Dan Slott Goes After She-Hulk Detractors on Twitter

She-Hulk, the TV show, is getting help from the comics. Dan Slott, comic book writer and unhinged social media personality, tweeted a tirade against people who didn’t like the Disney+ series. He began by arguing that it was comics-accurate – the most comics-accurate MCU series of all – but segued into disliking particular scenes, including one infamous one.

I’ve never read any She-Hulk comics; I’ve only read other comics in which she appeared. Slott has more authority on that than I do based on experience. But I can point to some things bigger fans than I have shared online, like these:

Dan Slott She-HulkDan Slott She-Hulk

If you’ve seen the show (which, if the ratings are any indication, you probably haven’t), does this seem like the same character to you? It looks like a 180 to me. And, from my layman’s perspective, it reminds me of the people trying to gaslight dissatisfied James Bond fans about the Daniel Craig era being closer to the books due to superficial references while ignoring that the character has been massively changed (which Daniel Craig and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson now admit was intentional).

Some of Slott’s evidence doesn’t make much sense to me anyway, like comparing She-Hulk twerking with Megan Thee Stallion to the famous scene of her jumping rope in a bikini in the comics.

Dan Slott She-Hulk

Are those things the same? One is a meta-commentary on Jen, the comics industry, and business in general, while the other is a lazy attempt at a laugh it didn’t get (possibly in part because of the awful special effects). It isn’t that twerking can’t be funny – anything can be funny; it’s that this scene wasn’t funny, like the rest of the show.

Slott also calls people who didn’t like it hypocrites because of the scene in Iron Man where Tony Stark had the flight attendants on his private jet dancing around a stripper pole.

Again, I’ve never seen anyone complain about Jen’s twerking because of the sexuality; it was because it wasn’t funny. The stripping scene in Iron Man is set up well, with Rhodey being a boring stiff, cutting to him getting drunk with Tony while the girls dance around. It’s also been established that Tony is a fun-loving, irresponsible womanizer (as if that’s a bad thing), so this is not only in keeping with his character but furthering that important trait so his transformation throughout the movie – actually many movies, and arguably all of his appearances – will carry more weight. It also contrasts Tony and Rhodey, allowing Rhodey to function as the responsible counterpoint to Tony’s impishness. In contrast, Jen’s twerking comes out of nowhere and develops nothing, a joke for the sake of a joke so they can show off their big guest star. And that would be perfectly fine if the scene were funny. But it isn’t.

But it was later that Slott got to the real reason why he’s posting all of this: he, Marvel, Disney, and the entertainment industry as a whole, want you to either like what you’re given or shut up about it:

This is similar to Disney having Ewan McGregor make that ridiculous car video in support of Moses Ingram or Simon Pegg comparing She-Hulk to Blazing Saddles or any of the stunts these companies only seem to pull for shows nobody likes. It’s an attempt to shame people into pretending to enjoy something, or at least to stop talking about how bad it is, and it never seems to work.

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January 2, 2023 at 11:28 pm

The look was good, but the show was terrible. Twerking is unnatural and cringe. The newer projects lack the feel and touch that went into Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. It’s a shame. It could have been a great show. Marvel takes the L on what could’ve been a great, long-lasting series. They are compromising their characters with woke modernity and it’s not working.

    January 3, 2023 at 1:55 pm

    They got too big for their britches, and I don’t know if they’re humble enough to realize it. I tend to think no.

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