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REVIEW: Renfield (2023)

The best thing you can say about Renfield is, “At least it’s short.” The catch-22 is that it could have used more time to flesh out its characters, develop its plot, and attempt to make you care about anything that’s happening. But when you sit through ninety minutes of an ineptly directed ...

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Little Mermaid Trailer Finds its Legs

Disney dropped the first full trailer for The Little Mermaid remake last night during the Oscars telecast. Check it out here: This isn’t saying much, but this is the best the movie has looked yet. I think Melissa McCarthy is hamming it up way too much as Ursula, and I don’t like Awkwafi...

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Renfield Trailer Sneaks Out of its Coffin

Universal is putting a new spin on a familiar story. Earlier today, the studio released a trailer for Renfield, a horror-comedy-action mishmash about the unwitting servant of Dracula. Based on the trailer and a vague Wikipedia plot synopsis, Renfield centers on the titular character from the Dracula...

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Little Mermaid Remake Gets a Release Date

This Friday, Disney officially announced that their live-action Little Mermaid remake will be released theatrically on May 26th, 2023. The film stars Halle Bailey in the titular role, with Melissa McCarthy, Daveed Diggs, Jonah Hauer-King, Jacob Tremblay, Awkwafina, and Javier Bardem rounding out t...

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REVIEW: The Bad Guys (2022)

I didn’t know The Bad Guys existed until I saw its theatrical trailer, but I knew right away I had to see it. Over the years, I’ve gone from a DreamWorks hater to a reluctant, cautious fan of their work. The Bad Guys looked like the kind of wacky, inventive story this studio excels a...

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The Bad Guys Trailer Seeks Redemption

DreamWorks Animation and Universal have released a new trailer for The Bad Guys, an upcoming animated comedy about a gang of villains who turn over a new leaf. At least they pretend to do so in a bid to maintain their criminal activities. The film sports an all-star cast featuring the talents of Sa...

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