight scene in fantasy, there are multiple ways to do it, and sometimes less is more. When I first started writing, I went blow for blow. I did fencing in high school, so I used that knowledge to help me. Problem is, as the years went on, I began to realize while the blow for blow was sorta fun, it did not always make for a good read.


          Let’s look at some of the top Fantasy authors and how they do it. There’s the Robert Jordan school of tell you it’s happening and show you nothing. I love Jordan, but he was lazy when it came to combat descriptions. He totally copped out by telling you how a fight was proceeding through the name of the stance…that was pretty much it. Some times, like with Mat, he’d give you a little more, but Jordan did not do fighting. Then you have guys like Terry Goodkind who give you the action, but no details on weapon techniques. So with him you are seeing the results and feeling the action, but you are not being privy to the nuts and bolts of the weapon swings.


          In the past few years I’ve reshaped my own combat choreography to a middle ground between these two. I’ve fully embraced the show don’t tell concept of combat choreography. I have massively dialed back my blow for blow style, choosing instead to paint a portrait of the combat. Yet if it is an intense fight, ie. an important one and not simply heroes cutting down redshirt mobs, I’ll dip in and out of the blow for blow so readers can feel the intensity of the combatants’ skill. I love weapons. I’ve been a sword freak my whole life, so I love a good duel. To me, duels (with or without swords) are a staple of good high fantasy.


          Fight scenes are an art form, and with all kinds of art there are different ways to do it. You have to both find what works for you, yet also find a form you are comfortable with that makes for a good read.

          • #175207

            I write really involved fight scenes as well.  But yeah too much detail can be a barrier to the reader that isn’t a martial artist or someone trained in fencing or HEMA.  My style involves more the overall strategy in the character’s head.. using that to convey their character (do they use brute force… flow around their opponent… stay on the defensive until the force an opening… and why do they fight like that?)

            What I used as a starting point was to pretend I was giving a WWF/WWE (sorry World Wildlife Fund… wrestling is still The WWF) style commentary while i watched the fight in my head.  Then added the opponent’s internal monologue.

            Also as @Timoburnham says below, having the stakes or motivations behind a fight makes it much more interesting.

        • #168747

          Because writing has no visual componenet, alot of what makes fights interesting is not the specific fighting itself. Having a character who has a strong motivation for attacking/fighting another will make the reader much more interested in the fight and the outcome. Generic hero having a blow by blow sword fight with orc number 304 is probabily going to be boring. But lets say your protagonist finds the man who killed his father and attacks the man in a rage. The other man regrets murder and reluctantly defends himself. The fight is now between a more skilled but reluctant fighter and a angry, sloppy one. This is a very basic example but I think you get the idea. What makes the fight interesting is the conflict happening outside of the fight itself.

    • #169366

      I wouldn’t mind writing a short story, it sounds like it would be fun.

      • #169448

        Go for it.

      • #169516

        Only thing stopping you is your self :)

        Not like it’s the 1700’s or something where writing materials are expensive. Good odds you carry one in your pocket every day :)

    • #169653

      I have written original stuff and fanfiction in the past. I haven’t written anything meaningful or extensive for the past year or so. I dunno why. I really should just stick to one of my books, get them edited, and self-publish to Amazon or Smashwords.

      • #169713

        I’m sure there’d be plenty of us who’d give it a read if you did.

    • #170821

      I wonder about the possibility of a critique group in the book forum? I don’t know how you would protect someones story or idea though. Having gone through a story idea getting stolen my self, It really sucks. But I do like the idea.

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      • #170936

        The reality of ideas, is that they are incredibly cheap. The part that take skill and hard work is the actual writing itself. I definitely wouldn’t worry about people stealing ideas.

      • #175203

        If there are enough authors on this site… i think its a great idea to set up a critique community.

      • #176702

        My professional advice is to not do this in public forums. Sadly, ideas are all we have as writers.

    • #172860

      A chance for you guys to submit your short stories

      Young Dragons

      • #172863

        Too bad I only have the “write novel length” setting, heh.

        • #172879

          A bit of  a problem lol. I found writing shorts between longer novels to be a nice change of pace.

          • #172891

            I tried once, for one of my sci-fi IPs….25k words later we were beyond short story. 21k for the next part.

            • #172897

              I can see that. The short stories write are usually more like the first chapter of a longer narrative. Actually writing something short that had a definitive ending is tough.

    • #175202

      I finished the first draft of my debut Epic Fantasy novel this past November.  I am currently going though a “beta-reader” stage before I do the second draft.  Already have books 2 and 3 of the trilogy plotted out (more or less).

      My main value proposition is having really involved fight scenes.  Fencing/swordfighting/Dueling is like a game a chess, planning out your strategy, move… counter-move etc.  I feel you need to see that.  On top of that they are great opportunities to show a character’s personality through their fighting style.

      I am still looking for a couple more beta-readers.  So if anyone is interested let me know.

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      • #175231

        Sounds interesting. I’d take a look at it but, at the moment I’m pretty busy. Don’t want to promise feedback when I can’t deliver.

        • #175320

          No worries.  After this round of readers and a round of re-writes I will need a second round.  Perhaps you can help then.  :)

      • #175242

        As one who supports a good detailed fight scene, there is a fine line giving the blow by blow.


