Sam Raimi is Not Making Another Spider-Man Movie

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man universe is not coming back. I never thought that rumor was likely to be true, but Raimi himself has confirmed that he isn’t developing a fourth film in his series, which starred Tobey Maguire as Spidey and encompassed Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3. In an interview with CBR at WonderCon over the weekend, he dispelled the rumors he’s been reading on the internet. You can see his answer below:

That’s as definitive as you’re going to get from someone trying to be as hopeful and diplomatic as possible. Not that I’m doubting what he said; I’m sure Raimi did love those Spider-Man movies, especially No Way Home. And he’s right; Marvel and Sony are having a tremendous amount of success with Tom Holland’s Spidey, with a fourth solo film gearing up and the likelihood of Spider-Man playing a big part in the upcoming Avengers movies. They’re not going to want to dilute that with Tobey Maguire and/or Andrew Garfield having their own competing series of Spider-Man films. No Way Home was great, and Tobey and Andrew were fantastic in it, but that’s as far as Marvel is likely to take it with alternate versions of Peter Parker. And that’s good; even as a consumer, you don’t want the film market to be over-saturated with Spider-Man and make audiences tire of him. Additionally, there are rumors that Marvel wants Raimi’s focus elsewhere – like directing Avengers: Secret Wars and whatever they end up calling The Kang Dynasty, which is another (much more believable) rumor floating around. That would be very cool, and in that sense, he would get to make another movie or two with Spider-Man in one of the lead roles; if they keep going with the multiverse, he could even pull Tobey Maguire back in for another adventure. But I think Sam Raimi is done with solo Spidey movies.

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April 3, 2024 at 6:15 am

Must be one heck of a paycheck. I’m surprised he isn’t running fast and furiously from the M-SHE-U

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