The Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad Exists

Another fan wish list item is closer to reality than many may think. For some time, there have been rumors of an “Ayer Cut” of Suicide Squad, the 2016 DCEU movie directed by David Ayer that introduced general audiences to Task Force X. Infamously, the film was taken from Ayer and given to Trailer Park Inc., the company that cut the Suicide Squad trailer. Ayer himself has said that his original cut exists.

Yesterday, the person who operates a Twitter account called ReleaseTheAyerCut said that he has seen the Ayer Cut:

This was later confirmed by Ayer, who retweeted the claim from ReleaseTheAyerCut:

This is reigniting fan interest in seeing the Ayer Cut released in a similar way to how the Snyder Cut of Justice League finally saw the light of day (although “finally” isn’t quite accurate, as Mauler explained in a masterpiece of a video). But will it? I tend to think it won’t. There’s a new regime at Warner Bros., with David Zaslav now in charge, and they seem to want to move on from the DCEU. Releasing the Ayer Cut wouldn’t be all that conducive to leaving the past behind. The Snyder Cut also sounds like it caused Warner Bros. more trouble than it was worth, with reports of studio insiders saying it was a mistake to produce and release it because it made Snyder’s fans even angrier and more determined to see his wider vision for the DCEU realized. Why would they risk more of this with the Ayer Cut? I think it will likely stay where it is, on David Ayer’s laptop.

Would you like to see the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad? Do you think it will eventually be released? Is Jared Leto stocking up on spackle-colored body paint and caged rats in anticipation of a tattooed Joker revival? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers till an alternate version of every lousy movie ever made is released!

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