Disney Stars Praise Monsters While Attacking Rittenhouse

The days following the end of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial have seen pretty much the reaction we all expected. Because everything, even a murder case, has to be political nowadays, the right and left have gone to their corners and taken a side – or, more accurately, continued to champion their side. This time, of course, there is actual video evidence showing what happened on that night, which makes the left’s position even more reactionary than it normally is. The trial showed lots of evidence, so you can check out any of the people reliably (key word) following it to see that for yourself; Rekieta Media has gotten a lot of praise for their coverage, and my go-to is Jack Posobiec. If you want a quick video, you can see one below:

As reliable as the sunrise, celebrities have been throwing in their two cents, and you get no points for guessing on which side they fall. However, the Rittenhouse case has become more disturbing than these things usually are. The two men Kyle Rittenhouse killed were evil. Joseph Rosenbaum was accused of eleven charges of sexual assault on a child and was convicted in a plea deal with amended charges. You can read the details of that here. The other man Rittenhouse shot, Anthony Huber, was a violent thug convicted of several charges, including false imprisonment, strangulation and suffocation, and domestic abuse. Now, you can argue – and, in a legal sense, you’d be right – that these things have no bearing on Rittenhouse’s guilt or innocence. But anyone with a shred of humanity can agree that these were two vile people.

Enter Hollywood.

The stars are lining up to slam Rittenhouse, but they aren’t stopping at merely voicing their displeasure at his acquittal. They are lionizing these two demons, painting them as angelic victims of a white supremacist. (It’s worth noting that Rosenbaum, Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz, the last of whom was wounded but not killed, were all white, while Rittenhouse is mixed race; these are, of course, the same people who called Larry Elder a white supremacist, so I guess they’re staying on brand.) I’m sure we’ll see many over the days to come, but the two biggest examples right now are Disney stars. First, there’s Mark Ruffalo, the Incredible Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who nicknamed Rosenbaum “JoJo” in his skin-crawling tweet:

Then, there’s Pedro Pascal, the hero of The Mandalorian, who tweeted a mini-eulogy for the creeps and wished them to “Rest In Peace.” He also does something that our friends at Bounding Into Comics point out could be considered libel, as he refers to the shootings as “murder” when a jury just found that not to be the case:

There have been plenty of others, but these two are the ones that spoke lovingly of a convicted child rapist and a domestic abuser. A lot of excuses are flying around, even from people who find this appalling, like that they simply don’t know the facts of the case and are doing their Hollywood leftist duty. I suppose that’s possible; Twitter is seeing more and more people admit that they thought Rittenhouse killed black men, and celebrities tend not to be big thinkers, despite their overinflated opinions of themselves. And if you’ve ever seen Ruffalo on a talk show where politics comes up (and when doesn’t it these days?), you know he’s a quarter pounder short of a Happy Meal – not because of his specific opinions, but because he rants and raves like a lunatic on a street corner with a cardboard sign warning us about the mole people. But I’m not inclined to offer the benefit of the doubt anymore; this is sick, and shame on these two nutjobs.

What do you make of Mark Ruffalo and Pedro Pascal’s statements? Is this kind of thing going to get even worse? Will Rittenhouse be adding Disney bucks to his impending defamation suit haul? Let us know in the comments and stick around Geeks + Gamers for more from the depths of the internet!

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