Ted Cruz SNAPS on Reporter Who Tells Him To Put a Mask on…He’s Vaccinated!

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    @Loken  “Do or Do Not, there is no TRY.”

    Famous words from Yoda.  LOL


    I wrote out this entire message to mustang about the vaccine, nothing offensive but quite the opposite. I’ve thought about their question all day.

    It started with how it’s hard to post in this thread without been called a commie or spoilt but f**k it.

    Basically I’m taking the vaccine because I’ve decided to do so, it’s my decision. I don’t trust the government but the people I do trust (some are like you, some aren’t) have decided to have the vaccine.

    As selfish as it may seem, I’m not bothered about your political view. You’re entitled to your own opinion and to make your own decisions. I personally couldn’t care less about either side, you’ve both got valid points but… That’s a different conversation.

    To each their own I suppose


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    Please post it, I would be happy to read it and even reply to it. You will find I don’t call people names, (and let me assure you if i say something about a person it is my opinion based off their actions)  I’m a little more mature than grade-school name calling. If someone is beyond civil discussion I just dont bother talking to them, it typically takes being very immature in your action or just so obvious a troll for me to ignore someone. I value good discussion and others points of views. It is how I was successful business and in life.

    I hope people never agree with me all the time, it would be a damn boring world if everyone thought the same.


    @Mustangride1 nope I didn’t, I live in a country wich isn’t crowded and because seasonal flus have a way lower R rate, there’s no need to take extra measures to stop it from spreading. But in some Asian countries people use masks when it’s flu season.

    1. I’m not contradicting anything. Of course the virus can stick on your mask, and that’s why you should dispose it as soon as possible. The #1 reason to wear a mask is to prevent yourself from infecting others. Sneezing, coughing etc. launches the virus around the room, the mask’s purpose is primarily to stop that and secondarily to provide a protection for yourself (as long as you’re wearing a proper mask and not your socks or some shit)

    2. Ofc they survive longer with a host, and a person can carry the virus without getting affected by it due to the immunity.

    No one has yet provided any evidence that a person can’t carry a virus without symptoms, people are just barking ”communist Marxist” and all the other brainless ”I have nothing else to say” stuff. But I guess I shouldn’t expect more from anti-science people 🤷🏻‍♂️

    is probably the reincarnation of Niko Bellic, the weird and mentally unstable bursts of rage he has are kinda similar tbh. He’s kinda weird.

    And I agree with @Loken. This is unfortunately a bit of a right wing echo-chamber where lots of people accuse other people who aren’t as far on the right as themselves as communist marxist gay sjw chinese spy whatever.

    Which is kinda ironic, considering that a couple days ago I saw Mr. Cowboy crying about how everyone accuses him of being a racist nazi, while he’s on of the loudest accusers here, incapable of understanding the hypocricy.



    Oh you poor child. You mad cause no one gives a fuck what you think?

    My statemenrt wasnt crying about it; I was pointing out fact. The MEDIA has done that shit for 20 years now cause I refuse to give them the time of day.


    As for this ‘virus’; If it is so dangerous, where are the dead homeless? Where are the biohazard disposal bins? Why is it that even with the media lying to retarded fucks like you does the recovery rate still hover at 99.85%? Have you figured out what 6% means yet?

    Ill wait.



    (as long as you’re wearing a proper mask and not your socks or some shit)

    I swear I’ve seen people walk around with sanitary pads stuck on their face 😂😂😂😂

    No one has yet provided any evidence that a person can’t carry a virus without symptoms

    True, people can catch a virus and not have any symptoms, that’s called asymptomatic

    Asymptomatic is not immunity

    Immunity means the virus enters your body, your immune system kicks the viruses butt, and the virus dies

    Conclusion: asymptomatic can potentially pass on virus, immune can’t


    Hi sonic

    From what I’ve learnt, geeks and gamers is a mix of all isn’t it?

    I’ve got nothing against either side, like I said before they’ve both got valid points but there’s just too much anger (and rightly so) on both sides.

    I shouldn’t be commenting on this subject to be honest, as I’m a bit of a digital hermit.

    Hi Mrdragonbane

    From what I’ve seen so far, you’re an intelligent and passionate person but you are wrong with one thing, that no one cares what sonic thinks.

    Anyways back to geeky stuff


    @DigiCat first of all this is all assuming the vaccinations give a guranteed 100% protection, which they don’t. Vaccinations don’t completely orevent infections from happening, but reduce it a lot to the point where it also reduced the amount of virus coming out from you (moth and nose for example = shedding). So in short and explained simply, vaccination reduces the amount of virus coming out of you, but doesn’t completely stop it. So yes, you can pass on virus even tho you’re vaccinated. There are countless studies of this.

