Doctor Who Trolls Fans with Cringe Multi-Platform “Doom’s Day” Announcement

After all the damage done to the Doctor Who franchise and the fanbase’s investment, the fans need to be wooed back. However, the decisions made by Russel T. Davies and his new regime have done nothing to do that. No substantial effort has been made to rehabilitate the audience’s love for Doctor Who. Now, an announcement that was heralded as one of the most important developments in months has been released, and it not only harms the audiences’ interest in the franchise going forward, but if anything can be called anti-wooing, this announcement would qualify.

On Sunday, a cryptic message was released across several Doctor Who and studio social media accounts featuring a ticking clock counting down to 11, teasing massive news to be released the following day. Interviews, social media posts, and leaks all called this announcement an essential, must-see reveal that would shape the future of the franchise. With the clock ending at 11, many fans speculated that this announcement would include the return of the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. Also, the clock was labeled with the caption, “Tomorrow. Doom’s Day is coming.Doom’s Day carries a striking resemblance to the title of Rose’s final episode as the series companion, “Doomsday,” causing fans to speculate that this announcement could relate to Rose in some way. For how much this announcement was pushed, only such massive news could live up to the hype.

Once the audience was primed and ready for game-changing news, Doctor Who dropped the biggest troll in franchise history. The “exciting” news was the announcement of a multi-platform story, like Star Wars’ High Republic, which will follow the story of the universe’s greatest assassin, named Doom, getting hunted by death itself and with only a day to find the Doctor to survive. What made this announcement all the worse was the utter and unbearable cringe of both the delivery of the actress in the announcement video and how the footage was shot. Enraged fans who were looking forward to this announcement took to Twitter, filling the comments of the announcements with their utter displeasure at such a troll. If Doom’s Day is the standard for what’s to come, then this franchise is well and truly dead.

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