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    Hmmm, that’s weird. I see the Likes/Dislikes. I just liked your comment right now. I’ll take a look into it!


    This is what I see, if it helps. Maybe it’s a local setting in my browser? Firefox. But I used a similar setup when it worked. So who knows?



    Remember hearing someone in one of the live streams saying they had to give their PHONE NUMBER to join. I was keeping an eye out to see if i could see it this week, before putting a reminder out here to fix it if its a thing.

    Well it is a thing but not on this site… It is on the DISCORD Servers and I for one have to agree with the person saying they do not want to give out a phone number… I get enough damn spam callers no need to even allow for more.


    Ive been on discord for years and this is the first time I remember seeing this, I checked a couple other groups and did not have this come up, love to join in but NOPE NOT giving my phone number out.


    @Mustangride1 that was me. And it was. They disabled the requirement to sign up to these forums the other day.


    @Shrap, cool, … they still need to for Discord imo


    The likes issue doesn’t seem to appear on my other PC. Same browser setup. Odd, that.


    Are we allowed report trolls like (The site smells funny.) or (Why dose my back really itchy when I’m on here?)?


    Sometimes, I click on a thread and there are no posts. I could see them before and suddenly, they are all gone. My guess is that is the moderation thing that others are talking about. If so, that’s fine. I have not noticed troll activity on my end, but maybe you guys get it.


    I figured out the Like button issue. It was my ad-blocker. Disregard. Helpful things like that nugget should be documented in an FAQ page.


    @comicsgate, check if the threads you looked at have pages, sometimes there’s an error where tha last page’s empty, but everything else is still there


    @Comicgate, I see this on occasion 2 ways

    1st if it is the first post to a new page, if i hit my back button the next page is gone and I can then see the post.
    2nd is if it is the last post of a page at that point hit refresh an it appears.
    And 3rd sometimes its just not there at all.

    Its frustrating, but hey at least they are trying to fix it….

    turn off the phone number requirement on the discord :) thank you


    I submitted a new blog that is a creepy pasta called Don’t Blame Trolls, it said it is pending approved….how long will it take?


    I posted a reply to this thread yesterday, and I put one youtube vid too many. Now it is lost to the void.

    Video Game Soundtracks, the Third Chapter

    Oops lol

    I saw a bunch of posts pop up all of a sudden, I figured the moderation thing was in play. But that didn’t fix it (if indeed, that is what it was)


    I had a post from July 12th, 2020 suddenly appear (with today’s date.)

    I know it was because I had exceed the max four attachments in one reply.

    I think they are finishing up going thru all the threads/replies that have been locked in moderator purgatory and are releasing them at last.



    Yes they are working on it, I know @Siobhan, said she was, she also got me on the Discord without the phone number verification. Big thanks to her for that and the work on the site……

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 391 total)
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