An Interview With Alex Stein

I sat down and chatted with Alex Stein!

BlabberingCollector: How did you meet Jeremy from Geeks + Gamers?

Alex: The first time I met Jeremy was on Friday Night Tights, I believe. I mean, I had obviously seen him, I had seen his content, but that was the first time I ever got to meet him and introduce myself digitally. The first time I ever met him in person was in Orlando, Florida, at Universal Studios a few weeks back.

BC: What made you decide to speak out on politics?

A: Well, honestly, I’m kind of apolitical, and I really considered myself not even super conservative, but the reason I started to speak on politics is because I’m a conspiracy theorist. It wasn’t my desire to become political, really. I’m into Alex Jones, and Alex Jones considered himself a populist more than a conservative, and I think I’m the same way. When you’re a populist, you think stuff from both sides. I do believe we should have some sort of socialized medicine, and I think these pharmaceutical companies can really price gouge the American citizens – that is why the price of insulin in the USA is, like, $200, but is $7 in Mexico. But I tend to lean more conservative because I want less government [involvement] in our everyday decisions. I guess I got political in the sense that I want to be anti-political, and I’m anti-establishment. In order to fight the power, you kind of have to know the power, I guess.

BC: Do you consider yourself more a comedian or a political activist?

A: I would say I’m neither. I’m a performance artist… like Andy Kaufman. I can publicly speak; I like going to city council meetings and stuff. Being a comedian is part of what I do, but I’m even more than that.

BC: Do you have any regrets about becoming a performance artist? As someone who is in the news?

A: Causing a lot of controversy? Nah, not really. Do I have any regrets about it? No. I’m an attention whore, and I want people to watch my podcast. I want people to know who I am, and I want to try to buck the system. My dad doesn’t necessarily like all the attention that he gets for being my dad. My mom recently passed away, and I miss my mom. She was my biggest fan. Regrets, though? No, I wish I had planned to do it earlier.

BC: Did you plan on running into AOC when you filmed that viral video?

A: Well, kind of, yeah! I planned on running into her and Ilhan Omar and just whoever else was there. AOC was number one on my list. I wanted to call her a “big-booty Latina.” I had planned that out because she always talks about how everyone sexualized her. “Oh, people don’t like me because they want to date me.” But I was like, if I see her, I’m going to call her a “big-booty Latina.” I’m going to call her out and actually [sexualize] her. Because listen, I’ve gone in the face of a bunch of politicians, and normally, they just disregard you; most politicians brush you aside. So, in order to provoke a response, I had to have some unorthodox, peculiar thing to say to her, kind of like what Stuttering John would do. That’s what I did; I wanted to ask her something and be really nice, hoping to get a response. I had no idea that she would make 10 Instagram stories, then [make] an Instagram survey, and then go to multiple media outlets to complain about me. It was a home run in my book.

BC: Was her response as performative as your question, or do you think it was genuine?

A: At first, she was staging it a little bit, like tongue and cheek. I didn’t say anything bad. Her fiancé was right there; he didn’t say anything, so I didn’t say anything that would even invoke a response from him. I think, at first, [it was], “He’s just joking, and he is a nobody.” And then, when I had a little decent Twitter following, and I worked with The Blaze, and I was kind of a somebody – I wasn’t a Joe Blow on the street – she changed her whole tune because she tried to expose me. Her entire demeanor changed because her revisionist history is “juicy ass.” I didn’t say “ass,” and she wanted to play the victim, which is typical of what they do. She wants to be the victim in order to gain sympathy from her followers. It’s hard to sympathize with someone who was a bartender a few years ago and is now a multimillionaire.

BC: Yes, that’s true. Were you relieved to see she was wearing a mask?

