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    I’ve done some writing, yes. Here’s one story I’ve written.



    This is awesome!

    I’ve been watching Geeks and Gamers since 2017 due to the backlash from TLJ and joined the website to support Jeremy and his team.

    I scrolled down the forums to find this one and I can’t believe all the awesome people on it!

    I wrote at school until I left at 16 (I live in the UK and that’s when we leave) I was told that I will never be published as publishers don’t take on new work, it’s highly competitive, blah, blah, blah! So I dropped writing and pursued a life of martial arts until eight years ago when I started to work part time and wrote my first novel.

    Since then I have written six more and a tonne of short stories. My ideas have exploded to the point that I do not get writers block.

    I created a world that keeps expanding with every story, which is free from humans and therefore SJW/PC politics. I don’t have any published yet but want to do so on Kindle.

    After a lot of deliberating I feel that self publishing is the way. It’s more work, but I think the fact that we can keep creative control of our characters and worlds is the ultimate benefit that outweighs all the benefits that come with so called ‘traditional’ publishing.

    From what I’ve seen Jeremy and his team reveal on their videos it seems that if you are part of a woke company then you are forced to write the narrative they want you, even if it is against what you think and I couldn’t subject my characters and the world I created to that.

    What does everyone else think?


      Edit: wrong person


      BEYOND TOMORROWyeah i write a little bit.


        One of my pet peeves in stories is when the females are interchangeable and indistinguishable from the males.


        BEYOND TOMORROWyeah i write a little bit.


          So… When can we read it? XD


            I so agree with you both. Women are women they have their own strength and weaknesses, just as men do. It’s nothing that should be ashamed about. It’s what makes us… us :)


              Not necessarily they force people to write woke.. more like they find people that like to write that way, then higher them. Which is fine. Allow people to make what ever they want, the problem is.. they don’t higher people to write and make what the majority of their customers want, which will cost them money.


              The publishing route will have to be up to you. Which you feel would be best.

              You could try submitting it to traditional publishers to see how it would fare with them.

              Or self publish, or use some crowd funding. Might want to build up a fan base first with some social media. Here is a good place to start :) Make some blog posts on your writing and about the story. And other books you like. Make some youtube videos about it. And so on :) Feature other writers on your youtube stuff as well.


              Just spewing out ideas I’ve seen other do. Good luck on your publishing journey!


              I write in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. Therefore, quite often I will create female characters that are, for lack of a better term, quite uber: mega strength, powerful magic, highly skilled in combat, etc. I love all my female characters, because they are all unique and special. They are alive to me in how they behave in their own minds, and how they interact with other characters in a story. Depending on an arc or a moment, many woman will be center stage, because guess what SJWs….it’s their part of the story as a CHARACTER, not just because they are a woman.

              So you know what I don’t do? Put them on a pedestal, make them mary sues, or have them replace the men. They are still women with all the normal character strengths and weaknesses you would expect. I love women. Women are beautiful, but they are not interchangeable with men. Even my strongest female character, who I hope to one day introduce everyone to, who was born with full knowledge of her destiny and the power to achieve it is a universe far from perfect even though she’s treked all over it. As her personal arc moves through all my series, she reaches heights of power that are incredible, but do you also know what she goes through? Jealousy. Heart break. Desire. Depression. True Love. Heart shattering loss. She is a wife, a mother. The world threatens her children, and she threatens the world back.

              Make ’em strong. Make ’em earn it if it’s a heroine that fights the big battles. Don’t mary sue them or Abby Smash them.

              Women can be powerful when portrayed as women. They do not have to be men, take the place of men, or belittle men to be strong.


                if only I could give thumbs up >_>


                I bang out a few pages when I can, should have this morning, tbh.  One day, one day I’ll get this book finished.  One day.


                i’ve tried to contact Jeremy several times about me offering up a “twice weekly chapter reveal in which Geeks and Gamers peeps can get content for free. Ideally id release two chapters until its all done and once a book is finished, its available on amazon and print on demand or something. i keep trying to contact him but he’s got a lot on his plate and I also don’t want to come across like someone trying to jump his train. i want him to WANT to showcase it as a geeks and gamers exclusive. Its star wars/harry potter/ anime/ star trek/ halo/ the matrix and the odyssey all kinda rolled into one with NONE of the politics or “wokeness”. there’s strong male and female characters and the cast is half female anyway without coming across like its an agenda. i wrote it for my niece and she LOVES the characters, especially the one I made in her image. i could always email you some if you like and i’d love your support in bringing the “BEYOND TOMORROW”  saga to the masses. A


                you can do it! stay strong and keep knocking out pages


                I love to write. I first started writing back in 2007 in my freshman year of college. I’ve mainly stuck to fan-fiction, but I’ve had two poems published in an online magazine. I’ve got an idea for a novel (potentially a trilogy) that I’ve been kicking around for a number of years now. And although work is keeping me quite busy as of late, I’m using at least some of my free time to get back on the project and hopefully start up another draft of it at some point. I’m also looking at working on a short story that I’ll either post online or send out to that same magazine to publish if they want.

                I’m hoping to use my blog here to write about random things, be it movies, video games, anime, Godzilla, writing, or whatever. I’d like to get into some kind of habit of pushing out some kind of writing piece on a regular basis if possible.

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