Top 5 Halloween Baddies

Happy Halloween, everyone! In honor of all the spooks, frights, and overindulging in candy, I thought I would share with you my top five favorite horror movie baddies. Here they are, and yes, these are ranked in order!


5. Norman Bates

Top 5 Halloween Baddies

Psycho was released in 1960, based on a novel of the same name. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, it was the first film to launch the “slasher” sub-genre within the horror genre. Lead character Norman Bates’ awkward skulking around the fleabag motel he runs with his mother keeps you feeling a bit sympathetic towards him. However, that changes when he becomes obsessed with their new guest, Marion Crane. Things get downright creepy once she comes into the picture, and we get to see the real Norman Bates come out. The movie is an absolute classic. The insane plot twist at the end where we discover Norman Bates’ mother has been dead for years and he’s been dressing like her because he has a VERY unhealthy obsession? ICONIC. Just thinking about this movie and how twisted Bates is gives me the heebie-jeebies. Fun fact: Norman Bates is also loosely based on real-life killer Ed Gein, who also had a very unhealthy relationship with his mom (among other things), which just adds to the creepy factor. He’s very much someone that you could run into in your everyday life.

4. Michael Myers

Top 5 Halloween Baddies

I think this one speaks for itself, really, but let’s dive in. The story of The Boogeyman scared us all as kids, and Michael Myers is the modern embodiment of him, that’s for sure. He lurks in the shadows, and by the time you see him, it’s too late for you; RIP. The blank stare on the mask he wears paired with the slow, methodical way he moves around has convinced us all that there’s not an actual human under there, and honestly, we may be right. Myers is the most famous Halloween villain out there. He’s the first one that pops into people’s heads when asked about horror icons. You’ll see people dressed up as him during the entire month of October, not just on Halloween itself. Myers is the face of Halloween. He’s one of my favorites simply because, well, he’s so SIMPLE. There are no over-the-top gimmicks, no special powers, nothing like that. He just is there, creeping around in the dark, waiting to stab someone for literally no reason at all other than that he wants to, and that is what makes him so terrifying.

3. Freddy Krueger

Top 5 Halloween Baddies

I know, I know. I just specifically said that the reason Michael Myers is so great is that he’s a villain with no gimmicks or powers, and now here I am, bringing up Freddy Krueger. Hear me out: I firmly believe Freddy Krueger is a physical interpretation of what sleep paralysis is like, and THAT is why he scares the bejeebus out of me. Do I have sleep paralysis? No. But if there was a physical representation of what it would be like, I imagine it would probably be something like Krueger. Sleep paralysis is a very real thing, and the idea of waking up scared out of your wits and not being able to move or speak just does not sit well with me at all. Now we have a whole movie franchise based around that idea! Yay! Add to that a villain that can literally go into your dreams and kill you right then and there? No, thank you. You can keep him far away from me, please.

2. Leatherface

Top 5 Halloween Baddies

There is one classic horror movie I have only seen once and probably will only ever see the one time: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). That film disturbed me so badly that I sat on my couch staring at the screen well after the credits had long gone. It’s that good, and the best part is, there’s really nothing to it. There’s hardly any music in the film, so your poor ears are extra tuned into the sounds of the screams of the victims, “The Family’s” maniacal laughter, and the infamous roaring of the chainsaw. The latter is so loud I actually covered my ears a couple of times. Wielding that chainsaw, of course, is iconic villain Leatherface. Leatherface is another horror icon based on real-life creepy guy Ed Gein. This time, instead of focusing on the relationship with the mother, they instead focus on the fact that he wore suits made out of human skin. (I’m serious; go look this guy up.) As we’re all well aware, Leatherface isn’t called that because he wears leather; no, he’s called that because his mask is made out of leathered human flesh. Wonderful. Leatherface doesn’t say a word in the movie; he just throws his chainsaw around and utters a few grunts every now and then. What scares me the most about him is that there is no escape; his family runs this entire little town in Texas, and just when you think you have a chance, you get turned back over to him. I think a lot of people secretly fear tiny, rundown towns out in the middle of nowhere because of this film. I know Leatherface and his family are 100% the reason why I will never drive through one on a road trip. I’m scarred for life.

1. Jigsaw

Top 5 Halloween Baddies

Look, I know the Saw movies have a lot of critics, but their villain is one of the greatest of all time, and here’s why:

He’s EXTREMELY realistic.

Yep, you read that right. John Kramer, AKA Jigsaw, is one of the most, if not THE most, realistic horror villain of all time. For instance, many of the traps he uses were really utilized in the Spanish Inquisition. Some other traps are actual modified torture devices that were used all over the world back in the day as well. Even though he’s sick and twisted, you still feel sorry for him and everything he’s gone through. His motives are relatable, too. We’ve ALL asked, “Why do bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people?” We’ve all taken our lives for granted and complained about what we don’t have versus appreciating what we do have. Jigsaw takes that concept further and literally makes you fight for that life. This makes for a fascinating and different take on what otherwise could have been such a basic horror baddie. I remember the first time I watched these movies, asking myself if I would be the type of person he would pick for one of his games. Jigsaw will always be #1 in my book for the simple fact that, on top of the scares and gore, he makes you stop and think.

And there you have it. Those are my top five favorite horror villains! Let me know what yours are down below in the comments! I hope everyone has a safe Halloween!

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October 31, 2021 at 4:19 pm

The lack of Ghostface on this list disturbs me.

Jk, though he is one of my favorite horror icons. What stands out to me about Ghostface is that unlike others like Jason or Freddy, there’s nothing supernatural about Ghostface, he’s just a regular guy in a costume. Perhaps it’s that ‘closer to reality’ aspect of him that makes Ghostface more effective to me.

Granted, Scream was, at least initially, more of a satire of horror films, so perhaps Ghostface loses some points with audiences because he’s a bit ‘sillier’ then other horror icons.

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