Among Us and Fortnite News

Announced at The Game Awards and summed up in tweets, Among Us has exciting news.

We got a list of updates for the game today after they were announced during the Awards. Shockingly, it says, “Coming soon to all platforms Dec 9”!! The most game-changing announcement is the new Hide and Seek mode. They are being vague by saying, “new surprises to survive from;” wondering what these are and how they’ll affect the game really gets the imagination running. The standard “new cosmetics” is standard with a new season, but the new pets will likely get people more excited. Even more exciting than new pets is that petting our pets is coming!! And the list ends with the creepily enigmatic statement of just “screaming.”

The Game Awards Twitter account released the clip of the announcement showing the new gameplay. The new Hide and Seek mode looks so fun. I’m really loving them sneaking in and petting the pet dog at the end, only for it to end in the only fitting way for an Among Us sneak peek to end.

A crossover with the new movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery was also announced, and a free, cute skin from the movie is coming.

And, lastly, what I called Fortnite news: they announced during the Awards that we’ll be able to play Fortnite on 2021 and newer Samsung Smart TVs.

In the tweet thread, they explain how to play games on your Samsung TV – no console needed anymore. Since this will be using the Xbox Cloud app to play, as talked about in my previous article about the new Chapter update, you’ll be using UnReal Engine 5.1.

Oh, and Hulk has dropped in the Shop.

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