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      Welcome to everyone who is a part of our Geeks and Gamers community. As some of you may be aware, I am Andrew, one of our staff writers and editors (CaffeinatedWolfe) and I am also the admin in charge of blogs and the forums. There have been a lot of you participating in the blogs and there have been some misconceptions I think as to what a “blog” actually consists of. I will more directly address this, in detail, in a separate thread, but I felt that it was a good idea to give a space for everyone to introduce themselves. As we continue to build the new website and refine its features and capabilities (something we cannot do without your help) we will be making it easier to find and add friends as well as message them directly. For the time being, however, this thread should provide a building block or point-of-entry for everyone to get to know one another a bit better before diving into the bulk of the forums. Just to give a general idea, I’ll go first!


      What’s up Geeks and Gamers! I’m Andrew and I’ve been working behind the scenes here on the website for years now. I started off as one of our writers, and while I have moved into a more forefronted role as of late that has seen the frequency of my articles lessen, I do still put things up when Jeremy is in need of something in the immediacy. I also handle some editing work for the site’s articles when there’s a significant backlog in order to lend our Editor-in-Chief, Alex, a hand. Most of you, however, know me from kicking Jeremy’s ass six ways to Sunday in Mario Kart.

      I’ve been a geek and gamer for the lion’s share of my life, and that encompasses numerous fandoms, mediums, and genres. If you’re already following me on Twitch then you’re aware that I absolutely adore The Legend of Zelda games, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., and Pokemon. What you may be less aware of is my love for the Tomb Raider franchise, Mass Effect, and both the Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive fighting games (both of which I did a review for the website). Beyond video games, I am an avid comic book fan, and while I don’t fanboy for any one company or publisher, I do find myself more in the DC camp as the bulk of my favorite characters reside in that universe. For more insight into my comic book loves, and to share your own, check out our Comic Book Introductions thread! I enjoy writing fiction every bit as much as I love consuming it, and am in the process of writing a few original works as well.

      Here’s hoping that we can all get to know each other a bit better here and continue to grow this incredible community that would not exist without you, the fans.

      Stay geeky, fam!

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      As a honorable warrior I feel it’s fair to warn you in advance. You have publicly that you are a captain to the tyrant Jeremy, therefore by default you have become my sworn enemy. Jeremy’s tyrannical actions have plagued the internet. Granted his Twitter ban has shortened his reach but his touch is still just as toxic as ever. A toxin that must be cleansed

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      Hi Andrew and all of G+G, i’m DigiCat, you can also call me Fangs, yes, the DigiCat has a name (well, a nickname), i love Star Wars, superheroes, anime, and cats :3

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      I’m Ryder the Great (or just Ryder, I don’t care what you call me). I love movies and theme parks and stuff. That’s basically it

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        Hi Ryder. Why the ostrich? (so cute by the way :3)

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          Don’t tell anyone, but I’m secretly an ostrich from an alien race

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            Cool! I have a little secret too, i’m a mutant cat who can spit fire 😜

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      Hi I’m Merry and I’m new here. Can someone please tell me where the bathroom is?

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      Lifelong Tabletop gamer. Currently playing in a wild west Aces & eights game and running a Dragonlance game in the savage worlds ruleset.

      Lifelong mini painter. some of my stuff is on IG.

      Avid reader. Fantasy / Sci-fi mostly. Occasionally read historical stuff.

      Constitutional Conservative. Stop letting the communist left ignore it.

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      < Greetings And Salutations > to all you Geeks and Gamers!

      Long time D&D player/DM (2e)

      Long time comic book collector (DC + little other stuff)

      Long time paperback novel collector-reader (sci-fi/fantasy)

      Long time Crazy Canuck from The Great White North! eh?




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      I did see a previous hello thread here but I guess I’ll just do some retread here since this is more official.

      Hi, I’m Cless Aileron. I’m mostly into video games but I do dabble in other stuff. I’d play almost any genre. I do have a thing for fighting games for a specific one (though that’s taking a back seat right now). My fandoms are pretty niche too.

      Mostly, I’m a private person. I don’t know what to say here.

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      I’ll take this opportunity to thank you guys for this website which the internet sorely needed and to congratulate you on its success!

      Also please work out the bugs soon. :)

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      Hey my name is kris. I am huge fan of star wars,comics,anime and jurrasic park franchise and animals ect

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      Hi guys.

      I’m Onildo and I’m Brazilian. That’s why my English sounds weird (Weirdos from another planet) but I’m trying to communicate the best that I can do. I’m not a boomer but SJWs use to say GenX are boomers, so it’s fine, I’m a boomer. lol. I like blockbusters, cartoons and some books.

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        Welcome brazuka ;)

        Have fun around here and participate :)

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          Thanks! You may drop this ‘bra’. Just zucka! 😂

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          Thanks! You may drop this ‘bra’. Just zucka! 😂

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      I’m new to the forums but I have been subscribed to Geeks + Gamers over on YouTube for a while.

      Looking forward to the success of this new platform, away from all the BS on similar platforms..

      I have to go now, bye!

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      Hey there I’m Jorge and it has been a while. I’ve written articles for the site in the past that you can still check out and I’m here to look around the new website. Films and anime are my jams but I’m slowly being consumed by tabletop gaming. I hope everyone is doing well.

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      I volunteer to serve as Jeremy’s ninja.

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        Do ninjas take on padawans? I wanna learn how to be a ninja :3


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