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James Gunn Announces First Slate of DC Projects

After almost three months of waiting and speculating, James Gunn has finally given us a peek behind the DC curtain. Gunn, who was named co-CEO of the newly formed DC Studios with Peter Safran, shared a video where he talked about the first ten movies and TV shows of the upcoming DC film universe, wh...

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HBO Max Green Lantern Series Being Reworked

The DC shake-ups are reaching into outer space. According to an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter, the HBO Max series Green Lantern is being reworked. Formerly, the show was to center on Guy Gardner and Alan Scott, played respectively by Finn Wittrock and Jeremy Irvine, and would involve many ot...

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Which DC Movies are Safe?

David Zaslav’s DC shake-up is catching those working on the films off-guard. After shelving Batgirl and Supergirl (the latter hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it’s most likely gone), The Hollywood Reporter’s insiders tell them that there is an unease among those in the DC film divis...

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REVIEW: Young Justice Season 4: Phantoms Episode 21, “Odyssey of Death!”

**SPOILERS** “Odyssey of Death” finds Madame Xanadu in the swamp, trying to make contact with a spirit for Zatanna, but it’s to no avail. Zatanna asks her father the same thing, and he says he’s still trying to get Nabu to cooperate. Meanwhile, in New Genesis, Metron and the ...

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REVIEW: Young Justice – Season 4: Phantoms, Episode 19, “Encounter Upon the Razor’s Edge!”

*SPOILERS* “Encounter Upon the Razor’s Edge!” finds the Legion of Superheroes yet again trying to set the timeline right. Bart demands information if they want his help. Meanwhile, M’comm offers Lor-Zod the same ultimatum. Two Green Lanterns receive a distress call and follow...

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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League First In-Game Footage Revealed | DC FanDome

The very first in-engine trailer of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was revealed at today’s DC FanDome. More than a year has passed since the first trailer for the game developed by Rocksteady Studios, famous for their Batman: Arkham series. This trailer reveals the inclusion of Justice Lea...

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