Resident Evil film reboot is woke trash


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    Not seeing many discussions regarding the RE film reboot pointlessly changing the races of Jill and Leon despite those 2 being arguably the most iconic characters from the games.




    As long as the film and characters are better representations of the games than those awful Paul Weak Shit Anderson crapfests they could be purple for all I care as race had no bearing on anything but their look.


    The first resident evil movie is not bad at all, in my opinion. At that time I really enjoyed it.  The extinction one is so so, has some cool scenes.

    Then the rest, yeah, are complete garbage.

    About the new one, ofc it will suck, but no one cares. No one is paying attention to that crap. But I searched and it seems the Jill girl is okay, no big deal. Now the Leon one is just ridiculous. Leon is the typical blonde guy. You can’t change that.


    The problem is the double standard, they have no problem whatsoever with making white characters nonwhite but the instant it happens the other way around it’s riots.


    And the choice for Jill is terrible, especially given that the actor would actually make a perfect Sheva from RE5. She has the look and the same accent

    another issue is the casting call for Jill leaked last year or late 2019(pre-covid) and in the casting call they specifically asked for an “African American with mixed ancestry” that means that they went out of their way to disregard any and all more qualified white female actors. That’s affirmative action for ya


      Fastest way to Piss me off and have me turn it off, is to take characters and change them just to be PC. I am done at that point. When it is 100% so obvious that is why it was done (checking a box) then the entire thing is crap period.

      Started watching a show last month and out comes a Black Female Lancelot! Dafaqu is that shit. Its like in “Merlin” having Guinevere Black….. You do not take historical figures and fuck with their skin color or race or add in persons of colors or race where they do not belong simply to virtue signal.


      Woketards don’t care, they are a hypocritical cult who never hold themselves to the standards they hold others to


      The bigger issue is that the writer/director is a hack who has churned out like 10 low rent syfy channel type flicks that are all steaming piles of dogshit.  The whole project just reeks of  Sony Picture’s churning out more low effort franchise fodder.   It will probably be a low to mid budget film that get’s terrible reviews and makes a profit from overseas box-office because they keep the production costs relatively low.


      Oh there’s no doubt Johannes Roberts is a hack. That shark movie he did was the most overrated drek I’ve ever had the misfortune of watching.


      It’s truly tragic that the Resident Evil franchise has fallen to the woke army. In particular they seem obsessed with ruining Jill. They made her an obnoxious tumblrina with a masculine body and face(disregarding continuity between RE1 and 3 which are set 2 months apart) in RE3. Now they’re changing her race for the sake of “muh diversity”. These are dark days for the Resident Evil series.


      And make no mistake about RE Village either. I keep seeing people on the anti-sjw side saying it looks good(namely TheQuartering) but what a lot of these folks don’t realize is the ending of the game leaked and the ending sets up a blatant Mary Sue feminazi character to take over the franchise from RE9 and onwards.


      The franchise’s story has been shit since RE4, and Jill being black has no bearing what-so-ever on her character.

      We’re lucky we’re even getting a movie remotely similar to what fans have been wanting for two decades, this isn’t dark days for Resident Evil, no..that was during the time we were stuck with the Jovovich films with no end in sight and awful installments like RE6. I’m way more concerned with the potential wooden acting of Robbie Amell as Chris than anyone being raceswapped.

      Still though, regardless of casting issues there’s no way this will be worse than what we’ve got from Anderson.

      It’ll be alright.


      Jill being black does have a bearing on whether or not I waste time and money watching this woke propaganda trashfire.


      How about we cast white actors to play Sheva, Carlos and Marvin? Something tells me that wouldn’t go over well


      “Jill being black does have a bearing on whether or not I waste time and money watching this woke propaganda trashfire.”


      there’s something I always find weird with americans, no offense, but why biracial people are always black? If they’re half white half black, they’re both black and white lol
      Hannah John-Kamen has Norwegian blood ffs, she has white blood as much has she has nigerian blood.
      just like Kamala, for me, ain’t black… she’s mix blooded, indian, white, black…

      Americans give so much importance to the race of each person, specially if they can say “he’s black!” … It’s so confusing for some foreigners :D  Last week when that kid was shot, the media all saying: “police kills another black man!”, the dude’s mom is 100% white, he was light skinned, looked more white than black… so weird lol


      Anyway, sorry for the off-topic  ;)  , basically i just wanna say Hannah John-Kamen is not a black woman :D



      Maybe because halfies always seem ashamed of their white halves and ALWAYS identify with their nonwhite halves. It’s the same reason Obama is always called the “first black president”, Obama doesn’t give a damn about his white heritage and treats it like a dirty secret.


      that being said, Hannah is NOT WHITE and I’m not going to financially support a film that is obviously SJW propaganda. Why would I pay my hard earned money to be lectured to about nonexistent “privilege”? If I wanted a 2 hour lecture about why I’m “terrible” for being white I’d simply go to my nearest university and sit in on a gender studies 101 class


      “a film that is obviously SJW propaganda… a 2 hour lecture about why I’m “terrible” for being white”

      Man, that’s a…

      Screenshot_2021-04-21 huge stretch armstrong - Google Search


      Considering the fact that literally EVERY FILM made since 2016 is woke propaganda. Couple that with the evidence that this film will be, race swapping Jill and Leon. It’s no stretch whatsoever.

      There is no valid reason whatsoever for making Jill black and Leon Arab. How many Arabs do you know with last names as obviously aryan as “Kennedy”?

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