An Among Us Animated Series is Coming

A Variety exclusive reveals that Owen Dennis (Infinity Train) and CBS Studios are working on an animated Among Us TV show. Under an overall exclusive deal with CBS, Dennis is the show’s creator and executive producer. Titmouse, the studio behind Big Mouth and Star Trek: Lower Decks, will animate the series. Here’s a synopsis of the game, if, like me, you’re somewhat unfamiliar:

“Members of your crew have been replaced by an alien shapeshifter intent on causing confusion, sabotaging the ship, and killing everyone. Root out the ‘Impostor’ or fall victim to its murderous designs.”

I don’t know much about Among Us, aside from the memes that were everywhere a few years ago. On that note, I’m not sure why they waited so long to make this. The game came out in 2018, and it was huge at that time, but you never hear about it anymore. My only interest in this is Dennis’ involvement, as I absolutely loved Infinity Train and Regular Show, which he wrote for prior to creating the former. For that reason alone, I’ll probably check this out. 

Among Us series

But what do you think? Did you play and like Among Us? Will it even make a good TV show? Let us know in the comments! 

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