Universal Orlando Teases How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk

Universal’s Epic Universe is calling in the dragons. In a video released last week, Universal Orlando showed off one of its “worlds,” this one based on How to Train Your Dragon. Called How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk, this world will have rides, games, and attractions, with certain areas designed specifically for younger kids. There’s a roller coaster, a boat-riding game featuring water cannons, a large replica of Mead Hall that acts as a dining area, an airborne spinning dragon ride, and a show with animatronic dragons and actors in costume as characters from the movies. You can see the How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk video below:

And here are some pictures, courtesy of theme park enthusiast Scott Gustin:

How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk looks like a great time for families. The emphasis is on fun all the way through, and you can see the care the designers are putting into the attractions. They once again use the word “immersive,” and the emphasis is on making people feel like they’re in their favorite movies; assistant director Katy Paciti even says guests will feel like they “are Vikings” as they traverse the Isle of Berk. The variety of attractions is excellent, giving everyone something fun to do. They seem to have really gone all-out for this one, with colorful costumes and detailed sets and rides. Personally, I’m waiting to see what they do with the Universal Monsters, but if you’re a fan of How to Train Your Dragon, I imagine you’ll want to check this out.

The How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk video convinces me even more of my perception that Universal’s Epic Universe is a deliberate challenge to Disney World. They put so much thought and invention into this, and everyone involved seems beyond excited – which could be acting, but regardless, it’s the feel they want to give out. And Krista pointed out to me (believe it or not, I don’t find these things on my own) that they constantly emphasize how they want fans to feel when they walk into this world, that they’re dedicated to making this a fun and satisfying experience for them. Meanwhile, Disney is calling one of their most famous rides racist. Which one sounds more fun to you? I hope Universal earns the loyalty of a new generation of park-goers with their Epic Universe, and if the end product is as good as they’re making it sound, they will.

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