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Raylan Givens Will Return in Justified: City Primeval

Almost ten months ago, we learned through Variety that the producers of Justified were developing a series based on Elmore Leonard’s novel City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit for FX. Furthermore, they wanted to bring back Justified’s hero, Raylan Givens, to be played again by Timothy Olyphant, e...

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REVIEW: American Crime Story: Impeachment – Episode 10, “The Wilderness”

*SPOILERS*  In “The Wilderness,” Monica lands a book deal to pay off her lawyers. Ken Starr’s report is delivered to the steps of Congress. The report is also posted online for the reading pleasure of Ann Coulter. Contrary to Bill Clinton’s advisors’ claims, the Republicans begin drafting...

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REVIEW: American Crime Story: Impeachment – Episode 9 “The Grand Jury”

*SPOILERS* “The Grand Jury” finds Linda obsessively following her media coverage. Allison goes to Linda’s hotel room and asks her to come home; Linda declines. Monica prepares for her testimony, and her mother remarks that it’s unfair that she has to go to the courthouse after the President ...

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REVIEW: American Crime Story: Impeachment – Episode 8, “Stand By Your Man”

*SPOILERS* “Stand By Your Man” follows Hillary Clinton as Bill and his advisors ambush her with plans of a joint TV interview. The interview is a huge success in boosting Bill’s approval after news breaks of his affair with Gennifer Flowers. However, it hurts Hillary’s image ...

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REVIEW: American Horror Story Season 10: Double Feature Episodes 9 and 10, “Blue Moon” and “The Future Perfect”

*SPOILERS* “Blue Moon” finds President Eisenhower in negotiations with the aliens to sign a new treaty. While he’s reluctant at first, they threaten to kill his possessed wife, and he acquiesces. Valiant Thor (Cody Fern) arrives to “process” the harvest and provide the ...

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REVIEW: American Crime Story: Impeachment – Episode 7, “The Assassination of Monica Lewinsky”

*SPOILERS* “The Assassination of Monica Lewinsky” opens with Paula Jones and Bill Clinton’s second deposition. President Clinton emphatically denies ever having harassed Mrs. Jones and having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. Monica and her mother meet with Monica’s lawyer, and...

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