        Just remember the old saying: Show don’t tell.


        Took me years to fully comprehend it and apply it successfully. It’s great to tell the reader what is going on in a duel, but it’s better to tell with the show, if you understand my meaning. Find a way to present your battle details without droning on about parries and reposts and blade flips. I was a fencer, so I understand the pull to do it.


        • #175322

          Yeah I get it.  There is also a spectrum of reader expectations when you do fights.  Some want it very detailed… some don’t give a #$%$ (one beta-reader told me that she just skips over fight scenes because she thinks they are all the same.. wth) and all points in between.  In some ways sword-fights are easier to write than hand to hand.  When I wrote a hand to hand scene I had to stop myself from saying “german suplex”, “jiujitsu guard position”, “north/south” vs. “east west” etc.  Most readers won’t have a clue what a “Rock bottom” (plus you don’t want Vince to sue) so you have to describe the actual move

      • #176377

        As a avid reader/writer I’d be happy to be a beta reader. I currently have 1 book published, and working on Part II.

        • #176404

          That would be great.  What would be the best way to send files to you?

    • #176405

      I’m an amateur writer too. Been self-publishing my own webcomic for over a decade, plus have been first reader for several of my writer friends. I’m told I’m decent at it, but never had the discipline to write daily until just recently. I’ve been getting into the habit of writing 1000+ words a day, which can be hard with a full-time job, but it’s enjoyable.


    • #176701

      I love writing. I studied literary creation at Mexico’s writers’ guild, Sogem.

    • #176709

      First drafts be like…if it bleeds we can kill it



      • #176879

        Damn, going old school.

        • #177525

          It’s the only way to really learn, in my opinion.

    • #177914

      I am halfway through writing a crime thriller novel that I am hoping to get published when I finish. I’ve been looking to find a good writing and book community, I’m glad others are interested in those things here.

    • #177929

      You know, I was never really that interested in crime/mystery novels all that much, one day in a thrift store I found a hard cover book containing three Phillip Marlow stories, the first being The Lady in the Lake. I figured what the heck and bought it on a lark, I started reading and couldn’t put it down, It was awesome. Same thing with the first Matt Helm book.

      • #177933

        I was the same way.  There were genres I thought I absolutely disliked, but it turned out I was picking up the wrong books. Sometimes it is just about finding an author you enjoy.

    • #177934

      I think there’s something about mysteries that really appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

    • #178427

      What writing sites, critique sites, or writing communities do all of you use? Have you found some better than others?

      • #178456

        Unless Geeksandgamers launches a writing hub for us, the only ones I can think of right now is Wattpad.

        Currently writing my first chapter there. Wattpad has been user-friendly so far. Still putting the site to the test, though.

    • #178454

      I started out making comics initially, but then decided to stop and move on to writing.

      Writing is easier for me than drawing comics, although friends suggested I make a graphic novel in order to combine the worlds of Words and Pictures.

      Here is my comic series which all of you can read for free: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/legend-of-curse-killer-other-unknown-fables/list?title_no=361766


      Meanwhile, I’m now writing the first draft of my novel’s Chapter I.

      Novel deals with themes of life, death, undeath and enlightenment. Here’s a preview of my novel’s main antihero character:


      I’ll keep y’all updated with my stories and when they’ll be ready. Need time to bring them to life.

      Writing stories is also a way for me to challenge the Narrative of the SJWs and vent out my frustration on them for abusing stories or characters we love.

      In essence, writing is my way to give the Middle Finger up the woke media’s bollocks whilst bringing back good ol’ fashioned storytelling.

      I get burned out sometimes but after finding out how many of you like to read, I feel extra motivated now. I may need all of your help in the future when SJWs try to censor my works.

    • #179534

      can I post my writing here, in the forum?

      • #179536

        There are no rules saying you cannot, but I would consider all the pros and cons of doing so. First, there is no dedicated Writing section in these forums. I believe some members use their blogs as a platform, so that is an option for you.

        Second, if you are posting your original IPs, consider the fact that you risk your ideas being stolen. I do not think, and I hope, that there are no literary thieves here, but you never know if unregistered passers by might steal something. SJWs are talentless hacks, and we know they are lurking watching these forums. They are not beyond stealing.

        Third, if you get to know people here and find you have confidence in their integrity, you could probably recruit pre-readers to help you in whatever fashion you need.


        Personally, I will not be posting my original IPs here, though I will likely in the future discuss and promote them, via these forums and a YT channel, should my next attempts at finding an agent fail. As talked about above, I believe that a legitimate path forward for new authors being Gate Kept from the industry lies in like minded people that appear to be gathering here to use the Comicsgate model of promotion and self publishing via Indie Go Go to get our work out there.

    • #179611

      well, it’s already done, I’m just fixing the grammar and spelling and wording and etcetera. and it’ll be up on Amazon again.

      some other people already know about it on other platform like Wapat, Webnovel, Tapas. (a first draft version you may say)

      I hope someone here would gave me some English grammar technical feedback.

      And I’ll be honest upfront, if somehow I could lure someone here into my fantasy world (preferably Jeremy, because he have a sizeable Youtube channel), i hope they would help me spread the word.

      sorry I’m desperate right now

      • #179636

        So far it’s good stuff

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    • #179995

      Posted a short story on my blog thing if anyone wants to check it out.

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