Thanksgiving 2 is Coming for Leftovers

The adage “All good things must come to an end” has taken on a new meaning in the era of endless sequels, prequels, remakes, and whatnots. Director Eli Roth took to Instagram today to announce that he will be directing Thanksgiving 2, a sequel to the slasher movie that’s currently earning a nice profit for Sony. Thanksgiving 2 will be released in 2025, as Roth wants to make sure the script is the best it can be. Thanksgiving was about a serial killer disguised as John Carver who murdered victims in Plymouth, Massachusetts, during the week of Thanksgiving. Roth doesn’t say much about the sequel, but he seems really excited, as you can see below:


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I liked Thanksgiving; it has its problems, for sure, but it’s fun and entertaining, it has a smart point of view, and some of the characters are better than in a typical slasher, especially the final girl. But I don’t see the need for a sequel, and I can’t imagine it being as good from a narrative standpoint. However, I know that this is how slasher franchises go, and horror fans are probably excited to see more from John Carver. I wonder how the sequel will play out. For example, will this be the same killer, or will a new maniac take the John Carver disguise? Will the survivors of the first movie be the focus again, or will a new killer stalk a new set of victims? Will the setting be the same, or will a different historically significant town find itself at the mercy of a monster? And maybe most importantly, will it have something to say about society like the first one? If it does, I hope it’s something different; otherwise, they’ll just be telling the same story again. Maybe I’m being too negative, and it’ll be another fun horror flick. Stranger things have happened; who’d have thought a great sequel to Scream was possible, let alone two great ones and a decent one?

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