Marvel Celebrates Thor Tickets With Posters

While it seemed to start late for a Marvel movie, the marketing push for Thor: Love and Thunder has rocketed forward since it began in mid-April. Today, to coincide with tickets for the God of Thunder’s next adventure going on sale, Marvel released a series – a seemingly unending series – of new posters for the upcoming film. The first batch is a bunch of character posters featuring the main players and their pets:

Thor posters Thor posters Thor posters Thor posters Thor posters Thor posters Thor posters

These are a bit underwhelming. Thor looks the coolest by a longshot, with the possible exception of Zeus because he’s Russell Crowe. Jane Foster’s got Mjolnir because of course, she does. Gorr looks like an old man leaning on a cane, just in case you were tempted to get psyched for Christian Bale playing a supervillain. Valkyrie and Korg are just kind of there, although Korg’s semi-serious look in a still image makes me wish he were closer to his comic book incarnation instead of an excuse for Taika Waititi to make himself the center of attention. Finally, there are Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, Thor’s mystical flying goats (which have their origins in Norse Mythology, although they go by the names Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, which loosely translate to the Marvel versions).

Next is a poster for the RealD 3D release of Love and Thunder:

Thor posters

This one is at least kind of inventive, but wasted on 3D (for which I can’t believe people choose to pay).

Then is an exclusive Dolby poster:

Thor posters

Remember that Lebowski joke Tony Stark made about Thor in Endgame? I think they just decided to run with it. Thor is trying to become one with the universe while his betters take care of the action behind him, and Korg continues to stand around and look like he’s made of rock. One thing that interests me in this one is the arrangement of the planets behind them; is that supposed to signify the Nine Realms? I wonder if Gorr is going to be a threat big enough to endanger them all.

After that came an exclusive ScreenX poster:

Thor posters

The ScreenX poster embraces the 80s sci-fi/fantasy aesthetic into which Waititi has forced the Thor films. It’s certainly colorful, but I find the cloud with the lightning bolt too goofy, like it was intended for Ms. Marvel but got misplaced. Does it seem like Valkyrie and Korg have just been drawn once and then stamped onto each poster (outside of the Dolby one)? I have to admit that Gorr looks best on this one; it speaks volumes that the less you see of him, the better.

Finally, we’ve got the IMAX poster:

Thor posters

This one is a bit darker, with Thor striking a great pose while holding Stormbreaker. Jane’s still got Mjolnir, of course, but I’m glad Thor is the focus and the one being badass. The way it’s put together seems cheap, though; Thor, Jane, and Valkyrie look like Colorforms, stuck onto a background without really fitting it. Minimalism once again works to Gorr’s advantage, but he somehow blends in better in the goofy, colorful poster than he does here.

Along with the posters, Marvel released a video to let people know they can now buy tickets:

“New Thors.” Shut up, Jane! And that goat thing annoys me because they’re acting like Waititi just came up with it; it’s Norse Mythology, not some wacky idea that popped out of his head. The footage is just some of the same clips we’ve already seen, but whatever, they made their point – buy tickets.

These posters aren’t great, but to be fair, I don’t think the MCU has ever had a great poster. Even if their new movie looks like the coolest thing ever, I don’t expect to want any of the promotional art hanging in my room. I’m a bit surprised at the sheer number of these, though. I get the character posters and the IMAX one, but is there usually a separate poster for every theatrical format that charges you extra money for either an unnoticeable difference or, in 3D’s case, a much lesser experience? Maybe Disney will be gracious and give them out for free.

What do you think of these new Thor: Love and Thunder posters? Do you like any of the MCU’s promo art? Is Thor 5 going to draw inspiration from The Beastmaster and Zardoz? Let us know in the comments, and stick around Geeks + Gamers for more Asgardian antics!

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