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    I would suggest taking out some frustration by taking out on some Demons, while making snappy corny lines in Wednesday’s gaming livestream.

    Forget the pigeons for this session.

    And use the spidey suit with the most to it (all weapons all the time).

    Just have a FUN time beating up the baddies.

    Worry about the future… some other time.


    @Legatus_Legionis Nah. I’ll be fine by then. Part of the fun is you guys getting to choose the suit for the session.

    I might have found another possible reason reading over all the stupid guidelines. The Adsense rules say even if something in a video doesn’t get claimed, like all the little clips I use in my review videos, then those kinds of clips without fair use applied disqualify for monetization.

    So two things I’m gonna do this month. 1) gonna go through the reviews and edit out those clips…I know it sucks cuz they are part of the theme, but that’s just how it’s gotta be. 2) Gonna cut back on clip use until I’m monetized just to be safe.

    Also, starting next week cuz I chose to remove them in the cleanse today, we’re starting Mass Effect Mondays where I’ll be running through the trilogy for your enjoyment.


    Hey @Legatus_Legionis and @Roas you coming over to Gettr? With Joe Rogan jumping on the platform there’s a lot of activity, and there’s a real lack of nerd content, which is also an opportunity to gain good followers right now.


    @MrBidwell I tried to make a Gettr account when it launched, but the confirmation emails never arrived so I could activate my account, so I gave up on it. I was going to bring it up on the stream tonight.

    Also, @MrBidwell seems the forums stopped using a DM option, and I needed to get you into the Mod email chain with @Legatus_Legionis. So drop me a line with an email of your choice so you get in on the communications.


    So you many have lost this one battle on the path to monetization, but the battle is far from over.


    Come join us:


    Time to kick some more Demon’s butts;



    Lets try this again.



    Let’s all enjoy this “BOOMER” stream!

    < HA Ha ha >

    68% missions completed.

    see how @Roas got there.


    Oh yeah, I was in fine boomer form today.


    Too bad you had to “purge” your vids/views, in the hopes of getting monetized.

    Anything older than 7-months has been removed, plus who knows how many newer ones too.

    Well, all that means is that we WILL be moving forward.

    More vids, more reviews, more live stream game plays, more live stream & panel shows.

    Then, the silver plaque!

    Oh, shiny!


    Come join us, as we watch @Roas House rise in the ranks and controls more of medieval Europe.



    Come watch the replay of today’s Round Table discussion with GrumpyOldVapingGamer



    Finally activated my Gettr account.



Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 126 total)
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