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    Hail all!

    I an new here but I do love watching your gaming streams. I wish I could watch them live but it is usually the next day. My life is quite busy, which most everyone’s is. I’ll check in from time to time though.


    Greetings @SolomonKane

    Welcome to the G&G Forums.

    As we are a global community, with different time zones and all.

    Enjoy their vids and forums when you can.


    Hello All!   I’m new here on the website but I’ve been watching Jermy and Ryan’s vids for about 2 years now.   I’m a big FNT fan as well.      I have a artistic background of hobbies.  I’m a musician, draw/paint and lately have been very into creating 3D art and stories.


    Greetings @Batsu

    Welcome to the G&G forums.

    We have lots of categories, from movies to music, etc, where you can share your thoughts and show your work.


    Hello, I do not really do social media; I don’t have twitter or Instagram and never really commented on videos before. I figured who cares what I have to say. Turns out I have a lot to say actually.


    Welcome to the G&G Forums @Shieldwall_of_Dragons

    We have LOTS of categories you can pick from.  Join a topic or start a new one.



      Hello all. Figured i would make one of these my self

      You may have seen me on sundays, i will be the one super chatting ryans gay, or reminding DDay you cant slide through fire, or to for the love of everything holy shoot the trees. Ive been lurking around for over a year on G&GS youtube channels, (all 329 of them)

      A little about me, I am an Army Vet, i grew up on classic video games and fell in love with all things tech related. I work in IT as a Junior System Admin and spend my free time painting models, watching G&G videos, and again, making sure ryan is well aware how gay he is during Mario kart. (but only during Mario Kart) If you are looking for someone to game with i play on PC and Switch just find me on discord.


      Welcome to the forums @BeardedMountain.

      I see you have already made yourself known (posting in threads).

      All 329 channels?  WOW!  I did not know they had that many.


        Hi there. Any Switch games in particular?


        Greetings, @Mel.

        You might wanna check out our gaming section.  There you might find Switch gamers/games to talk about.


        Hail! @Maple_Man

        We have lots of forums and topics, so I do hope you have more to say than just “hi”.

        Join in an existing one or create new ones. (which I see you have been.  horray!)


        I’M BATMAN!!!!!

        NO I’m just joking…I’m just some guy who thinks he is Batman lol :)

        Happy to be here everyone :)


        Welcome “I Am A Guy Who Thinks He Is Batman.”

        Is that because of the underoos or the t-shirts you wear?  LOL


        Welcome to the G&G Forums.

        Lots to investigate and use you detective skills on.

        See yay out there.


        Hello G&Gers! And HAIL to those withing the fellowship as well!

        I’m Kam, a lifelong gamer that has bent from fanatic player of games to casual normie. More casaul now due to trying to be a good dad to my munchkins, but instilling the gamer essence into the next generation too.

        I’m also a humble t-shirt vendor (thus the logo in my profile) and I’m extremely fortunate enough to work with Chrissie Mayr, and sell her t-shirt merch on the site. I say I’m fortunate because without the FNT crew, I would have never had the opportunity. Watching the show and hearing about the work that all of them have put in to get where they are, and hearing them encourage all of us to do the same, gave me the gumption to take a chance and start my own site. Through the show I found the awesome comic who is Chrissie Mayr, got to hang out with her when she came to my home-state, and became the lucky t-shirt vendor I am today by working with Filing Cabinet (if you know, you know).

        So yes….along with a welcome I also want to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone here. You guys are part of the reason G&G is where it is today, and the chain of events somehow reached me and gave me a challenge to take on myself with the site.

        I look forward to communicating with everyone, and can’t wait to see how much the fellowship grows!


        [FADE IN] Hail @FlagrantTrigger

        Yay, it is the people, the community, all coming together to talk and share idea, to discuss, even if you all don’t agree.

        Be it on the forums or in the chat of their various livestreams.

        Glad to have another voice/opinion/point of view to our discussions.

      Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 145 total)
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