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REVIEW: It: Chapter Two (2019)

I was a huge fan of the 2017 It adaptation when it released (it was one of my favorites of 2017). What Andy Muschietti managed to do with that film is outstanding in my eyes, and when those credits rolled and the title card : IT CHAPTER 1 came up, I cheered because we were …

Comic-Con 2019: His Dark Materials Trailer Debuts Online

Daemons are on their way back to the screen as the first full trailer for HBO and BBC’s fantasy show His Dark Materials (based on the series of books by Philip Pullman) has hit the web courtesy of Comic-Con this weekend. Check out the His Dark Materials trailer below: The His Dark Materials traile...

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Comic-Con 2019: It: Chapter Two Trailer Floats Too

Pennywise sensed fear at Comic-Con as Warner Bros. has debuted the final trailer for It: Chapter Two. Picking up twenty-seven years after the previous “chapter,” It: Chapter Two finds the Losers’ Club returning to Derry as adults to vanquish It once and for all. Based on one of Stephen King’...

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REVIEW: Dark Phoenix (2019)

After X-Men: The Last Stand, many people were upset with the depiction of Jean Grey’s alter ego, Dark Phoenix – none more so than the co-writer of that film, Simon Kinberg. When he had the chance to tell that story again via Dark Phoenix, this time making his directorial debut, he jumped at the ...

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Bat-Family Rumors Abound in Wake of Pattinson Casting

It looks like the Boy Wonder might return to the big screen. Forbes is reporting that not only is Batman’s iconic partner rumored to make a return in Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman film The Batman, but new versions of the Riddler, Commissioner Gordon, and, of course, Batman’s trusted butler ...

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Final Dark Phoenix Trailer Arrives

Sure to get lost in the run-up to Avengers: Endgame is the latest – and last, we can safely assume – entry in Fox’s pre-Disney X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix (as opposed to X-Men: Dark Phoenix). It’s kind of the little movie that could, trying to put its best foot forward against a culminatio...

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