A: Well, it’s funny you should say that because the mask was obviously political theater because as soon as she walked into the Capitol, she stood outside for a while and took the mask off and was taking all those selfies with the mask off. And at the same time, there was a TMZ reporter there, a guy with his camera from TMZ, and I ended up getting into an argument with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tipped TMZ off, trying to get some political points because this is at the time where cases were surging a little bit, where she [wanted] to wear a mask to make it look like she is virtue signaling. As soon as that virtue signaling was thrown out the door and there was an opportunity to replace it, she ripped the mask off, and she was outside! She was the only one wearing a mask; the rest of her crew wasn’t.

BC:  If you asked a female member of congress to make you a sandwich, who would you ask, and what kind of sandwich would it be?

A: Okay, if I had to ask anybody, it would be Ayanna Pressley; she knows how to make a mean sandwich, I’m sure! Plus, she doesn’t have any hair, so there wouldn’t be any hair in the sandwich, and that would be very sanitary! I don’t eat meat, so I would want a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup!

BC: How do you deal with the stress of the internet and the haters?

A: Oh, I kind of like the haters! Of course, there are people who say stuff on the internet that makes you go, “Oh, man, this is disgusting!” But honestly, and this could change, but for every hateful message I get, I get, like, five messages saying, “It’s hilarious.” So that ratio helps keep me going, but at the same time, I know I’m the villain, so I don’t expect people to like it. Some of the messages I get are like, “Oh, you’re gay,” “Oh, you have cats!” Who cares if they call me gay and [say] that I have cats? The messages that bug me the most are when they talk about my dead mom.

BC: Oh, that’s awful!

A:  I know! See, those are awful, but other than that, I don’t care! But the ones that are like, “Oh, your mom is so good, she’s dead,” I’m like, okay, this person really doesn’t know the pain [of losing] someone you love most in the world! I’m almost kinda sympathetic to them because they don’t have the perspective.

BC: Do you have jokes lined up for different people in case you run into them?

A: Well, yeah! I go after both the right and the left.

BC: Can you rank the congressional asses?

A: Oh my God, yeah, I can rate them! Number one is Marjorie Taylor Greene because she is my girl and she works out! I love her the most, and she is a friend of mine. And then number two… I’m going to have to go with my girl AOC; like, we have to do it! And then number three is Cori Bush because she has what we call in Texas that “honky tonk badonkadonk.” Four, Rand Paul…? No, he is a senator. Top three for sure are MTG, AOC, and Cori Bush.

BC: What kinds of entertainment do you like?

A: You know, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I used to watch a ton of it, but now I watch YouTube. I hate the regular TV, and I have YouTube Premium. So I go into some weird rabbit holes. Last night, I was watching some Ali G, a lot of conspiracy stuff. I don’t watch a lot of mainstream stuff, like all the Geeks + Gamers stuff; I’m out of the loop. I read articles about it; I heard how Batgirl is a total failure and won’t be released. But I don’t really watch Netflix. I like old shows like The Office, which everyone likes, or like Sunny In Philadelphia. My favorite movies are, like, Black Sheep. Yeah, I don’t watch a lot of the newer stuff. I really need to, actually, but I get into these rabbit holes on YouTube.

BC: Growing up, what was your favorite IP?

A: Honestly, Ghostbusters was my favorite! I had every Ghostbusters thing possible, the full outfit. I loved it as a kid. I barely watched sci-fi. I mean, I’ve obviously seen Star Wars. I watched a lot of sitcoms but not a lot of fantasy stuff.

BC: You even liked Ghostbusters 2?

A: Oh, I love all the Ghostbusters with Bill Murray! I didn’t like the 2016 one. I liked a lot of the actresses in that film; I love Tina Fey! But I didn’t like the movie.

BC: Do you like to read comics?

A: No. I read Mad Magazine, but that doesn’t count as a comic.

BC: Do you have anything to say to your audience?

A: I have a lot to say to my audience! You guys need to watch me more! You need to adore me more and give me more attention! Nah, I’m kidding! On a serious note, I am not a role model; you should do the opposite of me. There can only be one of me, like Highlander. Do not try to cause trouble just for trouble’s sake.

