Resident Evil film reboot is woke trash


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    There’s a perfect reason for the changes. Diversity. To give actors of color a chance to shine in roles where it doesn’t matter what ethnicity the character originated, as it has no bearing on who they are beyond looks. Especially if the portrayal remains faithful to the source material.

    The Resident Evil characters aren’t that deep. Jill’s hot…that’s about it. The gal they cast fits the bill. Leon’s a rookie cop and yells “Ada!” all the time. Having a Canadian/British Indian play him doesn’t prevent that. The complaints are superficial nonsense for roles where it isn’t warranted.


    “Muh diversity” is not a justification for anything. It’s a stupid buzzword racist SJWs use to justify discrimination against whites.


    Its a matter of opinion not fact whether or not that actor is “hot”



    Diversity is most definitely justification, and I just explained why and how it fits in a property like this.

    No one is being discriminated against by them switching up the looks of two characters outside of racist fanboys not able to get their geek boner up because Jill’s skin tone isn’t the right shade.

    Shit’s pretty sad.


    Literally EVERY white female actor on the planet who would’ve been better for the role IS BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST BY DEFINITION!


    As for Leon, name 1 Indian person on the planet with the last name “Kennedy”(and not a female Indian who married a Kennedy either)


    Also your precious “muh diversity” is stupid when it’s forced and in this case it absolutely is forced


    It’s not forced, how the hell is it forced? It’s bunch of white characters with no reason for them to be white outside of two being brother and sister if one is cast as such and even then you have options. It’s likely every white actress going for Claire would’ve been going for Jill. They still had their opportunity for that role, or Annette Birkin.

    Also, the color of a person’s skin doesn’t dictate who is right or better for a role when the character has no striking traits other than being a certain ethnicity. It doesn’t fucking matter other than to ease the nerves of bigoted folks like yourself.

    “Why won’t someone think of the poor white girls that didn’t get to star in one of the dozen zombie films Hollywood pumps out every year???”

    As for Leon, again…doesn’t matter. People are adopted, get married, have step-parents, etc. Who’s gonna sit there and wonder about a person’s family tree while they’re being chased by zombies, and lickers, and Mr.X’s, oh my.


    Actually no, NONE of the white actors had the opportunity for Jill because the casting call leaked in late 2019/early 2020 and it specifically called for “an African American with mixed ancestry” for Jill. That is an egregious example of racial discrimination! If it had gone the other way your SJW ass would be screeching “whitewashing” at the top of your semen coated lungs but instead, since it’s a white character getting “tarbrushed” you’re perfectly fine with it! It’s a bullshit double standard and you are a hypocrite for accepting it.


    How about we make Blade white since by your own standards there’d be “no reason” for him to be black? At least that would be your standard if you weren’t a hypocrite


    Reading comprehension. I never said they had an opportunity for Jill, I said they had the opportunity for Claire and Annette. It’s not racial discrimination because there were multiple roles for  white women, but if they hadn’t switched things up there would’ve been NO STARRING ROLES FOR WOMEN OF COLOR. Don’t you see the issue here? Nothing about the characters of Resident Evil requires them to be white, so don’t even try to use the tired Blade argument because it doesn’t fly. Blade is a creation spawned in an era heavily entrenched in Blaxploitation cinema…him being black is essential to the character’s very existence. CONTEXT is key.


    “Women of color” are not entitled to roles that have been white for 25 years.


    There is no more reason for Blade to be black than there is for Jill and Leon to be white, you just hold nonwhite people to different standards because if you SJWs didn’t have double standards then you’d have no standards


    And don’t give me this “era” bullshit with Blade either. Jill and Leon were made in an era when being white wasn’t a crime and the cancer of affirmative action hadn’t reached terminal levels yet


    There’s plenty reason as that’s Blade’s whole thing. It’s like how a white woman couldn’t be Storm because her being an African Goddess is an important aspect of her character. It’s like how a black man couldn’t be the classic version of Magneto…but given there’s other atrocities you could sub the Holocaust for, like the Congo massacre of the 90’s, you could update him…which the MCU may very well do in a few years. There’s nothing important in either Jill Valentine or Leon Kennedy’s background that requires them to be white. Nothing. It doesn’t matter, especially if they deliver a great performance.


    The fact they’ve been white for over 20 years requires them to be white in the movie, and if it weren’t for stupid SJWs like you stomping in like the gestapo and deconstructing everything to push your cancerous cult of woke upon everyone, they’d still be white. You continue proving my point with Blade, there is NOTHING about him that requires he be black, you just have a different set of rules for blacks because you want them to have their damn participation trophy


    No, you idiot…the same fucking rules apply to white people as I clearly pointed out above. You can’t cast black for a holocaust survivor in most cases. You can’t cast black for historical role of someone that’s white. It all depends on the character’s background. Nothing about Jill/Leon requires them to be white outside of the bigotry of people like you who lose their shit when a person of color gets an opportunity play a character they should have every right to play. It’s fucking pathetic. Heaven forbid you have to look at a couple people that look different from you and yours, but keeping crying.


    Seriously, this is always the dumbest thing geeks bitch about and it’s embarrassing as fuck. Not just because it outs the racists like yourself, but the fact y’all take shit like this so fucking seriously that you gotta whine about it as if it’s some sacred literature being butchered. It’s a fucking video game movie about zombies.


      Jill is not black, she is an established character that existed for many years, a black woman can not represent Jill accurately, that is literally impossible as a character is always the sum of all aspects, that includes race, gender and sexuality.
      This movie is going to suck.


      Nothing about Jill requires her to be a certain race.


      Nothing about Blade requires he be a certain race either

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