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      Did the Forum Search box just get added or am I such a dumbass I completely missed it? Either one wouldn’t be a surprise.

      If it was just added, thank you very much.


      @DDayCobra @Xraygirl

      This isn’t me reporting an issue or bug on the website but rather me recommending a program you guys at Geeks and Gamers could consider using for video calling with people on the website. It is an alternative to Zoom and other call things like that calked Jitsi Meet. I was wonder could someone on your development team consider building a Jitsi Server for G&G for people to talk to each other over video conference without tracking by Big Tech?


      Phone verification is simply used in some servers to keep out bots & trolls. Here is a link from discord explaining servers that require it and the process as to why.

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      The search seems only to work for posts and not the forum itself.




        I hate to keep piling on. This might just be an issue with my phone. On my phone, in the forums, Youtube videos do not auto size to fit in the screen. Posts and the website does, but videos show basically the left 40-45% of the screen, with the circle play button being buried to the right of the screen. No scrolling available.


          @Shrap, you have to turn your phone sideways…


            @Digicat thats a work around. Not a fix. I dont like that view mode, either.


            Messages tab in profile has a very non-intuitive interface and deletes records of conversations with the click of a single unmarked button.


              I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but here it is.

              I noticed that clicking on the Profile in the upper right corner just says Logout all of a sudden. There is no Profile button. If I click on my name in a post to view my Profile, this appears in the tab on my browser. I am using FireFox.



              I logged in and tried to look at my profile but all I got was the option to logout but not my profile like usual. I had to find a thread I made to see my profile along with all the other threads I made in the past.


              If you go to a thread you created/posted to, just click on your name.

              That will lead you to your PROFILE.


              I think this is because they are working on programming in the background.

              They got rid of the “MY POINTS” from there, and direct access to one’s account at the moment.

              Time will tell if that function get returned.

              Don’t know how new users work, as they might not be able to access their profile until they post something.


                @Legatus_Legionis Yeah, I saw the name option.


                I was posting some recommendations here: Old-School Anime Discussion

                Tried to fix one post, I didn’t exceed the video limit, and it got pushed into the nether (moderation). If there is an issue with the video, feel free to delete it, but please restore the text at least. Thanks a bunch. Appreciated. No rush.


                The person symbol next to the cart when I press it won’t have profile as an option but only logout.


                  3 attempts to post each time I got this

                Viewing 15 posts - 136 through 150 (of 396 total)
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