Woman Bites Her Sister at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

The bites you get at Disney’s Animal Kingdom may not come from the wildlife. As WDW News Today learned from a recently-made-available police record, a family was staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, the hotel in the Animal Kingdom park, to celebrate a man’s 96th birthday when his two daughters got into a fight. As the situation escalated, Anne Warren, the older sister, bit her unnamed younger sister on the arm. Warren denies biting her sister, and another family member says she didn’t see the bite happen, but the sister had red marks on her arm, according to the arrest report. However, Warren does admit to throwing her sister’s suitcase on the ground. The younger sister didn’t want to press charges, but Anne Warren was arrested. Anne Warren is 61 years old, and her sister is 59, in case you wondered whether they were old enough to know how to behave in public.

You know, people keep telling me to move to Florida because New York is too dangerous, but between dead bodies turning up, people getting attacked at train stations, and now bitings, it doesn’t sound all that different. Seriously, though, this is one of those one-off things, a conflict between family members that got out of hand. I assume it’s something that’s been building for a long time; adults don’t just suddenly decide to bite each other (outside of Thomas Harris novels). But the age of the women involved is the craziest part; the biter was 61 years old! People that age are supposed to be calmer, aren’t they? Another thing to remember is that when you have an attraction like Disney World, it’s going to bring in everyone from everywhere, so you’re going to get trash and nutjobs eventually. It’s kind of like how there always seem to be idiots at the supermarket – because, just like everybody has to buy food, everybody eventually goes to Disney World.

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