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    Only the really old people who hold 99% of the world’s wealth and all of the power are at risk, so they stop your life even though you wouldn’t even know it if you had COVID because it has virtually no effect on healthy people under 60. You only have enough money to live by and no power, so your life and your freedoms are not a factor of consideration.


    The definition of pandemic is “(of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.” So, even though only certain people are dying from it, it should still be considered a pandemic given its massive spread. You could also say the same thing about the common cold. The cold is everywhere, so it could technically be a pandemic. I don’t know, I’m not a medical professional


    I agree with you that it’s hardly fake, but Western governments have responded very poorly to it and thanks to cultural warriors it’s become politicized just like with everything else. Folks on the Left have acted like it is the new black death and everyone will die if you don’t wear a mask , which in turn has prompted folks on the Right not to take it very seriously or at all.

    While I know the CCP kept quiet about it because they didn’t want to embarrasses themselves on the world stage, part of me can’t help but speculate if they deliberately allowed it to spread across the globe because they knew how Western governments would react. If you wanted to engage the West in another Cold War, getting them to panic and shut down their economies would be a perfectly valid tactic.


    It’s deadly to older/unhealthy people and spreads easily, that’s why people are extremely careful with the masks and distancing. It also may cause long lasting effects on young, healthy peole.

    And it differentiates from a flu, since it’s a virus, normal medicines don’t have any effect and you pretty much have no other option than to wait for your immune system to fight it off. It’s definitely nothing you wanna catch.

    But no, let’s just call it a fake pandemic and government hoax.


    The tests are wrong more than 60% of the time. Hospital in TX sent an unuded box of tests with fake names written on the labels. 100% came back as positive. On top of false posi tests many states are multiplying posi tests by 20 to account for people never even tested.

    People found dead in their homes in large cities; welfare checks and such, are counted as WuFlu deaths even when its obvious shit like slip n falls or drowning happened.

    No one to date has been able to locate a full virus strand. Its all random bits of RNA that is foreign. Hell the test doesnt even test for a virus it tests for a substance that is produced when you are having an allergy attack.

    Deaths are padded by a good 25% on top of the ones we know are clearly not connected at all. Like the Motorcycle crash victim last month.


    So guess what YES ITS IS FAKE. That so called Dr Fucki cant decide from one day to the next what his excuse for the week will be. The CDC stated that masks dont do shit; then when it was noted that globalists could make bank selling stupid fucks masks they changed their mind.


    But when Trump learned that China was in the middle of an unknown viral Pnumonia outbreak he was called RACIST for closing all travel from China.

    Yall cant have it both ways.


    Well america is up to some fucked up shit in that case, but incompetent people in one country doesn’t mean it’s a worldwide hoax



    This is the most bonkers election in history


    The Trump campaign has the best ads.


    I have to give it to Trump: He can pretty funny.

    The absolute madman.


    I heard people saying that Trump’s conventions are extremely lively and full of energy, while those of the dnc are more like a morgue.


    People want substance, concrete platforms, goals, etc…

    This anything but “orange man” tells me the dnc have no policy to deal with the economy, national security, crime, etc.

    They are a joke that even those outside of the us clearly sees.


    Ffs at this rate America is going to have a race war. Things are really getting out of hand and stupid decisions are constantly made on both sides


    On “both sides?” You really just don’t like Trump’s personality so you don’t want to admit that he has done nothing wrong.


    I like Trump’s personality, he has charisma and isn’t afraid to say how things are. But I do think he has done some mistakes yes, nobody is perfect.


    But in this case I didn’t talk about Trump. I meant the BLM (and other rioters) as well as certain white cops in America. Both sides are fucking up which escalates to a ”you poke me, I slap you. You punch me, I stab you” spiral which has already gone quite far.


    Cops are nicer to black people than they are to whites – according to statistics.


    Also stuff like this is happens more to cops than the other way around:

    Don’t buy into the fake news propaganda – do your own research. You’re a “smart cookie” as Trump would say.

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