Katee Sackhoff Talks Bo-Katan, Darksaber and More

This Wednesday, Deadline published an interview with Katee Sackhoff about her Star Wars character, Bo-Katan Kryze. In it, they discuss what Bo wants at this point, the Darksaber, and whether she may appear in Ahsoka. Check out an excerpt here:

DEADLINE: Going back to the first episode of this season — why isn’t she fighting for the darksaber? When we first saw her introduced in Season 2, she wants that sword, and she begins this season in this cynicism.

KATEE SACKHOFF: We have to go back to see why she’s doing what she’s doing. This is a person who has fought, fought against her own people. She’s fought forever and she realizes that doesn’t work. You can’t continue to fight amongst yourselves. I think with Din — I don’t know if I’ll go as far as to say that she respects and trusts him — but she doesn’t not. He’s done nothing. If [he] didn’t have the darksaber, he’s done nothing that would make him her enemy. I think that is her problem is that she realizes that she’s not going to fight her people anymore. She’s not going to fight someone who she doesn’t have a reason to fight. Every single possibility, every place that she’s at right now, every direction she’s done before didn’t work before. That’s what she’s trying to figure out.

Katee Sackhoff Bo-Katan

Then, the author remarks that Bo-Katan was in the same situation in the beginning of season 2. Sackhoff replies: 

SACKHOFF: She was and she wasn’t. At that point, she was trying to get the darksaber from an enemy. It’s easier to fight an enemy for something than it is to fight somebody you actually have respect for or has done nothing to upset you. That’s where she’s at. We have to go back to the responsibility and the guilt that she feels for the death of Satine [Bo-Katan’s sister]. That is weighing on her as well. There is a part of Bo in a way trying to right the wrong, atone for that guilt.

DEADLINE: Is Bo-Katan going to be in Ahsoka?

SACKHOFF: (Laughs) I can’t reveal anything. But, no, as of right now I’m not in Ahsoka.

There’s a lot to unpack here, and I didn’t even cite the whole interview. If you’re interested, I recommend the entire thing. My main points of interest are Ahsoka, the Darksaber, and what Sackhoff says about Satine Kryze. I think it could go either way on Bo appearing in Ahsoka. The two characters have a history, and you could justify Bo-Katan appearing at some point. She also has a connection t0 Sabine Wren, Ahsoka’s ostensible co-lead. I don’t think Bo would be interested in Ezra’s fate or even Grand Admiral Thrawn, but maybe she’ll help her old friends. I don’t think that’s necessary, though, and you don’t want to risk over-using these characters. 

Katee Sackhoff Bo-Katan

I am shocked that Bo-Katan has evidently given up the quest for the Darksaber, realizing the folly of her own cycle of violence. This ties into what Sackhoff says about Satine, which I’ve been impatiently waiting to hear/see. It’s impossible to overstate the fact that Bo-Katan’s actions led to her sister’s murder, albeit inadvertently. I can’t believe how little this has been addressed! Bo looked sad when helping Obi-Wan escape in The Clone Wars and accepted the Darksaber from Sabine in her sister’s name in Rebels. Aside from those instances, she seems to blame Obi-Wan more than herself. This makes no sense as he tried to protect the Duchess at every turn while Bo was a leading member of a terrorist group opposing the Duchess’ rule. I understand she didn’t want her sister to die, but what did she expect? She and Pre Vizsla peacefully unseat her sister, rule together with her blessing, and everything is fine? I’ve been waiting to see this almost as much as Ahsoka and Sabine finding Ezra. I really hope this means Bo will discuss this further like she did her father in this week’s episode

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