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Entertainment Media Attacks Nerdrotic, The Critical Drinker, and Fans in General Over The Acolyte

The entertainment media is taking up defensive positions around The Acolyte, and they’re coming for anyone who doesn’t like it… which appears to be pretty much everyone outside of the entertainment media. Looper targeted Nerdrotic and the Critical Drinker in a video which has since been taken ...

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Kathleen Kennedy Attacks Male Star Wars Fans

Frustration must be seeping in because Hollywood is now flat-out telling fans how much they hate them. In a The New York Times article about the upcoming Star Wars TV show The Acolyte (via Variety due to the paywall), Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy discussed the hostility towards The Acolyt...

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Fallout and Hollywood’s Slowly Shifting Attitude Towards Fans

That new Fallout show appears to be a pleasant surprise for fans of the video games. It’s got good audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, and the Critical Drinker seems to like it (I haven’t watched his video yet because I haven’t seen the show; I never played the games, but Walton Gogg...

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Daisy Ridley: Star Wars Fan Racism “Blown Out of Proportion”

On the hype trail for Sometimes I Think About Dying, Daisy Ridley told NBC News that not all may be as it seems within the “toxic” Star Wars fanbase. She also reacts to the response to Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and her comments from a few years back. Check out what Ridley had to say here: “I thi...

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Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is a Bomb and It’s Your Fault

If the coffin containing Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny needed a final nail, this weekend was it. After a disastrous opening weekend and losing the Fourth of July box office to Sound of Freedom, it also dropped from first place in its second weekend of release, losing to Insidious: The Red Do...

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James Gunn Fires Back at Fans

Remember Tom Cruise’s gracious thank-you to fans from, like, thirty seconds ago? James Gunn decided to remind us why we need to relish that man and his attitude. In the wake of Henry Cavill’s dismissal from playing Superman, a lot of DC fans were less than thrilled, and they made their feelings ...

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