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Warner Bros. Removes Green Lantern Cameo from Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Wayne T. Carr, the actor who would have portrayed John Stewart’s Green Lantern in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, revealed his cameo was cut from the movie. Warner Bros. is finding it difficult to stay out of controversy since the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League less than two...

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Zack Snyder Teases Green Lantern and Jonathan Kent

We have some more insight into what fans can expect when the Snyder Cut of Justice League comes to HBO Max. Recently on Vero, the divisive director teased fans about the possibility of seeing more of the Green Lantern Corps and a potential cameo from Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent. Snyder also conf...

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DC FanDome Hints at Secret DC Movies

Turn on the Bat Signal because DC fans are in for a surprise. On the DC Fandome page, there’s an option to submit questions for the various panels. What caught my eye, however, was that they are having presentations for not one but two secret DC movies. While those two options are conspicuously ab...

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Michael Jai White Wants to Play John Stewart

A former Hellspawn is ready to take the oath. In a video he posted on Instagram, Michael Jai White responded to a question asking what Marvel or DC character he’d like to play, to which he replied that he’d choose John Stewart, aka the Green Lantern, as that’s what his fans want. This ...

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Greg Berlanti Developing Green Lantern Series for HBO Max

Deadline reports that Arrowverse architect and Green Lantern co-writer Greg Berlanti will be developing a TV adaptation of the iconic ring-wielding hero Green Lantern set to air on HBO max. The only thing we know about the project is that the series will take place in space. While that isn’t exact...

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DC’s New Relaunch And What It Means

There have been rumblings in the comic book world that DC’s universe is heading for another Crisis-level event. This has been apparent to readers of the current ongoing Justice League, The Flash, Superman, and, most recently, Flash Forward. Without doing a massive anthological recap of Scott S...

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