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Red Sonja Movie Will Avoid the Male Gaze, Says Star

Pour one out for the male gaze. A remake – or reboot, or re-adaptation, or whatever they decide is the most marketable phrase you probably can’t find in a dictionary – of Red Sonja is on the way, and it’s going to be safe for modern audiences, if not box office returns. Actually, a new Red...

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Rogue Elements Trailer Brings the Critical Drinker’s Books to the Screen

The Critical Drinker has become what he has beheld, but not in the bad way Eliot Ness meant. If you follow his channel, you’ll know that the Drinker is also the author of a series of action novels featuring former British soldier and current CIA operative Ryan Drake. And over the past year, he’s...

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Terminal List Prequel Gets a Title

The prequel to one of Amazon Prime’s big hits has a title. Almost a year ago, it was reported that The Terminal List, the adaptation of Jack Carr’s novel starring Chris Pratt as Navy SEAL James Reece, would eschew a second season in lieu of a prequel series following a supporting character, Tayl...

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The Terminal List Universe is Expanding

The Terminal List wowed audiences last year with its intelligent writing, simple values, and intense action. This show has been heralded by many as the best released in 2022, and few can argue with such a statement. Uncharacteristically, Amazon Studios has responded to this positive reception with t...

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The Terminal List Creator Responds to Woke Critics

Amazon Prime’s The Terminal List shocked audiences and the media alike when it was released, its quality and popularity exceeding all expectations. It has even gone on to be the most watched show on Prime, beating out The Boys season 3 during its finale. However, the woke Mainstream and Access Med...

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REVIEW: The Terminal List (2022)

Amazon Prime’s adaptation of Jack Carr’s book, The Terminal List, exploded onto the streaming service. Drowning out juggernaut shows like The Boys, it became the number 1 show on Prime. The groundbreaking success of this series surprised many and blew past all expectations because, a...

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