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G+G Tabletop Announces TWO New Shows!

Geeks + Gamers Tabletop has just recently announced two new shows following the epic conclusion of season one of “Advanced Geeks + Gamers”! The first show will be season two of “Advanced Geeks + Gamers.” It will be very similar to season one, with some returning faces and som...

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Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 Teaser is Out for Revenge

Stranger Things: Season 4 Part 1 has been slightly criticized for its pace and long-running setup but is universally considered far superior to any Stranger Things season since the first. Despite its minor flaws, season 4 exploded in popularity, reaching the stratosphere as the top television franch...

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REVIEW: Stranger Things – Season 4 Part 1

In the three years since Stranger Things season 3 aired, interest in this Netflix series has waned in parallel to the waning quality of the series since season 1. Continuing that trend, the recent release of Stranger Things season 4 part 1 has been met with an altogether underwhelming response from ...

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REVIEW: The Legend of Vox Machina Season 1 (2022)

Amazon Prime is probably one of my least favorite and least-watched streaming services, generally speaking. I’ve enjoyed The Boys so far, but they also release things like last year’s Wheel of Time and the upcoming Rings of Power. I try not to judge things too harshly before I’...

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Interviewing Erudi, Dungeon Master of Geeks + Gamers

I recently sat down with Erudi, Lead Dungeon Master (DM) and Geeks + Gamers Tabletop runner and pestered him with questions. Blabbering Collector: When and how did you get into Tabletop? Erudi: Back in middle school… it’s kind of a mean story – a little bit. A friend of mine had gotten...

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