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    Hi guys.

    I’m Onildo and I’m Brazilian. That’s why my English sounds weird (Weirdos from another planet) but I’m trying to communicate the best that I can do. I’m not a boomer but SJWs use to say GenX are boomers, so it’s fine, I’m a boomer. lol. I like blockbusters, cartoons and some books.


    Welcome brazuka ;)

    Have fun around here and participate :)


    Thanks! You may drop this ‘bra’. Just zucka! 😂


    Thanks! You may drop this ‘bra’. Just zucka! 😂



    I’m new to the forums but I have been subscribed to Geeks + Gamers over on YouTube for a while.

    Looking forward to the success of this new platform, away from all the BS on similar platforms..

    I have to go now, bye!


    Hey there I’m Jorge and it has been a while. I’ve written articles for the site in the past that you can still check out and I’m here to look around the new website. Films and anime are my jams but I’m slowly being consumed by tabletop gaming. I hope everyone is doing well.


    I volunteer to serve as Jeremy’s ninja.


      Do ninjas take on padawans? I wanna learn how to be a ninja :3




      Funny – I seem to be able to type posts that are not climate change related, but it won’t let me post if it’s to do with climate change?

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      Yo what up everyone.  Been a fan of Geeks and Gamers for I think since right before Episode VIII came out.  I am a husband, father, realtor, gamer, musician, and film goer.  I look forward to chatting with ya’ll when I can.  Have a blessed day.


      Welcome to the G&G forums, @xman116



      Has FB or twittr banned you here too from posting “wrong think” topics?


      Hi all, I’m new to the forums. Hope to get to know all of you.


      Welcome to the G&G forums, @JoshuaRottler

      There is lots of topics/categories for everyone.


      Hello I’m Big Yggy been lurking here for a while now so decided to join up. Hoping to enjoy it here and meet some awesome folks :)

      F Naughty Dog

    Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 145 total)
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