Patty Jenkins Speaks About Wonder Woman 3

Patty Jenkins has spoken about her break with DC Studios. It was recently revealed that Jenkins, who directed and co-wrote Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, would not return for another film starring the comic book icon when her script for Wonder Woman 3 was rejected. While initial reports said that she was fired, The Wrap and Deadline said that sources told them Jenkins left of her own accord amid a flurry of insults and a tantrum to rival the angriest of bridezillas. Well, Jenkins tells it a bit differently:

So, according to her, Jenkins was led to believe “there was nothing [she] could do to move anything forward.” This looks very carefully worded to me. It still sounds like she was the one who left, as opposed to being fired. She says it was “her understanding” that nothing could go forward with her; that indicates that she chose to leave under those circumstances. People seem to be interpreting this as a complete refutation, and while she’s definitely saying she didn’t act like an entitled diva the way the previous reports said she did, this doesn’t amount to “fired.”

For his part, James Gunn responded to her tweet with this:

Again, this is not a refutation of her choosing to leave. So, what’s really going on here? Clearly, Jenkins is trying to save face; whether or not she actually did behave poorly, that’s the impression people have, and she wisely wants to rectify that. Gunn’s supportive comment is limited to his and Peter Safran’s interactions with Jenkins, which suggests that he doesn’t know – at least first-hand – what happened between her and Warner Bros. Picture Group CEOs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy. So, either this is on the level, and Jenkins’ exit was exaggerated by entertainment media (or their sources), or Jenkins is making the situation sound rosier than it was, and Gunn is covering for her. Either way, this is the right move for all involved; Jenkins needs to get ahead of this, and Gunn and the rest at DC/WB would look petty if they tried to stop her.

Jenkins also says the Rogue Squadron is in active development and that the delay was because of her commitment to Wonder Woman 3, although she stipulates that this doesn’t mean it’ll get made. Part of me initially wondered if this was more spin to mitigate what looks like a career in a tailspin, but she says Lucasfilm drew up a new contract with her; that’s a big claim to make if it can be refuted by Lucasfilm and Disney. The bit about it maybe not happening is likely; insofar as Star Wars, Lucasfilm doesn’t have much going on outside of some nebulous film projects, and Rian Johnson also insists his trilogy is still on track. As usual, we can’t know anything for sure, but it’s fun to speculate; it’s like reality TV for movie fans.

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