    @Cowboy no, I just think you’re words can’t be taken seriously as you’re just spewing shit according to your narrative, unable to have an objective view on anything tbh.
    The homeless people that have died are in the grave. But keep in minds that hobos are pretty good at practicing social distancing, which means viruses won’t reach them as easily as people tend to avoid going under bridges where the hobo paradises are. But there have been outbreaks in homeless shelters too so there’s your answer for that.

    Yes I know it has a high recovery rate, I don’t think anyone here claimed covid kills with a super high percentage. Your winning arguments in your head which no one has ever made. And I do know what the 6% stands for, the ironic part is that you do not understand it as you have proven to have no clue how deaths by diseases are counted.


    it shoud be at least, but some weirdos here can’t comprehend that and are quick to call others names. I’m myself leaning quite clearly to the right on the political compass but only open my mouth in topics I disagree with, which creates the illusion that I disagree with everything people on the right say, thus I am seen as a communist spy whatever. When in reality I agree with most of the things people say on this forum, I’m just too lazy to write it out loud and join the circle jerk, as I see no point in jumping in an anti-cancel culture thread to say ”yes I oppose cancel culture” when 10 other people already have said it.


    Actually the Flu is by some accounts more widespread than we known as many just push through it (i did many times) without seeing a doctor. Estimates World wide are a nightmare to find, they  keep death counts halfway descent but actual cases good luck finding. Best Estimate  off CDC Numbers for the US of “38 million Us Residence in 2017-18” I can extrapolate based on that which is about 12% of the US Population. Now take it out at that same 12% minimum for the rest of the world  936,000,000 million people annually is where we end up.

    That makes it much more contagious than Covid with an 18 month total of 128,436,130 as of right now. ***Covid is tested much more and reported far better than the flu*** And there is many nations who just dont report flu cases with any accuracy, so please take that for the best I could based off what info there is, which is a true PITA to find.

    We known things are transmittable, Small country or Small town transmission happens, but we never did any of this for something before. WHY?

    R-rate on the flu is much higher and (if) the above numbers are even close to accurate, we should never be without a mask on. Flu comparison triggers people I get it, but it is the best comparison (example) we have to use. Also I would like to point out around the world people locked down elderly in homes which dramatically increased the death counts in the US Alone (174,000) Last I checked of the 563,000 tack on Prisons and i would estimate near 200k of those deaths or 35% of death.


    The Wuflu is so undeadly they are using the seasonal Flu deaths to pad it.

    Mayby thats why the flu is missing the last 18 months.


    Hobos are not good at social distancing you uneducated shitstain. Look up homeless camps and go look at one.



    Vaccinations don’t completely orevent infections from happening

    I didn’t say vaccinated, i said immune

    I won’t pretend i know more than i do, but, putting 2 and 2 toghether, 1) vaccines don’t completely overvent infections, and 2) there are people who’s immune systems are better suited to fight off certain viruses, i’ll assume that immunity is gained by building up your immune system, aka not isolating yourself in a sterile bubble to the point that the smallest amount of dirt’ll make you projectile vomit

    So if vaccines don’t make you immune, what do they do? Maybe they help speed up the process of building up your immune system? I mean, they do suggest vaccinations for those who are more at risk, so with lower immune systems that might be harder to build up


    Your body can become tolerant to just about anything. There are people who intentionally inject venom from Snakes in to their system to build up a tolerance to the bite if it happened.  I know 100% it works.

    Vaccinations from true vaccines will give the vast majority of the people an immunity (Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Measles, mumps, rubella and Polio) But as I have pointed out previously, those have very long track records of being safe and effective. Covid Shot by CDC Admission they cannot say that, so at best it is a flu shot which technically is a prophylactic vaccine or temporary . I believe people do not understand the difference between a Vaccine and Immunization. We are immunized against the above listed disease. We are vaccinated against the Flu or Covid even Shingles but we can still get them.

    Hope that helps explain it a little better.


    @Mustangride1, yes, i might not know the science behind it, but i definitely know the difference between immune and vaccinated

    There are people who intentionally inject venom from Snakes in to their system to build up a tolerance to the bite if it happened.  I know 100% it works.

    The only thing i can think about that relates to the snake venom is in the anime Redo Of Healer, the main character purpposefully eats poisonous mushrooms to build up tolerance to hallucinogenic drugs

    I have my doubts on this being the safest method to build up immunity, but i guess desperate times call for desperate measures


    Yes in real life there are people who do it, they have saved lives with their blood, no different than injecting horses or pigs to then take their blood to make AV….

    Look up Bill Haast or Ray Hunter. Bill died at 100 and was still going strong, though he did finally stop handling snakes after his 2003 bite kinda, dont believe everything you read on youtube :)


    Over 100 fully vaccinated people contract COVID-19 in Washington state, officials say

    Think that says it all… appeared in my news feed this morning,

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