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    I should try that just for everyday life, i’m like a gremlin

    bright light!


    No, that is Dick Grayson (aka first Robin aka Nightwing).

    And I luved the banter between the two (Greyson and Alfred), and about the need to get “funk food” into Wayne Manor, IIRC.


    He definitely has a great look for Batman (I don’t care that he’s good looking, and I don’t know how much more or less good looking he is than Christian Bale, but it’s hypocritical how the feminists aren’t up in arms about both actors aren’t “portraying an unrealistic image of men”).

    I’ve always found Christian Bale’s Batman voice laughable and cartoony even though Batman has been moving away from the cartoonishness of the franchise in other ways so having only the voice for Batman be cartoony while everything else is noir felt awkwardly put together to be. Ironically it’s more cartoony than the actual cartoon Batman I thought – more comical than the live-action Joker which doesn’t make sense, despite playing such a serious and tragic character. So I’d like to see someone else play Batman other than Christian Bale.


    I know, Robin/Nightwing loves junk food, i don’t have the comic you’re refering to, but i do have one in wich when Dick Grayson first moves into Wayen manor he refused to eat anything but potato chips 😄

    This is the cover, couldn’t find a pic of the actual comic panel

    batman 54

    I was actually refering to Robert Pattinson supposidly refusing to work out and living off junk food during quarentine, there were stories coming out that his trainor was begging him to work out 😂


    That scene where Batman was beating the hell out of that guy was the best thing that happened to me all day



    Nice trailer.
    The tone, the look… didn’t see any awful shaky cam action.
    Even better not knowing it was even going to drop yesterday.


    Expect that to be a meme soon.


    Pattinson looks like a neanderthal next to Cavill… Pattison’s eyes are creepy, and that forehead doesn’t help.


    I’ve seen it via Nerdrotic’s video.

    – He had a problem with the suit, I didn’t think the suit was that bad looking, and I have no problem not using the familiar bat symbol with the yellow circle. I think that would’ve looked off on the suit. I think the suit should look a little armor-ish, and it does pay some tribute to the Arkham games. But that collar though, Gary and I agree on that one.

    – Bruce Wayne is supposed to be physically at the peak of human perfection. Affeck had it right, Pattinson does not. I’m sorry all you fans of his, but if you’re gonna play the role of one of the most iconic superheroes ever, you gotta physically look close to it. Let’s see him shirtless in a scene and I bet you’ll see the results of his lack of getting in shape. Bruce Wayne is stocky, not skinny.

    – Maybe it’s me, but I really love the look of the batmobile. I’ll even go so far as to say it might be the best looking batmobile ever. Even though the tumbler was awesome, it wasn’t true to what a batmobile would look like. Dark Knight Rises proved that.


    – The Riddler, again as a movie villain? Look I know this version will be more truer to the comics character, but there’s so many other Bat-villains that could’ve been chosen who’s never appeared in a Bat-Movie.


    – Race swapping characters, only if they look and act exactly as their source material. I saw that in commissioner gordon. We haven’t seen much of Catwoman though, so let’s take a step back still on that one.

    -In fact, let’s take a step back and stay hanging on the fence right now. I’m still not convinced enough that this will be a good Bat-Film.


    the trailer is good. But suicide squad also had a bunch of pretty dope trailers.

    about wokeness, we all know all the movies now have mandatory rules to include woke stuff, so nothing to do, I will just try to ignore it.


    I had a feeling that WB where going to do a more Batman detective film but I wasn’t expecting they would go down the Se7en route


    The classic yellow circle batsymbol hasn’t been used in live action since Batman Forever

    I don’t mind that Pattinson’s a little skinnier than the usual Batman, as this movie’s not suppost to be Batman in his prime, but just starting out, not sure how old Bruce was when he first became Batman, but i’m guessing in this movie he’s suppost to be in his late teens/early 20s

    Now if Pattinson continues to play Batman in future movies, as Batman grows up, i expect him to start bulking up at some point

    The actor who got cast as Riddler’s really good at playing nutcases, so i think Riddler’s gonna be great

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    I forgot if they said The Batman takes place in what would be considers “Year Zero”, or “Year One”.


    So Bruce having come back after being overseas getting all that martial arts training (where it is not muscle but precision/timing that is everything).

    In time, as Batman’s villains get bigger and bigger do I see that that is when Bruce decides he needs to buff up.


    @Legatus_Legionis It takes place Year Two

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