When you asked me if I regret anything, well, not yet! But I can tell in the future when I get bigger, more people will come after me. I have an attorney now, but I am worried about future legal battles. Not that I would lose, but because people would sue me for defamation because they didn’t like what I said. So to add on to your question from before, I’m only worried about future lawsuits.

Guys, I ate paint chips as a baby. I’m not a role model! Be better than me! I was dropped on my head!

Speed Round

BC: Favorite film?

A: Kingpin with Woody Harrelson.

BC: Do you play video games? What’s your favorite game?

A: Well, Madden NFL 07!

BC: Hogwarts house?

A: Oh, Slytherin. I’m the villain!

BC: What music do you listen to?

A: Techno, country; I am Prime Time, so I would have to say rap.

BC: Lightsaber color?

A: Blue.

BC: Running a mile or grocery shopping?

A: Grocery shopping, duh!

BC: Hot or cold?

A: Oh man, I mean hoooottt. I want to say cold, but hotttt!

BC: Favorite destination?

A: Gosh, I want to say NYC, but I think it’s Florida.

BC: Narnia or the Shire?

A: Narnia, come on!

BC: Rain or snow?

A: Rain. I’m only happy when it rains.

BC: Favorite sports team?

A: Dallas Cowboys, even though they suck! They are my favorite.

Questions From Twitter

Twitter: Favorite color?

Alex: I think I would have to go back with the blue. But I like white cars.

T: What is your favorite conspiracy, and could you break down the truth?


T: How can anyone just eat ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise straight from the pack?

A: Oh, cuz I’m a freak! And if anyone really knows, that is just Remoulade! It’s, like, a Cajun sauce for a shrimp po’boy! It’s got all those ingredients in it. It’s not that bad, and I’m a freak. I’m a dog. My parents got divorced when I was young, and they fought for custody [of] the family dog more than they fought for custody of me. So, I went wherever the dog went. I was raised by the dog more than my two parents. He would eat anything, and so would I!

BC: But wasn’t it really hot? I mean, it was out in the sun all day; it can’t be good for you!

A: That’s what I said; I like it hot hot hot! And it makes it a little more watery; it makes the consistency easier to get down.

BC: *Disgusted* That’s true.

T: Tacos only on Tuesday or anytime?

A: Anytime! I’m in Texas; I’m a taco freak!

T: Is your hair real?

A: Oh my God, I know! People think it’s a wig because… listen, I don’t even like to admit this, but this started about four months ago. I bought these thinning shears, and I just cut it myself! And I just get the thinning shears and cut it, and then I get someone to cut my neck. It’s really weird. I can’t believe I cut my own hair now, but it gets really annoying because I think they cut it too short. But it’s real; it’s all real. 100% me, baby!

T: Where are all the big-booty Latinas? Did AOC slide into your DMs yet?


T: Do you want @Drunk3po to return your costume?

A: I do need that! I guess I’ll get it in October; we shall see. He needs to wear it a little more, though. It looks good. It’s very flattering on him. His facial structure looks good, the hairdo. He doesn’t have to return it, but I think I’m going to see him in October, so if he has it then, maybe I’ll put it on!

T: Favorite cheese?

A: Swiss because it has all those holes in it! I love Swiss. I’m a Swiss freak.

T: Why do you think harassing protesters is a good idea, and why do you think that makes you different from people you claim to be against?


T: What would be your first order as President?

A: Oh, I would de-fund the FBI and CIA. They would be out of business ASAP. They are being weaponized against the American people. We don’t need them! And lower taxes. Bring a lot of the military bases back to America, and use our military for stuff here that actually benefits the American people. De-funding the FBI and CIA would be the first order of business.

Thank you for your time, Alex! You can find Alex Stein on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!

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August 12, 2022 at 4:11 am

He’s funny. Great activist. Makes it enjoyable.

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