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    Hail Legatus, and thank you for the welcome!

    I absolutely agree with you too. The fellowship is growing, and it’s awesome to see that it’s the regular people that are rising up.


    Hail!  They called me Oldie.  It’s nice to meet you Andrew.

    Old school DM, once upon a time I was a writer for TSR before the dark times when they sold out to Wizards of the Coast.   Table Top gamer, video games and just about everything that goes hand in hand with the G+G lifestyle.  I am also a chef/carpenter by trade.

    This place is a breath of fresh air when compared to the viper’s nests growing in every space we use to bask in on the web.   It is vitally important that we Gatekeep this community and keep it from turning into that circle of Diversity that has been the bane of everyone I once held dear to my heart.



    Hi G & G

    I wanted to find out from G & G Team and also the folks heading out to Vegas for the August 17th meetup – where everyone is staying?

    I booked my flight but haven’t booked hotel yet and wanted to find out more details on the get together

    Super excited to meet everyone



    Hello Geeks and Gamers! I’m KimJ

    Noting special about me I’m a self-taught artist and former Disney cast member.

    I also like comics and video games, I prefer the European comics over the US cause they are ten times better.

    I like to create ideas, stories, and characters, be it fanart or original characters I made myself.

    Always posting my art and comics on my social media. And I hope to make some friends here.


    Welcome to the G&G Forums @KimJ

    We are all “Special”, as we each have skills (and combination of skills) others don’t.

    So, is your avatar a sample of your artwork?


    Yes. :)


    Howdy everyone! Long time follower of G&G and all adjacent G&G channels such as the FNT crew here. Thought I’d pull the trigger and get involved in the community as more than just the shy observer from afar. I’ve dipped my toes all across the different pop culture streams whether it be movies, video games, comic books, etc. but other than the very surface level shows and movies (I grew up with Pokemon and DBZ and I have seen a few Studio Ghibli movies) I have hardly touched anime. Considering the creative drought and unnecessary politics in the entertainment industry right now, I thought I’d delve into anime more because why the hell not? I’m missing out on some really good stories and characters by not exploring this avenue of pop culture so my plan is to watch some of these series and share my take on them from a new anime fan’s perspective. I’m not certain on the format yet – episode by episode reviews seem a bit played out – but I do hope to start this journey in the new year. Open to ideas!

    Til then I plan on getting comfortable here ;) I’m looking forward to getting to know this awesome community more. I recently created a new Twitter account to coincide with my anime journey so if anyone is active on there you can feel free to add me @TheAnimeAmateur and I will absolutely add you back!


    Welcome to the G&G Forums @JaceDoesAnime


    Hey everyone! :) we’re two gamers who also independently make games and we would love to get your feedback on how to make them better! Anyone interested in roguelike card games could find something entertaining, we hope. :)

    Cheers and glad to be here!


      Hail to all the new folks here. Welcome.

      I’ve been here since the site was up and running and am one of the more active members on here. The majority of people are decent and civil here, and that’s a great thing to find in this day an age.


      Welcome to the G&G forums @RebelEggGames.

      We do have a Gaming section, so please post your “games” there.

      And let us know if/where they are available, if they are in beta/crowdfunding stage. etc.


        Been a fan for almost a year, and finally got around to signing up on here.


        Fans of all kinds are welcome here @VenomKitetsu



        Hey, newbie here. wanted to introduce myself, but also wanted to share an email I received from EA, that’s both political and gaming related, so I wasn’t 100% on where to post. Also didn’t know who/how to ask. I tried to find out, maybe I misread or missed this in the FAQ section? Let me know, thanks and salutations.

      Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 145 total)
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