Echo and Loki Season 2 Get Release Dates

We’ve got a better idea of what Marvel’s streaming output will be for the rest of the year. The official Marvel Studios Twitter account revealed that season 2 of Loki will premiere on Disney+ on October 6, 2023, with its six-episode run ending on November 10. Then, Echo will arrive on the streaming service on November 29, 2023, with all of its episodes being made available at once. These two series will follow Secret Invasion, which airs its first episode on June 21, 2023. Echo will be the first Disney+ MCU series to premiere in its entirety.

Does it look like Disney and Marvel finally realized that nobody wants Echo, and, considering how the rest of their Disney+ shows have fared, that matters a lot more than they used to think it did? This is reality smacking them in the face; the Marvel brand doesn’t carry the cachet it once did – people tend to run for the hills when they see its logo now – and the days where they could make a hit out of anything are long gone. Unfortunately for them, this didn’t dawn on them till after Echo had completed production, so now they’re stuck with it. They’re also probably stuck with Agatha: Coven of Chaos, another dumb idea nobody wants but which started filming in January, so it’s probably too far along to scrap; don’t be surprised if that gets dumped in one day too. As for Loki, I hated the first season, but it was the most popular of Marvel’s Disney+ series, so it makes sense that they have more faith in it than they do in Echo. I’m not looking forward to it; they’ve ruined an amazing character and made him a spectator in a show named after him, and I assume season 2 will be more of the same. According to first-hand accounts, Kevin Feige went out of his way not to mention Jonathan Majors, who returns as Kang in season 2 – as well as the rest of Phases 5 and 6 – and is in considerable legal trouble in real life. Not to make light of Majors’ situation, but Marvel is getting it from all sides right now, and it’s hard not to laugh at the people who stopped putting any care into their product because they took their audience for granted.

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