Jeremy and Drew Hernandez Eviscerate Kenobi

The powerhouses of Jeremy Prime and Drew Hernandez have once again joined forces to thoroughly eviscerate the monstrosity known as Disney’s Kenobi, tearing down this canon-destroying abomination with all the ferocity and gusto for which they are both known. All of the show’s flaws are thoroughly explored and broken down in this detailed review of Disney’s latest woke disaster. No stone is left unturned, no unsubtle or overbearing message is ignored, and no destruction of classic characters is left un-ridiculed. No cheap nostalgia or unabashed key-jangling will keep these two from exposing the countless flaws of Kenobi, each born from the all-consuming and corrosive wokeness which has overtaken Disney for so long now. Check out this in-depth breakdown on Turning Point USA’s YouTube channel, where Jeremy Prime and Drew Hernandez give their thoughts on this horrific show.

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